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Folding box with hinged lid

Folding box with hinged lid

Are you looking for folding boxes with integrated lids that are quickly assembled and ready for shipping? All boxes available in cardboard materials white, coloured, natural/brown, high white, as well as in grammages from 215 - 500 g/m². Discover the folding boxes from!

Interesting options made of corrugated cardboad

  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

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What are folding boxes with hinged lid?

Folding boxes are flat boxes in paperboard with a large lid opening. They are also know as postal boxes because they are particularly suitable for shipping. The lid can be conveniently opened upwards and securely closed with the side closure flaps.

The folding boxes with hinged lid are perfect as packaging for a wide variety of products. Individual combination options allow you to package any product securely and present it attractively. All the boxes from Labelprint24 are available in individual formats, materials and colours.

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What are the areas of application?

The postal boxes can be used in many different ways. Whether as a box for cosmetics, jewellery or delicate products such as chocolates. It is also suitable as packaging for gifts.

The high-quality packaging underlines the character of the product and ensures a unique look. The hinged-lid box is ideal for promotions, as it offers a large area for advertising and individual designs. Do you want to send your promotional box? The postal box can be sent inexpensively and securely in your desired format. Your product will be perfectly presented in the appropriate packaging.

What types of hinged boxes are there?

Double locked wall lid

  • Large lid:

    Easy to open - simply fill and reseal.

  • Quick:

    The sealing tabs on the lid close the box tightly.

  • Promotional:

    The large area on the lid is perfect for promotional purposes.

  • Versatile:

    Perfect as packaging for various flat items.

Rollover Hinged Lid with hook

  • Secure:

    The extra flap on the lid provides extra protection for the product.

  • Simple:

    Uncomplicated assembly without gluing.

  • Presentation:

    Individual inlays present each product perfectly in the right position.

Cardboard box with hinged lid

  • Stable:

    Double-walled construction by erecting the side walls.

  • Cost-effective:

    No formation of hollow walls, therefore no gluing is needed.

  • Variable:

    The carding box consists of one workpiece with the base connected to the lid. Instead, the telescope box has a box bottom and a separate lid that is put over the bottom part.

What materials are available for folding box with hinged lid?

  1. Standard white paperboard

    Very strong paperboard, characterised by a smooth front and a slightly rough back.

  2. Bright white paperboard

    Has the same positive characteristics as the white standard cardboard, in bright white with increased bending stiffness and tear resistance.

  3. Coloured paperboard (natural paperboard brown and black, grass paperboard board with high recycled content)

    Basic colours for your folding box with hinged lid as desired.

  4. Thicker paperboard

    Paperboard material with slightly thicker grammage in various designs.

White standard paperboard

Simple, but still an eye-catcher! White standard paperboard can also be designed in a variety of ways. With the help of a finish such as hot foil stamping, you can create simple accents with great effect.

Due to the pure nature of white cardboard, it is very well suited for elegant-looking folding box with hinged lides or invitations.

Bright white paperboard

A normal shade of white is not enough for you? No problem! The folding boxes with hinged lid with bright white paperboard look even brighter and more luminous than white paperboard.

The special shine of this paperboard makes it immediately eye-catching and thus appeals directly to the potential customer.

Colourful paperboard

Stand out from the crowd with your box. Whether subtle or eye-catching, colourful or monochrome. Choose your desired colour for your folding box with hinged lid.

wide range of paperboard boxes in different colours is available, all of which can work perfectly in harmony with a wide variety of finishes.

Thicker cardboard

Sturdy yet flexible. The thick paperboard is perfect for heavy products. This way you also achieve a secure hold here.

The thicker paperboard looks very robust and strong, which makes the box look more valuable and is also particularly appealing to the touch.

Recycled paperboard/ natural paperboard

Do you value sustainable packaging ? Then recycled paperboard is just the thing for you. This paperboard can also be printed and designed according to your ideas.

The recycled paperboard is perfect for all products in the direction of nature, such as garden accessories.

Which finishes are possible?

Dispersion coating

It gives your packaging a matt or even glossy look.

Protective laminate

It not only protects, but also gives your packaging a matt or glossy look.

Shape die-cutting

Create a WOW effect by adding extra emphasis to your packaging with a shape of your choice.