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Sheet labels

Sheet labels

Are you looking for labels on sheets that you can use for small runs in the office, as promo stickers or giveaways? Order sheet labels DIN A4 from!

  • Self-adhesive sheet labels in free DIN A4 label format
  • Printable with standard laser and inkjet printers
  • Can be used in a variety of ways without investing in a label dispenser

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 2 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Film finishing / Varnish

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Sheet labels at Labelprint24

What are sheet labels?

Sheet labels from Labelprint24 are individually printable, self-adhesive stickers that are not produced and supplied as label rolls but in the form of paper sheets.

As a rule, the label sheets have the common DIN A4 paper format. This makes the labels particularly easy to transport and store. The labels are easily peeled off and dispensed by hand. A label dispenser is not necessary.

In addition, it is possible to print the sheet labels from Labelprint24 using your own desktop printer - in the office, at home, simply everywhere. Our labels are suitable for both laser and inkjet printers.

Typical areas of application

Sheet labels are mainly used where only small quantities of adhesive labels are required. Thus, sheet labels are mainly used in small businesses as well as in offices and in various public institutions such as schools, hospitals and universities - but not in the context of industrial labelling of large product quantities.

Areas of application for sheet labels:
  • Address and shipping labels in parcel and postal dispatch
  • Advertising material for events, parties and campaigns of all kinds
  • Stickers for giving away, collecting, sharing and exchanging
  • Folder labels for home offices and government offices

The advantages of sheet labels

  • Space-saving in transport and storage
  • Available as blank, partially printed and fully printed labels
  • Printable with any laser or inkjet printer
  • Labels can be easily peeled off by hand
  • No investment in label dispenser necessary
  • Free choice of shapes - even special shapes are possible.

Our sheet labels

Made from high-quality kraft liner

To achieve optimum strength and positioning of the labels on the A4 sheets, our sheet labels are made of high-quality kraft liner. 

This is a particularly strong, stable type of paper that consists of a high proportion of virgin paper fibre and only a small amount of recycled material.

In addition, our labels are characterised by very good tensile strength thanks to the kraft liner adhesive used. However, their resistance to moisture and other environmental influences is limited in time.

for laser printers

In the case of the sheet labels specially designed for further processing with laser printers, the paper surface is provided with a special coating. This ensures optimum anchorage of the ink and guarantees a perfect print image. 

The flatness of the labels is not affected by laser printing; however, contact with water-based inks (such as those used in inkjet printing) can have a detrimental effect.

3D stickers with doming effect

Our 3D stickers, also called dome labels, are a special type of sheet label. Their dome-like curvature makes for a particularly eye-catching and attractive look that invites you not only to look, but also to touch. 

The transparent synthetic resin layer seals the surface of the label and thus offers additional protection against moisture, UV rays, abrasion and other external influences. Our 3D labels are optionally available in sturdy PVC or PE film.

Areas of application for 3D labels:

  • Labelling of high-quality consumer goods and branded articles
  • As advertising and decorative labels - for example with a company logo
  • Labelling of technical devices and machines indoors and outdoors

Printing methods for sheet labels

At Labelprint24, sheet labels are produced by digital printing as standard. The offset printing process, on the other hand, is only used on request or for very large label quantities - and is also only recommended if no variance or personalisation is required regarding the motifs.

After printing, the individual sheet labels are cut from the adhesive bond using the laser die-cutting process. This production step gives the labels their final shape. This in turn determines how many labels can be placed on each sheet.

Advantages of laser cutting:
  • uncomplicated, efficient process and excellent print image
  • good price-performance ratio - especially for small and medium runs
  • Sheet labels can be individually designed and personalised sheet by sheet or label by label on request.

Laser punch - for free choice of shapes and special shapes

There are hardly any restrictions on the size and shape of sheet labels. Thanks to digital printing and state-of-the-art laser die-cutting technology, complicated contours and designs can be implemented easily and cost-effectively. For example, the costs for a mechanical cutting die are eliminated completely.

A single A4 sheet can even contain several different labels. These can be rectangular and square, round or oval, and have special shapes such as the outline of a seal, tree or star.

Advantages of laser cutting:
  • the laser die-cutting process does not require a cutting die, so conventional die-cutting costs are eliminated
  • our laser die-cutting technology also enables labels in special shapes: square, round, oval and completely free shapes - even mixed on a common label sheet - can be realised

Sheet label finishes

Whether varnishing, laminating, foil finishing or 3D doming, our sheet labels can be finished in the same way as conventional roll labels. Finishing can make sense for a variety of reasons.

Lacquer coatings and laminations, for example, ensure a longer service life; a little gloss provides increased resistance to environmental influences such as UV rays and moisture. 

Aesthetic reasons can also speak in favour of finishing. Hot foil stamping in silver, gold or copper gives every label a particularly elegant, high-quality look, regardless of whether it is glossy or matt.

The Labelprint24 services for individual sheet labels

Our goal at Labelprint24 is to produce labels that meet all our customers' requirements and leave nothing to be desired. That's why, in addition to our wide selection of materials, adhesives, inks and production processes, we also rely on state-of-the-art technologies to offer the right solution for truly every label application.

  • A wide range of design options: At Labelprint24 you can design labels entirely according to your wishes. You decide on the motifs, materials, shapes, sizes and finishing measures. We are also happy to implement your special request - just get in touch with us!
  • Different labels on one sheet: Thanks to digital printing and laser die-cutting, you can combine labels with different shapes, sizes and motifs on one sheet.
  • Free configuration and calculation: Our online configurator is available 24 hours a day and is easy to use. You can always see the price of your individually configured labels at every step.
  • Fast production and delivery: Sometimes things just must happen fast. Order today and you will receive your desired labels in just a few days.

Do you have questions, special requests or problems with the configurator? Our team of experts will be happy to welcome and support you with competent advice and creative ideas for solutions - together we always find a way.