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FEFCO 0713

FEFCO 0713

Are you looking for a folding box that reliably protects your product, is easy to fill and closes securely? Order the folding box with automatic bottom made of corrugated cardboard (FEFCO 0713) from!

  • Sturdy automatic base with lid flap and insertion flap
  • Side flaps on the left and right on the top of the body
  • Available printed and unprinted

Discover more folding boxes with crash lock base from!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    E / B / EB flute
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Load capacity
    22 / 44 / 66 lbs

Quick and easy - FEFCO 0713

FEFCO 0713 Grundriss

Are you looking for a quick and easy solution to pack your products securely without having to use an additional adhesive? Then the folding cartons with crash lock base according to FEFCO 0713 at Labelprit24 are exactly the right choice for you. The folding carton is made of the solid and environmentally friendly raw material "corrugated cardboard". Corrugated cardboard produced in Germany consists on average of 80 per cent recycled material and 20 per cent virgin fibre, which in turn is made from wood. However, corrugated cardboard is almost completely collected and recycled in Germany. It shows that corrugated cardboard is a very sustainable product and that we at Labelprint24 are therefore acting in an environmentally conscious way.

FEFCO? - international valid code for packaging means

Our cardboard boxes are marked with the FEFCO code and are thus classified into different basic types of cardboard boxes. FEFCO is the abbreviation for "Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule" (European Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers). The code is internationally valid for the description of packaging materials. The front numbers (07) represent the basic type of carton. These are set-up boxes.  

Der Automatikboden

A special feature of our folding boxes according to FEFCO 0713 is the crash lock base. This consists of glued flaps. As soon as the flat box is straightened into the square shape, the bottom flaps are able to move into position automatically. The lid opening, on the other hand, consists of a front tuck-in flap and two side flaps. The crash lock base ensures stability and easy handling for straightening the carton.

Your products can thus be packed securely and are protected from external influences such as moisture or dirt. A coating with protective varnish or a protective laminate at Labelprint24 gives your cardboard boxes additional resistance to moisture, UV rays and scratches. At the same time, your cardboard boxes attract attention with both visual and tactile properties.

Printed product packaging with crash lock base

Due to their stability, the folding boxes with crash lock base can be used especially for heavy, sensitive but also serially manufactured goods. In addition, the cardboard boxes are suitable for various industries. With our Labelprint24 calculator, you can create your packaging yourself in just a few steps. First you enter the desired total quantity. The minimum order value is 10 per type.

Do you need a specific format for your boxes or labels ? Then we enable you to freely select measurements within certain limits. To do this, simply enter the desired length, width and height in the calculator under the "Format" tab. Please note, however, that the maximum values cannot be combined in all cases. For example, the measure must always refer to the inside dimension of your packaging. We therefore recommend that the packaging is at least 2 millimetres larger than the dimensions of the product to be packaged. When it comes to the material, you can choose between a single-flute or a double-flute corrugated cardboard. You can also choose whether you want to use an E-, B- or EB-flute.  

Labelprint24 offers you a detailed and competent consultation in all matters. You are welcome to contact our consulting team directly by phone with your questions and concerns or send us a general enquiry format any time.