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Corrugated cardboard product packaging

Corrugated cardboard product packaging

Corrugated cardboard product packaging from is stable, lightweight and environmentally friendly and is produced to measure and in your design. For individual and professional packaging of your product!

  • Low weight and high stability for efficient transport
  • Printed and unprinted in various wave types
  • Sustainable material with high recycling content

Discover the wide range of corrugated cardboard from!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    E / B / EB flute
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Load capacity
    10 / 20 / 30 kg

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Product packaging by Labelprint24

soap packaging

Very high demands are made on product packaging and labels. They have to consist of materials that guarantee stability and resistance to external influences or mechanical forces. But the packaging is not only a protective barrier for the product. It presents the value of the goods to customers and visually sets them apart from those of the competition.

Whether you choose solid board or single or multiwall corrugated cardboard: You always benefit from the excellent protective function of your product packaging. And not only at the POS, but also during transport or storage. This is where our packaging made of high-quality material literally pays for itself. Because if you add up the costs incurred by accidents during transport, incorrect storage or the inadequate protection of returns, you quickly come up with a not inconsiderable amount. Therefore, always rely on packaging solutions from professionals who attach the greatest importance to the best quality.

Product packaging is also always about a sales-promoting effect, attention and success at the point of sale. This means that the focus is increasingly on the design. Because with an appealing look, unique designs and enhancing finishes, you visually encourage your potential customers to buy the respective item. With exceptional product packaging, you can convey emotional values to customers in a fraction of a second.

How unpacking creates emotions - and how you can use this for your brand

The so-called "unboxing" experience is a phenomenon that has become prevalent on social media in recent years. Especially on video platforms such as YouTube, a real boom has begun. Content creators from all over the world are celebrating immense success with videos in which only the unwrapping of products is shown. The actual use of the ordered goods usually takes a back seat - or plays no role at all.

happy child with product packaging

The fact that these videos often generate millions of views demonstrates how important unboxing is to consumers. This makes it more important for companies around the world to differentiate themselves from their competitors through unique experiences. This can be managed in many different ways.

opening a package

With regard to the type of carton, factors such as handling can be positively influenced. With a carton with a tear flap, you save your customers the hassle of opening a glued carton with the help of tools such as cutters or scissors. With a hinged-lid box you can enhance the unboxing experience by printing on the inside of the lid. Whether your customer should be surprised by a greeting message, your claim or your CI design is entirely up to you.

But all of our other packaging solutions can be printed over the entire surface as well - and of course this also applies to the entire interior. Even a simple slogan such as "Thank you for trusting in our products" can create a positive surprise if it is printed on the bottom of the box. This way, it only becomes visible when the customer has taken out all the goods ordered.

natural cardboard packaging

In this way, the emotions that arise during unpacking can also be guided and positively reinforced. But why exactly should you make this effort? All these positive emotions are consciously and subconsciously transferred to the brand and the product. This can also increase the customer's loyalty to the brand - the brand strength grows. A strategically controlled increase in emotions can even have such a strong positive effect that minor flaws (such as an extended delivery time or even slight damage to the product itself) are accepted without negative consequences.

Our product packages are not only product protection and product presentation, but also an effective and sustainable marketing tool that increases your customers' loyalty to your company.

The most important features of product packaging made of corrugated board

Product packagings take on several functions at the same time:

man with box in hand

Protective function

Whether your products are lightweight, heavy, fragile, inexpensive or expensive, providing adequate protection for your goods is one of the most important tasks that product packaging performs. It ensures that your products are neither damaged nor contaminated. While solid board is an excellent solution for lightweight to medium-weight goods, corrugated cardboard - especially our double wall versions - is particularly well suited for heavy or especially fragile products.

Marketing function

What is the use if a product is perfectly protected but not sold? With our printing technology, you can always be sure that your CI and brand messages will always be printed on your product packaging in the very best quality. Brilliant colours and sharp details are always guaranteed at Labelprint24. Show your customers the value of your products.

woman with two printed boxes
printed box

High degree of individualisation

With us, you not only have a choice when it comes to the design. You can also freely determine the size of your product packaging. In addition, we offer a wide range of different packaging solutions. So, you are guaranteed to always find the best solution at Labelprint24 - no matter what product it is or what industry it belongs to.

Product packaging by Labelprint24 - why so many brands put their trust in us

Our own claim is to be the best. That's why we only offer you product boxes that are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly material. But also, functionally as well as visually our product boxes can convince all along the line. As one of the leading German system providers of packaging materials and an internationally renowned online printing company, we offer you a variety of unprinted and printed packaging solutions directly from one source.

Whether corrugated or solid board, we develop and manufacture a wide range of top-quality packaging at the best prices for product manufacturers, retailers, resellers and companies - all with the shortest delivery times and user-friendly handling processes. As a modern company, we consistently rely on digital technologies and automated processes in all areas of the company.

Our intelligent configurator helps you create the perfect packaging. Do you need individualised packaging solutions such as customised packaging that your customers select during the ordering process? Thanks to our IT know-how and our special ERP- system, we can also map these orders - and always when they are needed. Fully automated, reliable - and always in the accustomed Labelprint24 quality.

Convince yourself of our high-quality packaging solutions and our service-orientated performances.

We are always available for you.

Our selection of product packaging

Product packagings are available in many different variations that you can use in a flexible way for different applications. For small products, for example, you can use a folding box with a tuck-in flap. We offer this model in different versions - with offset flaps or with opposite flaps. These packages are particularly suitable for food such as sweets, pasta or non-food such as ballpoint pens or screws.

tea box
wine packaging

Our folding box full overlap is one of the bestsellers and is used by brands from all over the world - from foodstuffs such as chocolates or donuts to medicines such as creams, ointments and, of course, all kinds of medicines. For heavier goods such as wine bottles or spirits gift sets, the folding box with crash lock base is ideal.

However, our portfolio of solid board boxes is even bigger and also includes, for example, flat cardboard sleeves for packaging CDs, concert tickets or vouchers, gable boxes as product packaging for tea or coffee, hanging boxes for the optimal presentation of your goods at the POS or gift packaging in the form of pillow, telescope or cake boxes.

flat cardboard sleeve
counter display

For an attractive product presentation, you will also find counter displays for the perfect presentation of goods at the point of sale at Labelprint24. Here, all products can be presented at the POS in a promotionally effective and attention-grabbing way. Whether chocolate, moisturising lotions or cordless screwdrivers - our counter displays are true sales wonder.

For heavy or sensitive products such as valuable ceramics or glasses, we also have a wide range of product packaging made of corrugated cardboard. Our folding box with tuck-in flap is also the bestseller in this area. This classic is available with snap lock base and crash lock base. Do you want to offer your customers an extraordinary unboxing experience? Then the hinged-lid box is the perfect solution.

hinged lid box

Top quality, environmental friendliness, sustainability - the basic requirements for our materials

Corrugated or solid board product packaging have special requirements when it comes to the material they are made of. This is why you only find high-quality and environmentally friendly as well as recyclable material at our company. For us, sustainability is not a trendy term, but an integral part of our company philosophy. This has always been like this - and will not change in the future. In our blog you will find many articles that deal with this exact topic. Among other things, you will find valuable information on sustainable colours, compostability or natural materials. Here you can also find, for example, our Circular packaging design guideline: The guide for recyclable packaging.

Increase the sales-promoting effect with various finishes

Would you like to increase the advertising and marketing efficiency of your product packaging? This is quickly and easily possible with us. Our configurator provides you with various finishing techniques as additional options. In addition to top-quality printing through our in-house print shop, glossy print varnishes or coatings with protective laminate are also possible, for example. A correspondingly optimised appearance of the packaging gives your products a noble look - with even brighter colours and an excellent print image. In general, the printing and the packaging are also better protected against scratches or dirt.

We are happy to support you in your project and in the design of a product packaging that meets your needs and requirements.

Contact us: together we will always find the perfect solution.

Frequently asked questions about boxes by load capacity

  • Do I have an overview of the costs during configuration at Labelprint24?
    Yes. The final price is always displayed in real time in our configurator which means that it always adjusts to the values and options that you enter in the configurator. This means you always have an overview of the costs - transparent and comprehensible. By making changes in terms of the format, the material, the order quantity or refinements, you can significantly influence the price so that it corresponds to your budget.

  • How fast is the manufacturing process at Labelprint24?
    You can rely on fast production times with us. In addition to our standard service, for which the production time is 15 working days, we also offer our express service. Here we produce your order within 10 working days. If you need it very quickly, then our express production is the best choice. Here we produce your order within 5 working days. Once your packaging is finished, we deliver the goods to the address you specify within two working days - no matter which manufacturing service you choose.

  • Is it also possible to use product packaging for shipping?
    Of course. Our product packaging is also optimised for shipping. The main difference between pure product packaging and packaging that is also used for shipping is the material. Since the packaging and the contents are exposed to much more stress during transport, a resistant material is of enormous importance. Shocks or falls can never be excluded in the mail order business. In this case, it is best to always choose product packaging made of sturdy corrugated cardboard. This way you can always be sure that your goods are safe and arrive undamaged at your customers.