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Telescope boxes

Telescope boxes

Are you looking for a cardboard box with a slip lid and base? An attractive gift or product packaging with an individual design? Discover the telescope boxes (also called Slip Lid Boxes) from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

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Inverted boxes

What are inverted trays

Slip lid boxes are a very popular type of printed packaging and consist of two parts, a lid and a bottom part. They are sturdy, versatile and are particularly suitable for high value products. 

We offer two different variations of slip lid boxes as well as labels in addition to different sizes, materials, colours and finishes. Choose in our online calculator between a rolled or a turned bottom part! Of course, you can also order the lid and the bottom of the slip lid boxes from us individually.

Functions of inverted trays

The telescope carton offers your products a first-class packaging function, protection function and marketing function. It is the optimal packaging for many products, because it can be easily transported and stored. At the same time, it protects the product from environmental influences so that it is not damaged. Due to the large area of the slip lid packaging, it is perfect for advertising purposes and thus makes a decisive contribution to customer loyalty. 

Structure of slip lid boxes

The two-piece slip lid box consists of a lid that slips over the bottom part. This makes the box very sturdy and strong. The construction of the box works as follows: The lid and base are pre-glued on both long sides or can be built up quickly and easily by folding in the flaps. We deliver our slip lid boxes in a flat state or in a ready-made state. Whereby delivery in the flat state is significantly more cost-effective and space-saving. 

Advantages of inverted trays

  • Universal:

    The boxes can be used for a wide variety of products

  • Functional:

    The matching packaging provides protection and can be used for promotional purposes

  • Optional:

    A choice can be made between different box types, materials and finishes

Possible applications of the slip lid box

The slip lid box is a popular packaging and shines as gift packaging, promotional packaging or packaging for delicatessen. It is also perfect for high quality products such as jewellery or chocolates. The box also finds its place in industry, as it is ideal for heavy and delicate products such as metal products. Due to the two-part construction, the slip lid box can be opened and closed at will. For this reason, it can be very well reused. 

Differences to other products

Compared to other packaging, the telescope carton has a very high protective function. This is very similar to that of standard folding boxes. However, the difference is the greater robustness due to the two-part structure with base and lid. In addition, the slip lid packaging looks very high quality and is therefore perfect for gift giving. 

Inverted boxes in different types

Inverted boxes with hollow wall

  • Elegant:

    Due to the shape of the hollow wall

  • Stable:

    Two-piece construction - lid and base

  • Versatile:

    Can be used for different purposes

Inverted boxes rolled up

  • Inexpensive:

    Can be supplied lying flat

  • Stable:

    Double-wall construction

  • Simple:

    Allow customers to meet the product more easily

Easily assembled and quickly packed

See for yourself how quickly and easily our telescope boxes are assembled.

Thanks to the high quality of our materials and precise manufacturing, you can choose Plano delivery without hesitation and in the spirit of sustainability.

A lot of materials for beautfiul boxes

  1. Chromo cardboard
    • Very strong cardboard. Characterized by a smooth front side and a slightly rough back.
  2. Natural cardboard

    Natural, stable and economical are the characteristics of brown natural cardboard.

  3. Black natural cardboard

    The elegant cardboard creates an imposing effect.

  4. White cardboard

    The classic for neat, clean packaging.

  5. Colourful cardboard

    The carton to stand out from the crowd of regular cartons.

  6. Recycled carton

    Ecological cardboard with double coating, lots of gloss and a grey interior.

Inverted boxes from white cardboard

Once you have chosen the right base and size, it's time to decide which material to use. Labelprint24 offers you different materials besides the standard white cardboard. 

Inverted boxes from black cardboard

Elegant and interesting at the same time. Wherever the necessary attention is required, telescope boxes made of black cardboard provide it. They can be designed discreetly or very elaborately. Design your box according to your ideas and their needs

Inverted boxes from colourful cardboard

The special thing about telescope boxes is that they can be printed on the lid and base due to their two-part construction or just one part. Take your chance and print multicolour, single colour or only a part of the box. We offer a wide range of colours

Inverted boxes from thick cardboard

You need cardboard that always stays in top shape ? Stability, hold and quality, that's what our thick cardboard offers you. It is also optimally suited for heavy filling goods. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Inverted boxes made of recycled cardboard/natural cardboard

The recycled cardboard/natural cardboard is also colourful printable. It often finds its use as packaging for filling goods of ecological and biological origin. Also, among customers, recycled cardboard / natural cardboard is a very popular packaging, because it is natural and environmentally friendly. 

What finishes are possible?

Slip box with viewing window

Give your box that certain something! Through a viewing window you make your products visible. The window is another important marketing function. It attracts attention, is appealing and can serve to bind customers.

Inverted box with embossing

You want to emboss your box? We offer you two different types. Our foil stamping is available in different colours as well as in gloss and matte effect. The somewhat more discreet variant is our blind embossing.

Inverted box with varnish

Choose between dispersion varnishing or UV varnishing. If you have not yet found your suitable finishing, there are other options available, such as die-cutting, protective laminate or tactile warning triangles suitable for the blind.

Buy inverted box

Choose according to your wishes ! In our online calculator, type, dimension, material, colour and finishing are freely selectable. You want your packaging to be safe and noble from the inside as well? With the help of an inlay, products such as cosmetics or delicatessen can be transported safely and presented in a visually appealing way.