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Package inserts

The most valuable information often lies behind the smalles things. This is especially true for package inserts for medicines, cosmetics or chemicals. Thanks to our extensive know-how, we can offer you many advantages in the package inserts production.

  • best print quality with quick production times

You can also, as well as individual package inserts, order suitable folding boxes und labels in customised formats.

  • production time starting from 5 days
  • various types of folds
  • 100% free formats for all products

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Print package leaflets and packaging inserts

Our experts in print finishing have mastered the art of folding and will be happy to help you with both typesetting and the selection of materials and folding style suitable for your project. We can fold your package inserts in a z-fold, tri-fold, half-fold, or quarter-fold. Printing package leaflets, inserts, and instructions for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the like requires the utmost care and compliance with the highest safety and quality standards. labelprint24 prints a wide range of package inserts, from simple unfolded leaflets to pre-folded leaflets (even small folds), to fit into even the smallest boxes or folding boxes.

Of course, we can also print the matching labels.
  • labelprint24 is a reliable partner guaranteeing the best printing quality.
  • Super service, fast delivery times, more than 50 years' printing experience.
  • You can also order your package inserts in any format of your choosing.
  • Printable in all Euroscale and custom colours.
  • High-quality white offset paper, wood-free.
  • OPAKAL pharmaceutical thin printing paper with good opacity.

Uses for instruction leaflets

The package insert is a sheet of paper or booklet that is enclosed with medicines, both over-the-counter and prescription. It contains information in small, but legible print to describe the purpose, dosage, and correct use of the medicine for the patient. It is intended toprotect the patient and contains all relevant information on the medicine's ingredients and mode of action. Often, this information will be printed in several languages.

In Europe, the package insert is required by law for all prescription and over-the-counter medicines. The text on the insert must contain generally understandable and readable information, but consumers are well advised to consult a doctor or pharmacist when reading it due to the large number of medical terms used.

What do I have to pay attention to when printing packaging inserts?

Since 2001, there has been a uniform standard for package inserts in the European Community: EU Directive 2001/83/EC. This guideline defines which instructions, riself-adhesives, and warnings about side effects and interactions must be included and to what degree of detail. For example, the package insert printer must use an easily legible typeface with a font size of at least 8 points. Small caps that are difficult to read, italics, and underlining should be avoided.
labelprint24 prints a wide range of package inserts, from simple unfolded leaflets to pre-folded leaflets. The quality papers used for this purpose meet the highest standards of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, are excellent for printing, and are easy to fold.
The white thin printing paper used for printing package inserts has a rather low grammage. This paper is particularly suitable for micro-folding in order to take up as little space as possible in the medicine box. OPAKAL thin printing paper can be printed on both sides in all Euroscale colours. Due to the particularly high opacity, the printed image on the underside of the leaflet does not shine through despite the thin paper, and the lettering is easily legible from each side. As an inexpensive alternative to the special pharmaceutical paper, we at labelprint24 print your package inserts on high-quality, wood-free offset paper.

Folding techniques for package inserts and leaflets

Online print shop labelprint24 has specialised in the production of leaflets, inserts, and folding boxes for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for many years. Using state-of-the-art equipment and a precisely coordinated production chain, we produce package inserts in all formats and folds to meet customer requirements. Of course, the folding machine and its folding modules play a central role in the production of package inserts. We can fold your package inserts in a z-fold, tri-fold, half-fold, or quarter-fold.


The z-fold, also called the leporello fold, is recognisable by its z-shape. It is a simple form of the parallel fold. Its shape is created by folding two or more pages of the package insert alternately in different directions. The typical zigzag shape resembles the bellows of an accordion. All pages of the package leaflet have the same size after folding.


The tri-fold is also a form of the parallel fold. With the tri-fold, all pages of the package leaflet are folded towards the middle, "wrapping" the package insert, so to speak. The pages that are first folded in must always be slightly shorter in order to prevent the paper pages in the package insert from getting bunched up.


The quarter-fold is a type of folding of package inserts in which one or two additional folds are set at right angles to the paper feed direction. This folding technique reduces the surface area of the package insert, allowing it find room inside even a very small box.
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