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Cardboard folding boxes

Folding boxes made of laminated corrugated cardboard made to your specifications. The cardboard folding boxes are available in a variety of shapes in free formats. The boxes can be used in a variety of ways, whether as protective packaging for shipping or as presentation packaging at the POS. Thanks to high-quality materials and individual printing, the boxes can be freely used in various forms for almost any purpose.

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  • Templates produced according to FEFCO standards
  • production time starting from 12–15 days
  • wide range of materials
  • 100% free formats for all products

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cardboard Folding boxes

Corrugated folding boxes are often used as shipping packaging for the protection and transportation of various goods. For this they often serve as so-called secondary packaging. Most shipping boxes are made of brown corrugated cardboard and come without printing. Our shipping boxes made of laminated corrugated cardboard are not only available in brown but also in white, in addition, the boxes can be individually printed.

Laminated cardboard consists, as the name already suggests, of corrugated cardboard. However, the upper layer, the liner, is not made of liner paper as usual, but of high quality GD2 cardboard. GD2 is a chromium duplex cardboard made from recycled materials with very good printability. You can choose between E-wave and B-wave for all printed laminated cardboard folding boxes.

  • E-wave: 1.6 mm wave height, brown & white
  • B-wave: 3 mm wave height, brown

Application purposes of folding boxes

We offer a variety of different box formats, all manufactured to FEFCO standards. The product range includes folding boxes with push-in flaps, automatic and insert bases, as well as intersection-packaging, cardboard boxes and hinged-lid boxes. Each box is not only individually printed according to your wishes but is also made to measure, according to the information you specified in the calculator when ordering.

As already described, unprinted boxes in corrugated cardboard are mainly used as secondary packaging, that means products already packed in folding boxes are transported or stored in the shipping boxes. On the other hand, corrugated cardboard boxes are also ideal as primary packaging. Since they are made of laminated corrugated cardboard, they are very stable and suitable for heavier products. Thanks to the lamination they are printable and therefore, if the products are too big or too heavy for conventional folding boxes, they are an ideal alternative.

Various uses for printed boxes include, for example, use as bottle boxes, use as packaging for electrical goods or as a box for large products. Thanks to the individual printing, the boxes have a high-quality look that is not only convincing at the point of sale. If you would like to convey your advertising message even before the delivered product has been opened, then printed boxes are also ideal as shipping boxes. Thanks to printed boxes, it is possible, with the help of various design elements, information or corporate design logos, to convincingly convey your brand message to the end customer.

Production of printed cardboard Folding boxes

Laminated corrugated cardboard is required to produce printed boxes. This is produced at three different stations. First, in the wet end of the one-sided corrugated cardboard, the waves and liner are produced. Subsequently, in the laminating station, the top layer paper (already printed according to the customer's preferences) is brought together with the one-sided corrugated cardboard. For this purpose glue is applied to the corrugated layers, then the top layer of GD2 paper is glued on. In the last station, the delivery station, it is ensured that there is a good connection between corrugated sides and top layer. For this purpose, the laminated corrugated cardboard is first pressed in a single press section between two conveyors, then a good glue binding is guaranteed by the belt press.

Subsequently, the cut parts for the various shipping boxes are punched from the produced sheets. These cut parts are glued and then shipped flat to you. Thanks to the flat delivery costs are saved and you can store the printed boxes flat to save space.

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