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Multi layer labels

Multi layer labels

Are you looking for a peel-off label that can be printed on 2 to 3 sides and offers more space for information than a normal label? Sandwich labels from mark your products individually and professionally.

  • Fast production and free delivery
  • Finishing with foil, laminate, lacquer, etc.
  • State-of-the-art production for best quality

Discover the booklet labels with up to 24 printed pages!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Film finishing / Varnish

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Sandwich labels at Labelprint24

What are sandwich labels?

Just like the sandwich that gives them their name, these special labels consist of several layers. The individual layers are placed on top of each other - so basically, it's a label on a label.

The liner label is the bottom layer in the sandwich. It is permanently applied to the product or packaging. All the layers above it can be peeled off again. This creates up to three printable sides on which you can place a wide variety of information for your customers. From life-saving warnings to exciting competitions, all possibilities are open to you.

How our sandwich labels work

  • The backing label consists of the adhesive backing paper (or backing film) and has an additional adhesive surface.
  • The cover label forms the top layer and can be detached from the backing label and then reapplied (in a different place, if desired).
  • Apart from the adhesive side of the backing label, all sides can be printed.

Where can sandwich labels be used?

Sandwich labels are always a good choice when a "normal" label cannot carry all the information you want to convey. The space available on labels is usually limited, but the amount of information is often all the greater. Two to three pages open up completely different possibilities - in many respects.

Product and goods labelling

Especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, sandwich labels help to identify goods and products. The re-glueable lid side is also ideally suited for warehouse and logistics applications.

Instructions for use

Medical or chemical products as well as hygiene articles are often sold in smaller bottles, cans or tubes. This leaves little space to inform customers about the correct handling of the purchased product. With our sandwich labels you have enough space at your disposal. 

Promotion & Marketing

Our sandwich labels are also very popular for promotions. Whether advertising the brand or new products, discount coupons or competitions, the special labels do not miss their mark. Easily turn packaging into a smart, eye-catching means of customer loyalty - with the high-quality promotional labels from Labelprint24. 

What are the advantages of sandwich labels from Labelprint24?

As long-standing experts in the field of label printing, we offer you sandwich labels of the best quality. From the material to the finishing, you get a high-quality product that you can calculate and design 100 percent yourself. With Labelprint24 you are guaranteed to find the sandwich labels that meet all your requirements.

Sandwich labels for every occasion

From logistics to marketing, there is hardly an area where sandwich labels cannot offer added value. Thanks to their versatility and adaptability, the special labels can be tailored to a wide variety of requirements. 

Individual designs

Sandwich labels should be eye-catching, especially for promotion and marketing. With digital and flexo printing, different surfaces and high-quality finishes, your ideas can be individually designed into unique labels with a wow effect. 

Cost-effective label solution

With our sandwich labels, you get a cost-effective variant that is also ideal for returns and promotional labels, for example. You also save costs because the special labels are extremely space-saving. This means you can place information, notices and competitions even on smaller product packaging. 

The biggest advantage is certainly the high degree of customisation of our sandwich labels. This does not only apply to the visual design. You also have a free choice of roll size and can choose between sandwich labels for all common labelling systems or dispensed by hand. For the second option, you can order the matching dispenser box for your labels directly from us. Discover the numerous possibilities of sandwich labels from Labelprint24!

What designs are available for our sandwich labels?

The Labelprint24 range of sandwich labels includes different variants. They differ, for example, in the number of printable sides or in their adhesive properties. Whichever version you choose - you always have the option of designing the respective sandwich labels completely according to your individual wishes.

We briefly introduce our representatives from the sandwich labels category:

2 sides printed

The "simplest" version of our removable labels already offers the full range of functions: sticking, removing and reapplying - everything is possible with the 2-sided printed sandwich labels. In addition, there is plenty of space for important information (such as for product labelling) and different design options for exciting multilayer labels that really stand out. 

3 sides printed

If you need even more space to convey information to consumers, we have just the right solution with the 3-sided printed sandwich labels. Of course, all possibilities for individual design are open to you with these as well. 

Promotional sandwich 2/3 pages one-time detachable

Especially for the marketing sector, we offer special promotional sandwich labels. These are removable once and can be printed on two or three sides. The label has no adhesive after removal and can be stored without any problems - for example in the form of a discount or raffle coupon. 

A sandwich for every occasion

All sandwich labels are made of PP or PE film. They are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and retain their excellent properties in dry and wet conditions.

In addition, they have a high tolerance to temperature fluctuations (between -20 °C and +80 °C). Optionally, a coating with glossy or matt protective lacquer ensures excellent resistance to UV radiation.

Thus, the material properties also contribute to making Labelprint24 sandwich labels so incredibly versatile:

  • The sandwich labels can be applied to all surfaces and are particularly suitable for rigid containers and round packs.
  • You can use our peel-off labels for a wide range of products: The requirements of the cosmetics, food, chemical and industrial sectors can be met with simple online calculation.
  • Hot foil stamping or our tactile warning triangles are available as possible finishes to make your sandwich labels something unique.
  • All sandwich labels from Labelprint24 are thermal transfer printable. You can find suitable thermal transfer ribbons for printing the labels yourself under label accessories in our online shop.

At your express request, we can also produce sandwich labels from special materials. Feel free to contact the Labelprint24 team with your enquiries to find the perfect solution for your individual ideas.

By the way, we are not only experts in the printing of high-quality labels. At Labelprint24 you will also find a huge selection of packaging:

we supply in a wide range of variants as freely calculable formats - and of course in the well-known Labelprint24 quality.

Create unique sandwich labels with Labelprint24: Your advantages

High-quality multilayer labels that can make all the difference in a wide range of applications - at Labelprint24 you have all the options to design sandwich labels according to your individual needs.

Benefit from seven decades of experience in label printing and innovative processes and experience unique results. With our sandwich labels, you get a cost-effective solution that more than cuts a fine figure in any situation. 

Let us convince you of the numerous advantages that Labelprint24 can offer you:

  • Practical and versatile sandwich labels that can be used in many industries.
  • 100 per cent free formats, which you can design according to your ideas in every respect, from the choice of material to the roll size - and thanks to the instant price calculation, you always have the finances in view.
  • Cost advantages through digital printing, which enables simple personalisation even for small and medium runs at favourable prices.
  • Ready for dispatch after 5 days production time. This means that your sandwich labels are available to you quickly after your order.