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Obalové produkty

Obalové produkty

Od roku1961 nabízí Labelprint24 obalové produkty nejlepší kvality. Jako komplexní tiskoví profíci vyvíjíme široký sortiment tiskových a obalových produktů pro všechny branže.

U Labelprint24 najdete nejen široký výběr produktů, ale i hojné možnosti vytvoření si obalů individuálně podle Vašich potřeb - v pár krocích a s plně transparentní cenou.

Ve 3 krocích k Vašemu vysněnému obalu!

  • Krok 1: Vyberte si požadovanou produktovou kategorii

  • Krok 2: Vyberte si svůj obalový produkt

  • Krok 3: Nastavte a objednejte si svůj produkt v online kalkulátoru.

    Výběr produktu

    Discover the variety: packaging products from labelprint24.com

    different packaging products

    High-quality digital printing, digital technologies and optimised production processes: At Labelprint24, we combine many years of experience with groundbreaking innovations. This enables us to offer you individually designed packaging solutions for a wide range of industries and products - at top prices.

    From laminate tubes for cosmetics to corrugated cardboard boxes for e-commerce, you can get unique packaging products in excellent quality at Labelprint24.


    • Multifunctional:
      From product labelling and warnings to small-format marketing - labels really can do it all.

    • Diverse:
      Different label types, different materials - that means all options for you and your products.

    • Resistant:
      Materials and finishes make our labels extremely robust - making them the perfect solution for all industries where extreme temperatures, hazardous substances and similar influences are part of everyday life.
    bottle with label
    Labels are indispensable in many areas. A very simple principle together with incomparable versatility make them optimal and inexpensive helpers.

    At Labelprint24 you will find a large selection of different label types: Roll labels, sheet labels, sandwich labels, booklet labels, printed or unprinted - we have a solution for every purpose.
    Digital printing, finishing and different materials open up numerous possibilities for you to design unique labels. This applies to both the look and the feel - with labels from Labelprint24 you will reach your target group.

    > Discover labels at Labelprint24 now

    Complete solutions for label printing from the system provider


    Are you looking for the right equipment to print labels for parcel shipping, hazardous goods labelling, food price labelling or similar tasks? As a system provider, we can offer you a wide range of accessories and machines for further processing or labelling.

    label printer
    • Thermal transfer ribbons:
      For refilling thermal transfer printers for on-demand variable data printing. Available in different versions.

    • Thermal printer:
      Our office printers and industrial printers are technically optimally equipped for their respective areas of application.

    • Labeller:
      From simple hand labellers to industrial labellers, we have the right equipment for every purpose.

    • Label dispenser:
      With table label dispensers or practical dispenser boxes, we make labelling child's play for you.

    • Discover label accessories from Labelprint24 now

    Folding boxes

    • Protector:
      Sturdy cardboard and reliable closure systems provide every product with the protection it needs against external influences.

    • Eye-catcher:
      Various print variants and finishing options turn your folding boxes into visual highlights with which you can capture your customers at the point of sale at any time.

    • Multi-talent:
      From shipping boxes to product packaging - folding boxes can take on many tasks without any problems.
    refined folding box
    Folding boxes can convince in an incredible number of situations. This is partly due to the materials: cardboard and corrugated cardboard are light but very robust. This means secure protection for the packaged goods and hardly any extra weight for transport.

    Different shapes and free formats also make it easy to find the right folding box for your needs.
    If you are looking for a solid and uncomplicated packaging product that can be printed and finished in a variety of ways - then the folding boxes from Labelprint24 are exactly what you need.

    With our free formats you can easily create unique packaging.

    > Discover folding boxes now at Labelprint24
    Exclusive work samples

    The labelprint24 sample box

    Labelprint24 sample box
    We show you what we can do with our know-how and technology: With the exclusive sample box from Labelprint24, you get a (lasting) impression of the quality of our products - various labels, folding boxes, package inserts and laminate tubes from the printing and packaging specialist.

    > Discover Labelprint24 sample box now

    Discover our other special sample boxes!

    Shipping boxes

    • Efficiency:
      Sturdy, but light. Plus free formats that no longer need any additional filling material when packing - that's how efficiency works with our shipping boxes.

    • Stable:
      Robust corrugated cardboard always guarantees a high level of protection for the packaged goods during transport, loading and storage.

    • Recognisable:
      Corrugated cardboard is also excellent for printing and therefore plays an important role in marketing - especially in the e-commerce sector.
    shipping carton
    To ensure that your products reach retailers and customers undamaged, they must be securely packed. Our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes offer reliable protection, all the way from packing to unpacking.

    The free formats offer you numerous possibilities to optimally adapt the shipping cartons to your products - this saves money (e.g. for filling material) and means less packaging waste for consumers.
    This makes our shipping packaging particularly interesting for e-commerce - but they can convince in many areas. Not least because of the numerous design options.

    > Discover shipping boxes at Labelprint24 now

    Package inserts

    • Highest standards:
      Package inserts are subject to strict legal requirements - and in order to meet these, the highest quality standards are also required when printing the package inserts.

    • Correct folding:
      A lot of information, but not much space. This is just as true for package inserts as it is for the packaging they come in. At Labelprint24 we have a lot of experience with this challenge and are excellently equipped to print exemplary package inserts with state-of-the-art equipment and perfectly coordinated production chains.
    patient information leaflet
    Uniform standards apply to package inserts in the EU. These include not only the type of information and warnings but also the way they are presented.

    For printing, this is a challenge: a lot of information has to be accommodated legibly in a small space. The highest quality is also a question of security in this case.
    At Labelprint24 we specialise in printing package inserts and leaflets. With various folding techniques, we can supply you with exactly the formats you need for your products - and with fast production times.

    > Discover package inserts now at Labelprint24

    Pouch packaging

    • Flexibility:
      Handy, compact, available in many shapes, sizes and designs. For many products, pouch packaging is an optimal alternative to cardboard packaging.

    • Protection:
      Liquids, powders or solid products - they are all optimally protected by the films of our pouch packaging. Aroma, shelf life and quality are thus always preserved.

    • Efficiency:
      Flexibility and adaptability also mean the possibility for custom-fit packaging. This saves material and costs.
    coffee pouch packaging
    The pouch packaging from Labelprint24 is one of the most versatile packaging products around.

    Excellent barrier properties, freely calculable, customised formats and individual design options make Doypacks, K-Seal stand-up pouches and flat pouches the ideal packaging solution for a wide range of different products.
    Our pouch packaging is therefore interesting for many industries: Food, cosmetics, granulates, powders and even beverages can be safely packaged in the pouches.

    In addition, the bags offer all the possibilities for marketing that makes a real impression.

    > Discover pouch packaging at Labelprint24 now


    • Protective properties:
      Laminate tubes offer excellent barrier protection and are therefore suitable for a wide range of products.

    • Hygiene:
      Products for daily or frequent use hardly come into contact with the environment due to the small outlet openings - and thus have a longer shelf life.

    • Handling:
      Practical handling, uncomplicated dosing of the tube contents - this makes our laminate tubes immensely popular with consumers.
    various tubes
    The laminate tubes from Labelprint24 offer excellent protection for pasty and (semi-)liquid products thanks to several substrate layers. They thus reliably protect their contents from unwanted quality changes.

    In addition, packaging in tube form is extremely practical in terms of dosage and dispensing options: Toothpaste, for example, can be easily applied to the toothbrush from a laminate tube in the right amount.
    As specialists in digital printing on tubes, we can also help you turn your laminate tubes into unique packaging. A lot is possible when it comes to individual design, right up to the noble metallic look.

    > Discover laminate tubes now at Labelprint24

    High-quality packaging solutions from the specialist

    Your advantages with packaging products from Labelprint24

    With our wide range of products and a multitude of individual design options - from the choice of materials to the exact size - we are your reliable partner for packaging products of the highest quality. But at Labelprint24 you enjoy a number of other advantages. .

    Labelprint24 production
    • Fast production & delivery:
      All our packaging products are ready in just a few days - thanks to optimised production processes, digital technologies and, if required, express or rush production.

    • Full cost control:
      Our online calculator helps you keep an eye on the costs of your desired packaging at all times, in real time.

    • Creative freedom:
      Free formats that are 100% yours to design. This gives you all the freedom you need to create packaging entirely according to your wishes.

    • Small print runs:
      Orders with smaller print runs are no problem at all and will be at the best prices for you thanks to digital printing.