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Hanging boxes

Hanging boxes

Are you looking for a hanging box as an effective advertising and sales tool? A folding box with Euro hole suspension that presents your goods optimally at the POS? Discover the hanging boxes from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

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Hanging boxes from Labelprint24

What are hanging boxes?

Suspension boxes include all types of folding boxes that can be hung from a shelf hooked on a sales aid for self-service. Smaller retail items can be presented with the hanging box in a sales-promoting, space-saving way and without requiring wide shelf space. They are often located near the cash register and can be positioned flexibly. For this reason, they are perfect for temporary sales promotions.

What is a Euro perforation?

The Euro perforation is a slit-shaped cut-out located at the top of the printed packaging. It enables the product packaging to be hung up and the goods to be presented attractively. Euro perforation is a standardized perforation for all systems used for product presentation. 

Functional hangers

Hanger boxes fulfil all the important functions of packaging. They protect the products inside them from the environment and mechanical influences. They also have a large advertising surface. All six sides can be printed and elaborately finished, e.g., with a viewing window. This gives the customer the opportunity to look. 

A box with many advantages

  • Protective function:

    From the environment and mechanical influences

  • Universal:

    Can be used for small products in a wide range of shops

  • Promotional:

    Large surface for advertising and information

  • Individual:

    Like all other boxes at Labelprint24, folding boxes with Euro-perforations can be designed as required.

That sticks

Hanging boxes are popular packaging materials and can be found in grocery shops, pharmacies, toy shops and the electronics trade. Folding boxes with Euro perforations are also frequently found where small parts are sold, such as screws, nails, animal figures, cars, mobile phone cases or in-ears. Depending on the use, folding boxes for hanging are just as variable in size, dimensions, material and finishing as labels. 

Versatile and full of variations - our hanging boxes!

Hanging box with insertion flap

Hanging box with insertable bottom

Hanging box with automatic bottom

Simple and good - our Euro hole hangers:

Euro hole hangers

  • Stable:

    Due to the cardboard, which can be freely selected

  • Printable on both sides:

    From the back and front

  • Promotional:

    Perfect for the presentation of goods

Euro slot hanger
Euro slot hanger - double sided

Euro hole hangers – two-sided

  • Stable:

    Due to the two cardboard parts

  • Printable on both sides:

    From the back and front

  • Promotional:

    For a better product presentation of product packaging

Material diversity as a hanger

  1. White carton

    Hanging boxes made of white cardboard can also attract attention with their simple design.

  2. Colourful cardboard

    Coloured packaging can be a real "eye-catcher". Choose the right colour for you!

  3. Natural cardboard

    Go with the times and opt for environmentally friendly packaging material.

White standard cardboard

Achieve a bright and radiant result with our standard white cardboard. It is universally applicable and can be printed with elaborate finishes. These finishes can be used to create a wide variety of product packaging. Customize the look of your hanging box to suit your product and intended use ! You can find out which finishes we offer in our finishing options. 

Colourful cardboard

Would you like colourful and cheerful packaging? Or would you prefer something "inconspicuous"? Coloured packaging can also be simple and elegant. Choose a colour that suits you best. 

Depending on your wishes, your packaging can be designed differently. Choose the right box with Euro perforation according to your needs.

Natural cardboard

Natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable, that is our natural cardboard. Environmentally conscious living is an increasingly important issue for our society. For this reason, the demand for environmentally friendly packaging is growing. Many customers consciously buy packaging that does not harm the environment. Does natural cardboard have any disadvantages? On the contrary, it can be refined to just as high a quality and with just as much effort. 

Finishes for a special product

Hanging box with embossing

Foil or blind embossing? Finishes give you the opportunity to enhance the look and feel of your packaging. Depending on the finishing, you can choose between the desired colour and effect.

Hanging box with your design

Create packaging to suit your taste! With different materials and finishes, you can design the packaging of your choice. Colourful or monochrome. Lacquering, laminating or die-cutting. There are various options available to you. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help you!