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Folding box full overlap

Folding box full overlap

Are you looking for a folding box that you can only close with glue on the top and bottom by machine after filling? Order the folding box with flap closure from!

  • Carcase glued at points on the long side
  • Box with fully overlapping flaps
  • Meets ECMA A6020 / A60.20.00.01 standard

Discover more folding boxes from!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

Folding box with fully overlapping lid and bottom flaps

The folding box with flap closure is one of the most frequently used types of folding boxes. It is often used as printed packaging for food, medicine, cosmetics or technical accessories and many more. It is also popularly used as product or gift packaging such as confectionery or samples.

The folding box with fully overlapping flaps fulfils several functions at the same time just like labels. It protects its contents from external influences such as water, dust, light or from being scratched. This type of folding box is an ideal product packaging and can be safely stacked or stored on shelves to save space. The folding box with flap closure also provides plenty of space to place information and advertising.

The folding box with fully overlapping flaps for lid and base consists of only one body and is glued on the long side with the glue flap at points. The special feature of the folding box is the full overlap of the base and lid flaps, so that it is securely closed. The top and bottom of the box are not sealed by machine until the box is filled.

One advantage of this type of carton is that it cannot be tampered with when the carton is strapped. The fully overlapping lid and base construction thus provides theft protection and prevents small parts from falling out. The double material thickness of the bottom and lid flaps gives the box additional stability.


  • theft protection due to full overlapping closure
  • safe storage of contents due to secure closure
  • large information area
  • advertising print possible on all sides
  • window punching is possible
  • they are easily stackable
  • in individual sizes and variants possible

Folding boxes with flap closure are made of cardboard, which is printed before punching and gluing. The cardboard can be black, a silver cardboard (mirror cardboard) or simply made of natural cardboard. The cardboard can also be chosen thicker - there are many options.

Order flap boxes with flap closure now at Labelprint24. You can choose from a variety of material groups in the calculator:

  • Standard white cardboard
  • High white cardboard
  • Coloured cardboard
  • Thicker cardboard
  • Recycled carton / natural carton

Printing and finishing of automatic boxes - with full overlap of lid and bottom flaps

We can print the motif of the vending boxes for you as you want. We print by digital printing and can produce your folding boxes for you cost effectively. The inexpensive digital printing is in no way inferior to conventional printing methods, delivers a brilliant colour result and high quality.

All typical finishes can also be applied to the folding box with flap closure. Above all, print varnishing, hot or cold foil stamping are applied to the folding box to protect the packaging from external influences or to improve its feel and appearance.

Available finishes include:

  • Dispersion varnish (matte/glossy)
  • Protective laminate (matte/glossy)
  • Shape die-cutting
  • tactile warning triangles suitable for the blind
  • Blind embossing
  • Cellophaning or lamination/lamination
  • Hot foil stamping (gloss and matte effect - gold/silver)
  • Die cutting and creasing
  • UV varnishing (high-gloss, full-surface, digital)