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Corrugated cardboard product packaging

Corrugated cardboard product packaging

Corrugated cardboard product packaging from is stable, lightweight and environmentally friendly and is produced to measure and in your design. For individual and professional packaging of your product!

  • Low weight and high stability for efficient transport
  • Printed and unprinted in various wave types
  • Sustainable material with high recycling content

Discover the wide range of corrugated cardboard from!

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    From 5 days
  • Material
    E / B / EB
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    10 / 20 / 30

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Product packaging at Labelprint24.com__

Product packaging - corrugated cardboard boxes


What is product packaging?

Technically the name already contains the answer to this question: It’s packaging for products, in this case out of robust cardboard. But it’s not that simple, because product packaging has an enormous range of applications and types of packaging.
The “one” product package doesn’t exist, instead you have a wide variety of options when it comes to find the optimally customised packaging solution for any type of product or goods. Important things for this are

˃ reliable protection capabilities and
˃ an attractive visual design

– cardboard provides perfect prerequisites for both

Where can you use product packaging?

There are numerous use cases for product packaging, due them being extremely adaptable. They are discerned by primary and secondary product packages. The main function though stays the same in either form: best possible protection for the packaged good against various forms of stress.

The excellent material properties of corrugated cardboard are a really big contributor to the versatility of the product packaging at Labelprint24. Stability, burst strength and high resilience to puncturing and compression make cardboard the perfect choice for a package which offers protection in a high number of situations.


Transport und Lagerung

Blank corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal as secondary packaging. They then contain the product, which are packed in folding boxes so they can be transported better. Thanks to high stability they offer great protection even while stored, like for example when stacked. Corrugated cardboard boxes can easily withstand the pressure.

Striking primary packaging

Because laminated corrugated board is ideal for printing, it can also be used as primary packaging. Its great robustness makes it possible to package even heavy goods with a sustainable material. That way the protective function and marketing work perfectly intertwined. Win over your customers at the point of sale with cardboard boxes with high quality visual design.

More (packaging) variety

Different shapes, consistently good protection: product packaging made of corrugated board is a perfect choice for very different packaged goods due to the wide range of design options: from bottle boxes for fine wine to sensitive electrical goods, optimal packaging solutions can be found in each case. With individual printing, unique packaging is created that is guaranteed to attract attention.


What benefits do product packages by Labelprint24 have?

Are you looking for a way to reliably and efficiently protect your product? Then the product packages by Labelprint24 are exactly right for you. Material properties and possible design choices give you a stellar amount of creative freedom to find a custom made, individual package tailored specifically to your needs and wishes.

Best printability

Your product packaging should leave a lasting impression, and this requires an excellent print result. That’s why we ensure ideal conditions starting with the composition of our corrugated board: for the upper layer (the liner) we do not use paper, but high-quality GD2 cardboard. It has got very good printability and as such it contributes to the unique look of the box.

Individuelle Verpackungslösungen

Nicht nur beim Bedrucken bieten Ihnen unsere Produktverpackungen zahlreiche Auswahlmöglichkeiten. Auch die Schachteln selbst sind in unterschiedlichen Varianten erhältlich und können damit perfekt auf die Anforderungen Ihres Produkts zugeschnitten werden – dank 100 Prozent freier Formate sogar wortwörtlich: Unsere Produktverpackungen können Sie völlig frei nach Ihren Wünschen konfigurieren.

Less cost, more eco-friendliness

Recycled materials are used to a large extent for corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons. This protects the environment because fewer raw materials (mainly wood fibres), energy and water are needed for production. Since corrugated board also combines low weight and high stability, it improves cost efficiency in logistics. So both you and the environment win.


What designs are available for our product packaging?

Different products need different packages. That’s why we don’t just offer you the possibility to design your preferred package with 100% free formats. Additionally various packaging types, produced within FEFCO-Standards are part of our catalogue. That way you are guaranteed to find a solution that fulfills all your packaging needs.


Folding box__

with tuck-in flap

Ideal for medium to heavy weight products. The base with tuck-in flap enables very quick erection with minimal effort. At the same time it is very robust and as such perfect for heavier products.


Shipping box FEFCO 0427__

with hinged lid

The closing mechanism with a hinged lid provides the box with extra stability. It offers optimal protection for heavy and fragile products. They are also very easy to stack without taking any damage. 



Folding box FEFCO 0215__

with snap lock base

The perfect solution for everyone in need of an uncomplicated, robust and cost efficient package for their products. The firm base offers an excellent price-performance ratio and easily holds medium to heavy packaged goods.



Folding box FEFCO 0713__

with crash lock base

The uncomplicated crash lock base offers protection for various products, even heavy ones. Quick erection and equally quick filling lead to a noticeable relief during packing.

With corrugated board, you can also choose between different laminated flutes. In our catalogue you can find

  • the E-flute with a flute height of 1.6 mm in brown and white as well as
  • the B-flute with a glute height of 3 mm in brown.

When it comes to visual design, you have every option with our product packaging. We are therefore happy to fulfil individual printing requests for unique packaging.

You get even more choice with our high-quality folding boxes. These also convince with great variety and are ideal for primary packaging for direct contact with customers.


Recycling and sustainability with Labelprint24 product packaging

Environmental compatibility and sustainability are a real selling point that starts with the design of the packaging. With the printable product packaging made of corrugated board from Labelprint24 you have good cards in this respect in any case.

Because one advantage of cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard is the high proportion of recycled waste paper. This protects the tree population because significantly fewer fresh wood fibres are needed for production. Modern recycling processes also save energy and water.

You can convince your customers with customised product packaging that is extremely stable and at the same time produces less packaging waste: No more wasted space in the carton that would have to be filled with additional packaging material. That's why Labelprint24's product packaging is a sensible, efficient and attractive alternative to other packaging solutions.

Our services for your individual product packaging made of corrugated board

Whether for transport or sales: with our product packaging you always get the optimal solution. Thanks to laminated corrugated board, we not only offer maximum stability and robustness with low weight. You also get the opportunity to benefit from our expertise in packaging printing. The excellent printability of corrugated board and the latest technology together create unique results - entirely according to your wishes.

Convince yourself of our extensive range of services and experience the excellent quality of packaging products from Labelprint24:
  • Free formats mean extensive design options for you. Calculate your desired packaging in a simple and straightforward manner with a full overview of the costs.

  • Lids and bases to proven FEFCO standards ensure reliable protection and easy packaging - even for heavy products.

  • Fully recyclable, lightweight and space-saving for storage: our corrugated board product packaging contribute to a better eco-balance.

  • Rapid production and fast delivery ensure that your customised product packaging is on its way to you after just 12 to 15 working days - always in the accustomed Labelprint24 quality.

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