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Labels from are versatile and high quality stickers that mark your products individually and professionally and are produced exactly to your specifications.

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Discover the wide range of labels from!

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Printing labels

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The label printing company Labelprint24 is a professional in printing labels and ensures the best results in printing and quality of your product labels. At Labelprint24 we can print paper and film labels for various industries. You have the possibility to design all parameters yourself in our label calculator. There you can first determine the quantity and number of types, as well as your desired label material depending on the label product: 

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Sample made to measure. Simply order online.

The sample box from Labelprint24 offers you an exclusive selection of products, printed and finished in our company design. We will refund the full purchase price of the sample box in the form of a voucher if you decide to order from Labelprint24. The voucher is of course valid for all products in our webshop.

In this box you will find samples of labels, folding boxes, laminate tubes and package inserts.


  • Label paper (white)
  • PP film
  • PE film
  • PVC film
  • Thermal paper direct print
  • Fluorescent paper (green, red, orange, yellow)
  • Metallised paper (silver, gold)

The materials can be selected in various designs such as matt, glossy, transparent, opaque, removable, permanently adhesive and suitable for freezing.

Then you determine the format and the winding direction for your labels. You can choose our standard shapes (rectangular, round, oval) but you can also send us special shapes. Then you specify the width, the height and the corner radius of your labels. However, please note our maximum/minimum values:

  • Width: 10 to 314 mm
  • Height: 10 to 700 mm
  • Corner radius: 0 to 10 mm (for a rectangular shape)

The next step is the cutting die, which is created for the selected size. You can either determine the winding direction for your labels yourself or have us determine it for you. For the core diameter you can choose between 26, 40, 50 and 76 mm. Then you choose the colouring of your labels, Labelprint24 offers a 4-colour print with the Euro scale, special colours are also available. Then you can specify a coating to finish your labels. You have the choice between a protective varnish and a protective laminate, both coatings are available in a matt or glossy look. Another finishing option we offer is tactile warning triangles, either small (9 mm) or large (18 mm).

In addition, some materials can also be thermal transfer printed if you wish to print your labels yourself. After you have placed your order with us, a free basic print data check is carried out by our print specialists. If you wish, an extra professional data check is also available for a fee. We will then talk to you personally about your print data. You can also have your barcode labels printed and checked by us. We check your barcode according to ISO/IEC 15416, ISO/IEC 15417 or GS1 General Specification and issue a certificate for your records.

Labels by industry from Labelprint24


Security labels seal original goods and thus protect against manipulation, misuse or fraud. Labelprint24 offers various materials for security labels (also called closure and seal labels). Depending on your requirements, the labels can be ordered in paper, with a white film or with a hologram film. Seal labels made of paper are peel-proof, self-adhesive and "self-destructing". The film for stickers is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in a transparent white. The film material is very tensile and stretchable, so it can withstand environmental influences such as water, petrol, grease and oils.  

Security labels with holograms have a thin, self-adhesive aluminium hologram layer on the back of the label. If the label is peeled off, the hologram layer tears - the original lettering is replaced by the word "Void" (void, empty, invalid). Our closure labels can be used to package high-value goods such as electronics and jewellery.

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We also print labels as miniature advertising posters, promotional labels or hang tags on bottle labels and other containers. With our booklet labels and sandwich labels, you have many possibilities to implement your marketing measures on the label, such as competitions or other promotions. Our booklet labels are available for flat and round containers, even with a flap. The adhesive for booklet labels can be removable or permanent. It is also possible to apply codes to flat and round containers.   

Sandwich labels are available at Labelprint24 with two or three sides, also with profit or number code. You can also choose the opening direction of your sandwich label in our product configurator. Please feel free to contact us personally.

Industry & chemical sector

Our customers from the industrial and chemical sectors usually have to have warnings for hazardous substances printed on their GHS labels. Corresponding pictograms and colours on the industrial labels signal in a conspicuous and unmistakable way that the labelled containers and their contents must be handled with care. We recommend our film labels made of PVC, PP, PET and PE, as these materials are, for example, weatherproof, temperature-resistant, waterproof and resistant to acids, alkalis and solvents. Incidentally, the labels adhere particularly strongly with our special adhesive. 

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Food industry

Ingredients, additives, possible allergens and best-before dates - in the food industry, labels provide a lot of information. In addition, special standards and specifications apply to the labelling of food. Labelprint24 offers labels for various products in the food industry, for example for bottles, jars, frozen products, loose fruit and vegetables, various types of packaging, etc. Our opaque labels are also useful for re-labelling prices or offers in retail. Important to mention: we have food safe labels, with low migration inks, varnishes, foils and papers. We are also a HACCP audited supplier of food labels

Cosmetic & pharmaceutical industry

For natural cosmetics we recommend paper labels, especially our recycled or natural paper. It gives your products more naturalness and shows commitment to the environment. Beautiful effects that are particularly convincing can be created with our Metallised Labels. For shampoo, shower gel, creams and many other cosmetic products, you can also order the popular transparent film labels, (also in the no-label look). These are transparent, printed adhesive labels.

We print pharmaceutical labels for medicines, medical technology, pharmacies, diagnostics, serialisation and much more to the highest standards, including GMP.

Etiketten für Kosmetik- und Pharmabranche

In the office, for shipping labels and in logistics in general, in the book trade - wherever important compulsory details have to be communicated on labels and advertising information, you are exactly right with labels from Labelprint24. Have your single-layer labels printed on rolls by experienced label manufacturers and convince yourself of our quality. With our product configurator you have the possibility to design your labels yourself and make them unique. 

What advantages do you enjoy at the Labelprint24 label printing company?

We offer you high-quality printing options from flex to digital printing. Our label calculator automatically determines the most favourable production method for you. Digital printing is best suited for small to medium-sized print runs and for different types of labels; for larger, five-digit quantities, the conventional flexographic printing process is more profitable.

The delivery time varies depending on the type of production selected and the product type, production time and country of delivery. The order can only be produced after your print approval. Our production times for roll labels are:

  • Standard production: 7-10 days 
  • Express production: 5 days  
  • Express production: 2 days 

After consultation, we can also arrange a delivery date. Within the countries selectable on our website, your delivery will be free of shipping costs. Of course, we can also have your order delivered directly to your customers in a completely neutral manner and without naming them. As a major customer, you have the option of further advantages such as interface connections, solutions for printing with variable data, automated bulk buyer discounts on all online orders, personal contact for questions about products and product features as well as individual price calculations.

With state-of-the-art production processes and automated workflows, as well as high-quality materials, we fulfil your wishes and deliver single-layer and multi-layer film and paper labels in the best quality.


Product variety

We have a wide range of label products for different wishes and requirements. Printed or unprinted, as sheets, labels on rolls or wound up, from sandwich labels to security labels, special shape labels or even warranty seal labels. Discover the variety of our labels and customise them according to your ideas. 


Extreme temperatures, dirty, greasy or oily environments, seawater, UV radiation, acids, alkalis or solvents: whatever our labels come into contact with, they can withstand it. Thanks to the choice of materials, protective coatings and secure adhesives, our various labels can be used in any environment, from the freezer counter to the freighter on the high seas, in the chemical industry, in the automotive industry or even in the food trade. 

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Etiketten für Pharmaprodukte

No residues

Labels from Labelprint24 also meet the highest quality standards in other areas. For example, when it comes to being able to remove them again without leaving any adhesive residue. In our product configurator, you can select a removable adhesive for your labels under material properties. This makes it possible to remove your labels from beverage bottles, for example, without leaving any residue, thus creating a reusable container. The reuse of glasses is also possible. In addition, mislabelling is quickly remedied. In addition, thanks to the high-quality processing, migration of adhesives or printing inks into food or pharmaceutical products can be ruled out at all times. Finally, safety also means protecting the products from being affected by the labels themselves.

We also bring in our many years of experience in label printing as well as the latest technology, including various printing processes. Depending on the order quantity, digital printing or conventional flexographic printing is feasible with us. In this way, we create with you exactly the labels that best meet your requirements. Our expertise is definitely another advantage that you can only benefit from - so get in touch with us if you have any questions or requests. We will be happy to help you with our expertise as a label manufacturer

Variety of materials for our labels

In order to be able to meet the diverse requirements of very different areas of application, we rely on a selection of high-quality materials for our labels. All of them have unique properties that make them true specialists in their respective fields. We can recommend our roll labels to you. Basically, you have the choice between labels made of film and labels made of paper. In both cases, we offer different types of paper and plastic, so that you will find a suitable solution for every requirement and application. In addition to our white label paper, you have the option of choosing film labels made of PP, PE or PVC film.

We also offer special paper labels made of thermal paper for direct printing, fluorescent paper (yellow, red, green, orange) or metallised paper (silver, gold). Under material properties you can determine further characteristics, for example whether the optics should be matt, glossy or which adhesive (removable/permanently adhesive) is best suited for your labels. If you have any questions, simply contact us by phone or use our support.

Foil labels

  • PE Labels

    Our PE labels made of polyethylene film can be used inside and outside. They are resistant to weather, heat and cold, only UV radiation makes itself felt over longer periods. In the product configurator, the white PE film is available in gloss or matt. For the labels, there is a permanent adhesive or an extra strong adhesive with high initial adhesion. The special feature: We also have recycled PE film in our range. PE labels withstand temperatures from -20 °C to +80 °C and can be used in both dry and wet areas. They also adhere well to deformable containers, squeeze bottles, tubes and jars - which is why they are used in cosmetics, as jewellery or product labels. In addition, they are also thermal transfer printable, if you would like to print your labels yourself. 

  • PP labels

    Polypropylene film gives PP labels the same properties as PE labels. Thanks to their high strength, they are particularly suitable for round or rigid containers and can withstand temperatures from -20 °C to +80 °C. In addition to a permanent adhesive, we also have removable adhesive in our range. There are also freezer-safe or transparent labels. PP labels are mainly intended for indoor use, in a dry environment and are suitable for spirits or as food labels, for example. 

  • PVC labels

    PVC labels are the first choice for outdoor use because they are highly resistant to dirt, oils, greases, chemicals, seawater and UV radiation. They are wet-strengthened and optimally suited for deformable and non-deformable containers. The PVC film is available in white, glossy with a permanent adhesive and can be used at temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +80 °C. They are used for example as car labels, brand labels and warning labels. 

  • PET security labels

    Labels made of PET are forgery-proof and offer reliable transmission protection, among other things in the mail-order business. The material is very strong, stretchable and resistant to environmental influences (water, petrol, oils, alcohol, acids and alkalis). The labels are available in transparent, opaque and with holograms. PET films also withstand extreme temperatures from -60°C to +150 °C and are suitable for deformable containers.

Paper Labels

  • Labels Paper White

    Label paper in white is suitable for all label variants from our range. You also have the choice between matt, glossy or opaque paper (for opaque labels). Our label paper is also available for frozen products and is therefore cold-resistant. You can choose between permanent and removable adhesive. Besides our white label paper, we also offer uncoated paper and recycled paper. The uncoated paper is available in white or cream and the recycled paper in a matt finish.

  • Thermal paper

    Thermal paper for direct printing is ideal for food retailing and for short- and long-term labelling of stock. The paper is coated with a temperature-sensitive colour pigment layer. You can print your labels independently with a direct thermal printer. Thermal labels are designed for indoor use because they are sensitive to heat and light. They can be used for labelling dairy products and food, as cash register receipts, address labels or as product labels.

  • Metallised paper

    In silver or gold, metallised labels are above all a real eye-catcher with a shiny effect, for example for promotions or as wine labels. There is a thin aluminium layer on the label paper, which also offers excellent barrier properties. Metallised labels can be applied to glass, hard plastic, metal and canisters.

  • Fluorescent paper

    Labels in fluorescent colours, i.e. neon signal colours, are used to highlight warnings, important information or prices, for example. You can choose between the colours green, red, orange and yellow. Due to their expressive colours, the labels are particularly suitable as warning labels, price labels, luminous labels and information labels.

Foil or paper? Labels and the subtle differences

Film labels

  • Resistance
    Plastic films are dirt and water repellent and retain their quality even under adverse external influences.
  • Adaptability
    The combination of different adhesives and films ensures the best hold and quality in any environment.
  • Migration Safe
    Film labels comply with even the strictest migration regulations, for example when handling foodstuffs.
  • Outdoor use
    Popular for outdoor use due to their robustness, they are also ideal for transport and storage.

Paper labels

  • Resistance
    Special protective laminate improves resistance and makes paper labels smudge and scratch resistant.
  • Versatility
    All label types can be realised with paper, different paper types mean even more variety.
  • Price advantage
    Compared to film labels, paper is usually the cheaper alternative. Paper also absorbs ink better.
  • Indoor use
    A good choice especially in dry indoor areas, then even without additional protective coating.

Great appearance: Finishing for labels from Labelprint24

Labelprint24 stands for top-quality label printing. In addition to high-quality materials and modern printing processes, various finishing options are naturally included in label printing. With these, even perfect results can be made even better - because finishing adds that certain something. In this way, you are sure to make your products stand out from the crowd of competitors.

We offer you a number of variants with which you can design your labels according to your wishes and ideas to create something unique. The coatings from Labelprint24 can be used to create visual and tactile effects that also provide a longer shelf life for your labels. Have your labels finished by us - durability and an eye-catching design in one.

Hot foil stamping

A wafer-thin application of coloured or metallic film highlights certain areas of the surface. This creates an optical and haptic contrast that ensures a particularly noble effect - for example on high-quality products. Hot foil stamping uses pressure and heat to transfer an embossed foil onto the label material - golden or silver variants are possible. Glossy metallisation is one of the most popular finishing techniques.

Etiketten Heissfolie
Etiketten mit Metall-Effekt

Metal effect

Labels that are vapour-deposited with a thin metal layer using a high-vacuum process also leave a shiny impression. This not only looks fantastic, but also improves protection. In addition, the metallic effect can be combined with other printing processes. Silver or gold effects are also possible here, which give your label a metallic shine and at the same time make it resistant to external environmental influences. This type of finishing is suitable for product and decorative labels as well as for warning triangles.

Protective laminate

Protective laminate (also known as film lamination) can be a useful finish, especially for paper labels, because it protects them better. In addition, the transparent protective layer also has an effect on the overall impression: Protective laminate in gloss or matt makes a fine visual difference. The additional protective layer not only protects your label from mechanical abrasion, but also makes it generally more durable.

Etiketten Veredelung Schutzlaminat
Etiketten Prägung

Blind embossing

With high and low embossing, certain parts of the label surface can be highlighted - or lowered. An embossing stamp creates higher or lower contours that create an interesting feel without ink or foil. In addition, the surface shows a unique play of light and shadow. Blind embossing is clearly haptically perceptible, which means it enhances the effect of your advertising message. The motif, logo or even the company name are highlighted, which is also noticeable to your customers. For example, wine labels or generally high-quality food labels can be finished with it.

Tactile warning triangles

For people with visual impairments, even conspicuously coloured warnings about hazardous substances are often not sufficient. A tactile warning triangle (tactile blind symbol), on the other hand, helps to easily distinguish hazardous substances from non-hazardous ones - an unmistakable symbol that caution is required. The tactile label warning triangle is available as an option for our roll labels. The information labels serve as a haptic perception for dangers or similar.

Produktetiketten Warndreiecke

Accessories for your labels from Labelprint24

We are not only experts in label and packaging printing, but also system providers for the corresponding accessories and machines. That's why you'll find everything you need for label processing and labelling at Labelprint24.

With our printers and ribbons, you get reliable accessories with which you can provide parcels, hazardous goods and much more with labels easily and uncomplicatedly.

Thermal ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons as a replenishment for your thermal transfer printers - so that you can continue to print variable data quickly on-demand on a label - ideally suited for retail, government, healthcare or logistics. We offer the black thermal ribbons in different variants: Wax, Wax+Resin and Resin. The outside-wound thermal ribbons can be used for both paper and film labels. It can be printed with all flat-head printheads and near-edge printheads. 

Thermal printer

At Labelprint24 you will find thermal transfer printers for the office sector as well as for industry. This means that there is a suitable solution for you for every area of application. Thanks to simple technology and easy operation, you can print your labels yourself without any complications. The thermal printers can be used in warehouses, in sales areas and also in logistics. 

Hand labellers

Our hand labellers help you to label larger quantities of printed labels quickly and reliably, for example in food retailing or parcel shipping. The hand labeller has mechanical detection of the label height and can be used immediately. It is also a cost-effective alternative to automatic/semi-automatic labelling systems and suitable for mechanical price labelling. 

Our hand labellers are available in the following usable widths:

  • 20 bis 30 mm
  • 25 bis 60 mm
  • 55 bis 100 mm

Labelling machines

You will also find high-performance labelling machines in various versions for labelling bottles and lids in our Labelprint24 shop. We offer three different models - labellers without printing unit, with printing unit and as lid labellers. 

Label dispenser

Label dispensers have proven their worth for easy removal of your labels. They also help to protect the labels from soiling or damage. We offer dispenser boxes for labels or table label dispensers for inside wound and outside wound rolls. Our dispenser boxes come in a variety of cardboard options - from white to bright white cardboard to coloured, recyclable and thick cardboard. With our table label dispensers, easy removal is possible by gently pulling on the backing film - ideal for office and warehouse requirements. 

Do you have questions about our labels? We are happy to help!

In our FAQ section, we have answered the most important questions about labels for you.

If you have any further questions about our labels and related products or special requests for the design of your labels, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. The Labelprint24 service team is also available at any time to answer any questions you may have about your order and to provide you with competent advice. 

We look forward to hearing from you!