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Stand-up pouches

Stand-up pouches


Are you looking for a bag that is suitable for finely ground, powdery or aromatic products? A flexible packaging that protects against air, moisture and UV radiation? Discover the Doypacks from!

  • Oval base and hole / Eurohole suspension option
  • Oxygen, carbon dioxide and aroma barrier
  • For solid products, pastes, powders, liquids

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  • Production
    From 10 days
  • Material
    Foil / Paper
  • Surface
    Matt / Gloss
  • Option
    Window / Zipper
    Tear flap

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1. What is a stand-up pouch?

The stand-up pouch, or often also called a Doypack, is a variant of pouch packaging. A wide variety of things can be attractively packaged with this flexible type of packaging. The Doypack is particularly suitable for packaging foodstuffs – those that need to remain aromatic, for example, such as coffee, nuts, herbs, dried fruits or spices. The contents of the pouch are protected from air, moisture and UV radiation. With the additional press-to-close seal, also known as a zipper, the contents can be protected again after opening and kept fresh for longer. In addition, due to its flexibility, pouch packaging entails lower transport volumes and amounts of waste compared to glasses or cans.

2. How are stand-up pouches constructed?

As already mentioned, there are different types of pouch packaging. The Doypack is the classic variant. It is able to stand upright due to its welded oval bottom. This type of packaging is therefore intended for a wide range of products. Due to their great flexibility, these pre-formed Doypacks can be used anywhere, with all sorts of designs and sizes. They can be made from virtually any type of barrier material. They are therefore suitable for sterilisation and pasteurisation processes that are required for foods such as soups or sauces.

We offer various different versions of the stand-up pouch, with a tear tab and/or with a hanging hole. For liquid foods, Doypacks need to offer better handling. That is why they are often provided with a spout or, for aromatic products, with a freshness valve. We can implement various options as special requests. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this in person

Advantages of the stand-up pouch:

  • Suitable for almost any application
  • A wide range of sizes, types and options also available
  • High material savings compared to other forms of packaging
  • Low storage and transport costs compared to other types of packaging
  • Stable

3. Possible uses of stand-up pouches

Are you looking for a packaging option you can use to safely package food or pet food? Then the stand-up pouch is just the right thing! This type of packaging can be used for a myriad of practical applications. This includes liquid products, such as juices, yogurt, fruit puree and baby food, and finished products, such as soups, sauces or rice dishes. Dry products, such as meat, breakfast cereals, energy bars, pasta or pet food, can also be optimally packaged with this packaging solution. Chemical products and those that have a high alcohol content, such as detergents, paints, cleaning agents, disinfectants or automotive products, likewise pose no problem.

The stand-up pouch offers particular advantages due to its appearance, its flexibility, its material composition and its numerous possible uses:

  • Ideal aroma and flavour protection thanks to a reliable barrier
  • Odourless and tasteless, thanks to high-quality materials
  • Food-safe
  • Resealable with a zipper
  • Weldable
  • Tear tabs on both sides for easy opening after welding
  • Attractive product presentation at the POS
  • Also available with a viewing window
  • Long-lasting freshness for their contents
  • Stable and tear-proof

4. Print on and refine stand-up pouches

With printed stand-up pouches, you can leave your marketing message with the consumer/customer in a cost-effective and precisely targeted way. Customised, just as you want them! We will be happy to advise you.

We will print your stand-up pouches exactly as you want them. The front and back of this special type of packaging offer a large area for an attractive design or plenty of information, such as ingredients or additional details. We will print your stand-up pouches using digital offset printing, which offers the following advantages:

  • Immediate drying enables seamless further processing
  • Cheaper in small and medium runs
  • Personalised printing is also possible
  • High print quality, similar to offset
  • No lead times because no printing form is required
  • Use of different substrates for printing (paper, foils, self-adhesive material) without retooling or special inks


Finishes that can be selected directly in the online calculator:

  • Hot foil embossing (gold/silver/copper)

5. Range of services

As a manufacturer of pouch packaging, our services range from consultation, development, and production to packaging and delivery.

Special advantages when using Labelprint24:

  • 100% freely calculable format
  • Can be ordered from just 10 units
  • Sample proofs are available on request at any time
  • Online calculation with instant price
  • Fast delivery times and free shipping

6. Delivery times

We deliver your custom-printed stand-up pouches as a best-price product after 15 working days. In addition, we offer our customers the express production service in just 10 working days.

7. Materials

The material characteristics of our stand-up pouches offer good barrier properties, which are suitable for filling with all kinds of goods.

You can choose between mono or composite materials.


  • White polypropylene with SiOx (silicon oxide) coating
  • Transparent polypropylene with SiOx coating

Among other things, monomaterials are recyclable and have a good density. The silicon oxide coating increases the material's barrier performance enormously. The level of permeability by oxygen and water vapour is also reduced because even sensitive products – for example, aromatic or perishable products like tea or coffee – can be well packaged. Furthermore, due to its transparency, it is possible to integrate viewing windows.

Composite materials:

  • Aluminium composite foil as metallised PP/AL foil

Our composite materials offer the highest barrier performance, protect against the effects of light, and have a stable feel and a beautiful metal look. Doypacks with this choice of material are particularly suitable for high-end products in the food sector. But they are also ideal for many other goods.

Our stand-up pouches are uncompromisingly food-safe and harmless, despite the printing on the pouch. The printing ink is covered with an additional film layer. The ink does not come into contact with the contents of the packaging or the outside world as it is located between two layers of material.

There is also the possibility of using special materials – only possible on request!

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