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Counter displays

Counter displays

Are you looking for a semi-open packaging that optimally presents your products at the POS as a printed cardboard display? A lockable display with insertable bottom or automatic bottom? Discover the counter displays from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

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Counter displays from Labelprint24

What are counter displays?

Counter displays belong to the folding boxes, which with their design and construction create a visual highlight next to other folding boxes at the point of sale. 

The attractive counter displays are not primary packaging. They are mainly used to attract the attention of customers when opened and as secondary packaging with a successful presentation of the products to encourage spontaneous purchases.

What are the functions of counter displays?

The practical display stands are mainly used for marketing and advertising purposes for customer loyalty. Whether flyers, brochures, cards or in combination with product packaging or printed packaging: the counter display can be used for many different products. 

It allows the product to be presented in a particularly successful way directly at the point of sale. The large surface of the counter display is ideal for advertising, logos or interesting designs that bring the product to the fore. With the visual distinction from other products, the cardboard display is perfect for spontaneous purchases.

What are the advantages of counter displays?

  • Attention:

    The large advertising effective area attracts all eyes.

  • Presentation:

    The display ensures a successful presentation of the products

  • Flexibility:

    The display unfolds its effect in the store and in the checkout area.

Differences to other products

Counter displays function in a complementary way, that is, they emphasize and support the character of the product being promoted. The counter display adds another element to the promotional capability of the primary packaging to attract customer attention. This feature distinguishes the counter display from other advertising media. 

What are the applications of counter displays?

At the POS, the cardboard displays are used with small quantities of goods or for smaller products. Whether for food such as sweets and beverage cans or cosmetics and care products, stationery, DVDs or newspapers - counter displays are there when a product is to be purchased on the spot

However, the counter display not only presents products, but also conveys advertising messages, e.g. as a brochure stand, flyer stand or card stand. Due to the large advertising space of the cardboard, counter displays are ideal for slogans, logos, product names or pricing.

Do you want your counter display to attract extra attention at the POS? Then you have the option of using special inlays and inserts that are adapted to the product. Another option is to use custom cardboard blanks to separate products in the counter display or labels to mark products.

You have the choice - Plug-in bottom or automatic bottom

Counter displays with plug-in bottom
  • Loadable:
    Also suitable for heavy filling goods
  • Dimensionally stable:
    Stability without additional bonding
  • Advertising effective:
    Large advertising space e.g. for logos, slogans, product names

Counter displays with automatic bottom
  • Simple:
    The bottom closes automatically when erected
  • Dimensionally stable:
    The automatic floor becomes even more resilient due to the adhesive bonding
  • Self-service:
    Allows the customer to meet the product more easily

Discover our materials for counter displays

  1. White stand-up carton

    Simple and pure, but still eye-catching. The white cardboard can be designed and produced with your print data as you like.

  2. Bright white carton

    The bright white carton offers a even brighter effect than the standard white stand-up carton.

  3. Colourful cardboard (natural cardboard brown and black, grass cardboard with high recycled content).

    Coloured materials in different designs

  4. Thicker carton

    The thick cardboard offers extra stability due to the higher grammage of the material.

Counter displays from cardboard

Whether white, white bright, colourful or thick. Labelprint24 offers you a variety of cardboards. Our materials differ not only in colour or thickness, but also in origin, such as the recycled cardboard and natural cardboard. These types of cardboard are particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable

Counter displays from black cardboard

White or black. Even counter displays in simple colours can attract attention. Because sometimes less is more! With the help of elaborate and high-quality finishes, you can visually embellish your packaging. With gold or silver accents, you can perfectly showcase your display and the products inside. 

Counter displays from colourful cardboard

Make your cardboard colourful. With a wide range of colours, you have the opportunity to find a suitable colour for your packaging. Choose freely according to your ideas

High-quality finishes - for more attention at the POS!

Hot foil stamping

Would you like to give your product packaging a particularly metallic look ? Then we recommend hot foil stamping. Here you can choose between gold and silver. If you like it a little less shiny, matte hot foil stamping is just the thing. 

Counter displays printing

Counter displays are used for product presentation. Therefore, a high-quality print, matched to the material, is particularly important. We offer you a wide range of finishes. You can select some of them directly in the online calculator. You have not found your suitable finishing yet? Contact us, we will be happy to help you. 

Shape punching

Not only the look of a product is particularly important, but also the feel. Die-cutting offers the opportunity to make a part of your packaging stand out. An example of this is the logo. So you can achieve a WOW effect not only by the appearance, but equally by touching the packaging. 

Customize counter displays

Design your packaging according to your taste ! Protective laminate matt or glossy? Blind-friendly tactile warning triangles or rather the UV varnish? We personalize your packaging according to your wishes

Counter displays for cards

As product packaging for cards, flyers or brochures: Counter displays are suitable for many different products to set them perfectly in scene. Whether bookstore, kiosk or grocery store, you can find them in a variety of places. Determine size, dimension, material and finishing freely in our online calculator.