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Gift packaging

Gift packaging

Are you looking for printed gift packaging for your present? A pillow box, slip box or cake wrapping for any occasion? Discover the gift boxes from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

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1. What are gift wrappings?

What belongs to a completely successful gift? That's right! The right printed packaging that sets off the gift perfectly. Everyone loves to be given a gift, especially with a loving and elaborate packaging that makes opening it an experience.

Packaging that is beautifully and creatively designed sets the scene for almost any gift. Whether for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or for promotional purposes. No matter whether sweets, delicacies, chocolates, cosmetic products, jewellery, books, textiles or bags are given as gifts, an individually printed gift packaging that is presented personally or not convinces with its appearance.

In addition to the wow effect of the packaging, an important role is also played by its protection for the gift inside. Many gifts can be fragile. Gift packaging can serve as protection at the same time, even with an individual inlay that is perfectly matched to the product. With an inlay in the gift box, the product is in the place it should be after opening.

Labelprint24 develops labels and gift boxes for you that are individually coordinated for customer or employee gifts, voucher boxes or promotional gifts. The high-quality packaging can also be used as a gift set, e.g. for Christmas or birthdays.

2. Which boxes are suitable?

There are certain types of boxes that are preferred for use as gift boxes:

2.1 Hinged-lid boxes

Hinged-lid boxes are premium packaging which, in combination with inlays, make a particularly elegant gift box. They are particularly suitable for packaging chocolates, high-quality clothing or prestigious gift items.

2.2 Slip lid boxes

Slip lid boxes are very often and traditionally used as gift boxes. They are often preferred because of their good reusability, as they do not lose their stability and hold even after many opening and closing processes.

2.3 Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are often used as gift packaging, e.g. for jewellery or vouchers, as they have a high degree of attractiveness, especially with the use of the right material, an eye-catching print motif and various finishing options.

2.4 Pouch boxes

Bag boxes are a great way to give away loose contents such as tea, spices, chocolate, coffee, cosmetics but also bottles.

2.5 Sliding boxes

Sliding boxes are ideal for vouchers or smaller products. Even after several opening and closing processes, this gift box shows no loss of quality.

2.6 Carry handle boxes

The carry handle boxes are considered a high quality and elegant packaging solution. With the practical handle, gifts can be given directly to the customer, e.g. at trade fairs. The creative eye-catcher can be provided with a viewing window to optimally present its contents.

3. How to design gift wrapping?

With the appropriate design, the gift packaging can be created to match the gift. The gift becomes a highlight and arouses both curiosity and attention.

Various design options can ensure this:

  • Finishes such as blind and hot foil stamping, dispersion varnishing, UV varnishing.
  • An inlay for a secure hold and beautiful presentation of the product.
  • Special colours for the eye.
  • Viewing windows for an optimal presentation of the product.
  • Laser punching
  • Gifts can be personalised with printed sleeves.

Gift wrappings are also ideal for showcasing the corporate design in a favourable way. Even fancy prints can give a hint of what is hidden inside the gift box.

With gift boxes you can optimally stage your gift and make opening it an experience. Many types of boxes are suitable as gift packaging, such as slip lid, flap lid, cushion, carry handle or pouch boxes. Give your gift packaging a personal touch with personalised banderoles.