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Labels on rolls - blank

Labels on rolls - blank

Are you looking for a label that is opaque, numbered or metallised? A label that is suitable for thermal printing and frozen goods? Unprinted labels from mark your products individually and professionally.

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  • Finishing with foil, laminate, lacquer, etc.
  • State-of-the-art production for best quality

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Film finishing / Varnish

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Unprinted labels at Labelprint24

What are blank labels?

Very briefly explained, blank labels are roll labels without imprint. At Labelprint24 you can get blank labels for self-printing in a variety of different versions.

Different materials, shapes and finishes offer you a wide choice that you can adapt exactly to your individual needs.

  • Choose paper or film labels for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Discover opaque, metallised or luminescent labels.
  • Print your own labels with water-based inkjet or efficient thermal printing.

The blank labels from Labelprint24 are the optimal solution for many areas of application, for example to ensure secure product labelling. Thanks to their versatility, however, our blank labels are suitable in principle for numerous tasks.

Where can unprinted labels be used everywhere?

A classic area of application for unprinted labels is non-uniform product labelling. This is common in the food sector, for example, where fruit, vegetables or packaged meat and cheese products must be individually labelled according to weight. This is why blank labels are used in many fruit and vegetable departments of supermarkets, where customers must weigh their purchases themselves.

But that is by no means all that our blank labels for self-printing can do. Their versatility goes far beyond that and beyond their use as price and information labels.

Logistics and shipping

On average, every German received 44 parcels in 2019, and a total of 3.65 billion consignments of goods were sent. An important piece of the puzzle to ensure that all deliveries reach the right recipients: individually printable labels. They not only indicate the address, but also make it possible (for example, with the help of barcodes) that the shipment can be clearly identified and recorded during the transport process. 

Labelling and organisation

The labelling of different products with the help of labels is by no means limited to the food trade. It is also a common tool in libraries and archives, for example, to make it easier to keep track of stock. This makes labels a practical tool for better organisation (in the office, sales and warehouse) - not least for stocktaking. 

Use under extreme conditions

Different materials and adhesives give our unprinted labels very different properties. This means that they can also be used without any problems in conditions that are associated with some stresses. This applies, for example, to use in deep-freeze areas or in environments associated with hazardous substances. For this, we offer robust special labels that can easily cope with such challenges. 

What are the advantages of unprinted labels from Labelprint24?

Because our blank labels can be used in so many different situations, they have to meet very different requirements. That is why probably the most important feature of Labelprint24's blank labels is and remains their adaptability.

From the material to the printing properties, all features can be customised to create the perfect label for your purposes in the end.

Numerous variants

Labels for frozen goods, removable labels, opaque labels and many more variations can be found in the Labelprint24 online shop. All are customisable in shape and size, so you can easily put together your desired labels with our convenient online calculator.

Different printing methods

Depending on the desired result or intended use, different printing processes are better or worse suited for printing the labels yourself. To ensure that the printed image is flawless for every application, we offer unprinted labels that can be printed with water-based inkjet printing as well as with direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. 

Simple solution

Little effort, maximum effect. The unprinted labels on rolls are efficiency wonders in every respect. This applies above all to the time factor: online calculation is uncomplicated and fast; your desired labels are ready for dispatch after just 5 days. In this way, you are perfectly equipped with blank customised labels in just a few steps and in the shortest possible time. 

What designs are available for our unprinted labels?

Blank labels for self-printing impress with their variety and specific properties. From individually printable all-rounders to special labels for special tasks, you will therefore find a wide range of different variants in the Labelprint24 online shop.

Discover the variety and quality of unprinted labels from Labelprint24!

Blank labels

Our classic: Individually printable blank labels made of a variety of materials. Ideally suited as address, shipping, price, warehouse, industrial labels and for many other applications. Available either completely unprinted or fully coloured.

for water-based inkjet printing

A water-absorbent print varnish makes it possible for these blank labels to absorb the ink from the inkjet printer very well. The print result is sharp, smudge-proof and reproduces even small fonts optimally. Especially for the office sector, our labels for water-based inkjet printing are a perfect solution. 

for frozen goods

Labels for frozen goods made of a special material are needed for use at low temperatures. We offer blank labels that you can print individually using the thermal transfer printing process and use for frozen products - our special labels can even withstand long-term use without any problems. 

Removable labels

Permanent labels are not always the right choice. Removable labels for price labelling and product identification on household goods, for example, should be as easy to remove as possible after purchase. A special adhesive allows the labels to be removed at any time without leaving any residue. 

Opaque labels

Labels made of opaque paper prevent images or lettering underneath from still showing through. A special layer of ink on the adhesive side makes them opaque. This makes them ideal for use as correction and masking labels. 

Fluorescent labels

Want to get undivided attention with your labels? Try our blank fluorescent labels. Fluorescent paper in four powerful colours is perfect for eye-catching labelling such as warning labels as well as for promotional campaigns. 

Metallised labels

The surface with a thin metal layer makes the metallised labels special in many ways: particularly resistant, particularly attractive, particularly versatile (because they are also suitable as security labels, for example). That's why this variant of our unprinted labels is always a real highlight. 

Direct thermal labels

Cost-effective and convenient solution for printing variable data. From scale labels to admission tickets, the unprinted labels for direct thermal printing can be precisely calculated for a wide range of applications.  

Our extensive range of blank labels is rounded off by a large selection of matching accessories. This means you are ideally equipped to design your labels for self-printing entirely according to your ideas and to apply them conveniently. Labelprint24's range of accessories for unprinted labels includes thermal transfer ribbons, label printers, label dispensers and labelling machines.

If you have any questions or requests regarding our blank labels for self-printing or the associated equipment, our customer support is always happy to help.

Top performance, top price: The unprinted labels from Labelprint24

Labels play an important role in many industries and very different situations. They are simply part of everyday life: whether for product identification, price information or as a shipping label - there is no task that our labels cannot handle.

With a large selection of materials, free formats and a great deal of experience, we supply unprinted labels in the best quality at the best prices. And thanks to our convenient online calculator, you can always keep an eye on them right away.

If you are looking for customisable, high-quality and individually designable labels for self-printing, you will find the right solution for your needs in the Labelprint24 range:

Different films and paper types allow the use of the unprinted labels in many areas, indoors as well as outdoors. 

Special labels for peel-off or for frozen goods offer high quality even under special requirements.  

Almost all common printing variants can be served by us: from direct thermal printing to water-based inkjet printing, you will find exactly the blank labels that are best for you at Labelprint24. 

Simple calculation, fast delivery: with our online calculator, you can get the labels you want in just a few steps, with maximum transparency thanks to real-time pricing. Even after the order is placed, it's quick - the labels are on their way to you after just a few days. 

We are happy to assist you with a wealth of experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Convince yourself of the well-known Labelprint24 quality - not only with our labels. Discover innovative and unique packaging solutions from folding boxes to shipping cartons to pouch packaging and much more.