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Cosmetics packaging

When it comes to cosmetics packaging, the first impression often decides whether a purchase is made or not. Due to the saturated market, manufacturers are forced to present their cosmetic products in ever new packaging designs. A good cosmetic product is usually only noticed when its design, as well as that of its packaging, becomes the focus of the potential buyer and thus an eye-catcher at the point of sale. The packaging is the first thing the customer notices and can be responsible for the success or failure of the product or even the brand. Consumers choose products and product packaging that appeal to them and provide important information.

Many consumers associate cosmetics not only with makeup, beauty or perfume, but also with wellness, relaxation, body care and nature. Cosmetic packaging that completely excites the customer can therefore truly boost sales. People are more likely to choose products that are in visually appealing and elaborate packaging or that are themselves attractively designed with cosmetics labels, rather than a simple folding box with no special features. There are no limits to creativity in the design of cosmetic packaging.

We are happy to help you with the production of your cosmetic packaging. Calculate now online your cosmetic packaging as a folding box, laminate tube or label with our online calculator. Of course we also offer the printing of your package insert for your packaging!


Packaging options for cosmetics

Folding boxes

The classic folding box for cosmetic products is the folding box with tuck-in flap. Whether perfume, creams, make-up or soaps - every product finds its suitable box or packaging. The classic folding box also offers plenty of space for information about the product and its ingredients, in addition to the attractive design. The purpose of the folding box as cosmetic packaging is also to protect the product from external influences. Folding boxes therefore offer safety and an appealing look in one.

Labelprint24 is your specialist when it comes to packaging solutions or product labels. Each packaging must perfectly fit the product, so boxes differ in size and grammage depending on the product. A folding box for creams in PET cans is subject to different requirements than one for heavier cream cans made of glass. Due to the higher tare weight, a more stable packaging is required.

BeutelschachtelFaltschachtel für KosmetikKissenschachtel für Kosmetik

As an experienced box, label and plastic tube manufacturer, we are able to produce your products in desired dimensions. Calculate your cosmetic product in desired dimensions conveniently online or contact us directly - we will be happy to help you with your individual packaging.



In addition to an appealing design, cosmetics packaging must also provide the customer with necessary consumer information. It is important for manufacturers to know that Article 19 of the EU Cosmetics Regulation must be observed when designing packaging for cosmetic products. This means that a cosmetic product may only be placed on the market if the information on the packaging or the container itself is easily legible and indelible. In addition, the packaging must contain various information such as the intended use or a list of all ingredients.

Labels for cosmetics must meet other high demands in addition to their attractive appearance. For example, they must be able to withstand different stresses that affect cosmetic labels when cosmetic products are used. These include water or various oils. Not only from an aesthetic point of view should cosmetic labels always be legible and permanently adhere, they are also subject to the legal labeling obligation. 

As an experienced label manufacturer, we are able to produce labels perfectly adapted to your products, containing all important and necessary mandatory information.

Roll labels

Among the most commonly used product labels are the labels on roll. Digitally printed labels are the first choice, especially for small to medium runs and different types. The advantage of digital printing technology lies in the direct transfer of the label's print data - directly from the computer to the press. This saves time, setup costs, and die-cutting tooling costs, and allows for the lowest possible pricing on roll labels. A wide range of materials (paper, foil, special materials), adhesives (removable adhesive, permanent adhesive, freezer adhesive), separate shapes and colors, and various finishing options are available. Labels are suitable for any type of cosmetic packaging, for example, plastic bottles, jars and cans made of PET or glass, airless dispensers, tubes, pump bottles, or powder compacts.

Etiketten auf Rolle mit Tube und FaltschachtelCremedose

Booklet labels

With our booklet labels we offer you a type of labels that guarantee the most space. We can accommodate up to 24 pages in a booklet label. They are practically a label and package insert in one and allow for a variety of country-specific consumer instructions in one product design. Booklet labels can be an additional product brochure for the consumer. They are suitable for any type of packaging and add value to it. At the same time, they can be flexibly adapted by material and production method. Booklet labels, like any type of label, are die-cut to the customer's specifications, making them suitable for any type of container, even those with limited space and difficult shapes. Booklet labels are produced using digital printing and can thus be individualized and produced at low cost; therefore, they are also suitable for smaller runs.

Booklet Etiketten


sandwich labels

Our sandwich labels or also called peel-off labels, duplex labels or double layer labels are available as 2 or 3 sides printed label. This type of label is a multi-layer label construction, which consists of paper or film. The backing label is also made of backing paper or film and has an additional adhesive surface. The sandwich label is therefore easily removable and can be reapplied to another location. You could also say that these multi-page double-layer labels work like a label on a label. Multi-layer labels are currently very trendy and are one of the most sought-after labeling solutions, as they offer more space than normal adhesive labels. Sandwich labels can also be ordered from us as promotional labels with coupons printed on them.

Wrap-around labels

Wrap-around labels are particularly suitable for round containers and can even be wrapped around several times and, like booklet and sandwich labels, offer more space than conventional single-layer labels. This type of label can be easily opened and closed several times by an opening flap. Wrap-around labels are cheaper than multi-layer labels due to the low-cost production process. Wrap-around labels are also available with printed reverse side on request.



No label look labels

We also produce our adhesive labels for you in the no-label look. These transparent labels made of resistant PP film adapt well to the curves of jars or other uneven surfaces and appear almost invisible. They are often used on perfume bottles or cream jars. They offer the perfect opportunity, for example, to highlight only the brand name, the product name or special information.

More about cosmetic labels from Labelprint24.


Seal and closure labels

In addition to all the label options with which you can design your cosmetic products, there are also seal and closure labels to help prevent unauthorized opening by third parties.
Compared to closure labels, seal labels can no longer be closed undamaged.
With closure labels, on the other hand, products can be closed again in the packaging, even after the first opening. A good sealing function can be guaranteed after opening and closing the package several times.




Laminate tubes are used in the cosmetics industry mainly for pasty and semi-liquid products such as makeup, toothpaste, shower gel, cream or hair dye. Depending on the content, aluminum, laminate or plastic tubes are used in the cosmetics industry. At Labelprint24 you have the option to choose between ABL tubes (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) and PBL tubes (Plastic Barrier Laminate). You can find more information on our laminate tubes page.

Tube und Faltschachtel mit PrintLaminattube mit FaltschachtelLaminattube und Faltschachtel für Kosmetik

Cosmetic packaging design

Purchase planning usually does not include the purchase of a specific brand or variety. Around 70 percent of the decision is made spontaneously and at short notice at the point of sale. Accordingly, the share of the packaging design in the purchase decision is high.  

Colors are used for recognition value and thus for brand identification. Fonts are remembered even more easily than colors. Major brands such as Nivea have managed to make themselves unmistakable through color choice and lettering alone. Fonts should always be clear and easy to read, even if they are on a small box. For long-term recognition, the constant use of the same colors is necessary. The packaging should therefore have recognition value and therefore also be designed in the corporate design.

Other important factors are the choice of materials and printing options. If the product is to be kept in the shower, the label must be coated and water resistant. If the product is to look more high-end and luxurious, finishing options such as foil stamping, embossing, metal or paint, etc., which create a 3D effect, for example, can be considered.

Veredelungen in Gold und Silber

The beauty and cosmetics industry creates many possibilities, so there are hardly any limits to the design of cosmetics packaging. High-quality finishes give the packaging the finishing touch and usually make the difference on the shelf. We refine all packaging such as boxes, tubes, but also labels for make-up, perfume, soaps, facial, hair and dental care and much more. We will be happy to advise you and help you develop the perfect packaging for your cosmetic products.




Whether you are looking for low cost cardboard cosmetic packaging, quality cosmetic labels or laminate tubes, you will find what you are looking for at Labelprint24.

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