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Shipping boxes

Shipping boxes


Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes from are robust, lightweight and practical packaging that combines stability and security with individual design and high recognition value.

  • Low weight and high stability for efficient transport
  • Printed and unprinted in various wave types
  • Sustainable material with high recycling content

Discover the wide range of corrugated cardboard from!

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Corrugated cardboard boxes at Labelprint24.com__

corrugated cardboard boxes


What is a corrugated cardboard box?

The main task of a shipping carton is to protect the packaged goods during transport and storage. Primarily, it prevents damage to goods, products and contents so that they arrive intact at consumers, retailers and businesses.

Because shipping cartons made from corrugated board are extremely durable and have excellent properties such as bursting strength, puncture resistance and edge crush resistance, they are used for a range of tasks.

Where can corrugated cardboard boxes be used?

Weil sie gleichzeitig sehr robust und sehr leicht sind, eignen sich Versandkartons aus Wellpappe für unterschiedliche Einsatzbereiche. So bieten sie für eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Produkte einen idealen Schutz, von Getränkeflaschen bis zu Gütern für den alltäglichen Gebrauch.

Ein Vorteil hierbei: Versandkartons sind in verschiedensten Formaten verfügbar und können dadurch optimal an die jeweiligen Anforderungen des Packguts angepasst werden.


Bottle and wine cartons

The transport of bottles, for example of high-quality wines, demands very special properties from the packaging: The size must be exactly right to avoid unwanted movements and leave enough space for padding. Even shocks must not affect the shipping carton. 

Bottle and wine boxes are available for single bottles as well as for quantities of up to 24 bottles.

Storage cartons

Not all shipped goods are immediately put on sale or are being used. Instead, they are stored. Storage or archive boxes are best suited for this because they offer all round protection and withstand the resulting pressure well even when several boxes are stacked on top of eachother. 

Transport boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are most commonly used as transport boxes. Such shipping cartons must be able to withstand various stresses: The content must not be damaged by impacts, bumps and falls. Due to this these boxes are available in a wide variety of formats - so that packaged goods of different shapes, sizes and weights can be protected in the best possible way.

Discover the product variety of Labelprint24!

Our offers include various options for robust, customised and individually designed corrugated packaging:

Product packaging:

Optimal protection and high grade print are core to our product packaging made out of laminated corrugated cardboard. Thanks to this your product's package is secure as well as attractive.
Shipping packages:

Custom made shipping packages offer excellent protection on top of being highly space efficient. That way you can save on filling material and get an especially cost-efficient packaging solution - with the highest quality print of course.
Folding boxes:

Also discover our diverse range of printed folding boxes. With a huge choice of materials and finishing options, our folding boxes are ideal packaging solutions and unique brand ambassadors for your products.



What are the advantages of Labelprint24 corrugated cardboard boxes?

With our shipping boxes, you get a versatile and extremely robust packaging product. Thanks to the outstanding properties of corrugated cardboard, you therefore benefit from a wide range of advantages. Above all, our shipping boxes are multifunctional packaging solutions that you can design entirely according to your ideas - in every respect.

Multifunctional packaging

Light, robust, easy to hold, stackable - our corrugated cardboard boxes excel in many way and can fulfill many different functions: Transport-, loading- and storage capabilities count among their absolutely best functions. But they are far from the least of the functions a corrugated cardboard box can show for itself.

Efficiency miracle

Our corrugated cardboard boxes are an incredibly efficient way of packaging due to the use of corrugated cardboard: minimal weight and freely choosable formats mean they are an incredibly light package which can optimally protect packaged goods (without additional packaging materials).  This way you can increase cost-efficiency during transport and storage - no wasted space, no double packaging and less shipping costs due to light weight.

Better marketing

Corrugated cardboard allows for excellent printing results. These are ideal requirements for turning the available surface area into an attractive and informative marketing instrument. The material itself plays an important role here: corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable and helps save packaging materials - a big factor for environmentally conscious customers.


What designs are available for our shipping boxes?

In the area of shipping boxes, we offer you a large repertoire of options. This means we can fulfil almost any wish and take individual requirements into account. If you have any questions about our shipping boxes, please do not hesitate to contact our competent advisors. They can help you find exactly the shipping box that best suits your needs.

The materials

Single flute cartons

The perfect solution for light to middleweight goods. At Labelprint24 you gain single flute cartons with fine flute (B-flute). They offer optimal protection for shipped goods for up to 5 kilograms. The maximum possible weight lies at 10 kilograms if the carton is filled up to the brim. Single flute cardboard also factors in cost, as they are cheaper than double flute cartons.

Double flute cartons

For a higher price double fluted cartons provide a much greater resilience - they can hold up to 40 kilograms and therefore are also suitable for packaging heavy goods. We use a combination of a B and a C flute, it offers ideal protection for the package against puncturing as well as mechanical stresses. This also reduces the chance of the package being damaged during transport drastically.

Different dimensions

Standard formats

Corrugated cardboard boxes in standard sizes are highly versatile thanks to normed dimensions. The most common boxes in the DIN-format are employed in the sizes A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7.


Individually customised boxes

You are looking for a space saving, secure box for your product which is unsuitable for the standardized formats? For that case we offer individually customised boxes. At Labelprint24 you are free to choose from free formats, that way you can easily and without problems calculate your preferred box, thanks to our online calculator. That way you can create the perfect connection between packaged good and packaging.



Cartons made of corrugated board: sustainable packaging solution

Corrugated board for packaging needs consists largely of waste paper. This makes ecological sense for several reasons:
  • The higher the proportion of recycled paper or cardboard, the fewer new raw materials are needed in production. Above all, the amout of fresh wood fibres and felled will be reduced.

  • At the same time, the use of energy and water is also reduced. Reprocessing waste paper uses fewer of both ressources than producing corrugated board from freshly made wood fibres.

  • Packaging made of corrugated board that is no longer needed is sent to waste paper can even pass through the recycling cycle several times - without a loss of quality.

Another important ecological factor is the possibility of having corrugated cardboard shipping boxes made to individual dimensions. This way only as much packaging material is used as is really necessary. This means: less resource consumption, less packaging waste - and lower costs. In terms of sustainability, corrugated cardboard packaging is therefore way ahead.

The Labelprint24 advantages for shipping cartons at a glance

Discover the diverse possibilities of shipping cartons from Labelprint24! Benefit from many years of expertise and technical innovation - and get shipping cartons tailored to your needs. Simple, uncomplicated and of outstanding quality.

We offer a wide range of services for your product and transport cartons as well as folding boxes:

  • Freely selecrable, individual packaging dimensions guarantee shipping boxes that ideally fit your requirements.

  • With the uncomplicated online calculator, you can easily put together your shipping boxes - and are immediately informed about the price.

  • Sustainable corrugated packaging products that can help the environment and reduce your costs.

  • We ship all orders within 10 working days. With express productions it is even faster and your order will be on its way to you after 10 working days.

Of course, you are guaranteed to receive our shipping boxes in the highest quality - from the material to the print result. Optimal protection with shipping boxes from Labelprint24.

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