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E-commerce boxes

E-commerce boxes


Are you looking for high-quality, printed and stable shipping packaging with optimum protection and uncomplicated handling? Discover the e-commerce boxes from!

  • Can be ordered as folding boxes and hinged lid boxes
  • With adhesive strips and tear-off tabs
  • Available printed and unprinted

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E-commerce boxes from Labelprint24

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E-commerce cartons - reliable and indispensable

Online trade is one of the most important sales markets worldwide today. More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to order products from the comfort of their own homes. Cartons are one of the most important pillars of this economic sector. They ensure that products arrive safely and undamaged at the consumer's door - anywhere in the world.

The large online retailers, in particular, ship their goods globally. As a result, e-commerce boxes sometimes cover long distances. They are transported by land, sea or air. It is therefore important that the packaging withstands the various external influences and provides protection for the contents.

Scratches, pressure or impacts can damage the goods during shipping and storage. The damaged goods are usually returned by customers and sent back to the mail order company. It is therefore all the more important that e-commerce cartons transport your products reliably and safely. Therefore, the packaging must be able to withstand the various external influences and provide protection for the contents.

The properties of Labelprint24's e-commerce cartons

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Our e-commerce boxes are made of high-quality corrugated cardboard. This material offers high protective properties and a load capacity of up to 30 kg with a very low tare weight. At Labelprint24 you can choose from three different corrugations, which can be combined as desired.

Protective function

The protection of your goods is our top priority. Damaged goods cause additional costs that must be avoided. Damage is caused, for example, by products and goods not being secured inside the carton and slipping. But external influences such as pressure from packages stacked on top of the carton or falls during transport can also damage the contents. It is therefore essential that the cartons are stable and reliable.

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At Labelprint24 you can configure e-commerce cartons that transport your goods and your brand messages. Thanks to the option of full-surface printing, our cardboard boxes can be designed and printed in line with your CI. You have the choice between the offset printing process and digital printing.

Offset technology offers an absolutely high-quality print image. However, it is usually only worthwhile for larger order quantities, as a physical printing form has to be produced. Smaller quantities can be produced cost-effectively with digital printing technology. Here, even individual changes within a series can be realised. This is necessary, for example, when printing a consecutive serial number.


Labelprint24 offers several finishing options to protect the cardboard from external influences. A matt or glossy protective varnish enhances the printed image and makes the packaging less sensitive to scratches. A coating with protective laminate increases this protection even more. Your packaging is thus optimally protected during transport and storage.

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Labelprint24 - Quality and Service

Labelprint24 supplies packaging and labelling solutions for top European brands. Our products are used in a wide range of industries, from the food and pharmaceutical industries to natural cosmetics, toys and pet supplies. Thanks to our many years of experience, our specially trained employees have the right answer to every packaging question - no matter what industry you work in.

Our high level of IT competence enables us to automatically integrate our services directly into the operational company structure. Thanks to the automated integration, you can work just as cost- and time-efficiently with Labelprint24 as with an integrated in-house print shop.

In addition, we attach great importance to acting and producing sustainably. That's why you'll find a large selection of environmentally friendly materials at Labelprint24.

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Another advantage at Labelprint24: you can freely configure the size of all our e-commerce boxes. This is particularly practical if standardised dimensions are too large or too small for your products. This way you don't use more packaging than necessary. This saves costs for materials, shipping and any filling material required, as your products are stored precisely in the carton.

If you have any questions about our services or our products, please contact us!

Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions.

Cartons for e-commerce: our product range

Cardboard box

The cardboard box is one of our bestsellers thanks to its easy handling and high carrying capacity. Lid and base are folded for sealing and then glued with adhesive tape. This way your goods are securely closed and optimally protected.

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Folding carton with crash lock base

The folding carton with crash lock base is almost identical in design. The difference is that the bottom is already firmly glued. On the one hand, this makes for easier handling and filling, and on the other hand, it provides more stability.

Folding Carton with tuck-in flap

Other variants are our folding Carton with tuck-in flap(offset flaps) and the folding carton with tuck-in flaps(opposite flaps). Here you can choose the closure system that fits your products perfectly. When submitting your print data, be sure to pay attention to the arrangement of the side flaps so that the front and back are not mixed up during printing.

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Hinged-lid box

The hinged-lid box is closed by inserting the side flaps into the bottom part and can therefore be opened even more quickly and easily. With the option of full-surface printing, brand messages can even be printed inside the flip lid. This optimises the unboxing experience and excites customers as soon as they unpack.

One piece folder

One piece folder is one of the simplest solutions for packaging and shipping goods in e-commerce. The packaging is punched out of a cardboard sheet in one piece. It can be closed by simply folding in the lid halves and the dust flaps on both sides.

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Full overlap slotted container

The full overlap slotted container is particularly stable and therefore especially suitable for products with a larger weight. Since the bottom and lid flaps overlap, the material thickness is doubled and the box can be closed without gaps.

Return box with crash lock base and adhesive tape

Another very convenient packaging solution is the return box with crash lock base and adhesive tape. The lid is closed with an adhesive strip attached to the packaging. Customers only have to tear open the carton along the perforated line. This makes very easy handling on the customer's side and also ensures that the packaging is not damaged by improper opening. This means that even returns can be sent back safely.

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Shipping cartons and folding boxes with tuck-in bottom

At Labelprint24 you will also find a large selection of packaging solutions with a stable insertable bottom. Ideal for shipping products is, for example, the folding box with snap lock base made of solid corrugated board. As primary packaging, Labelprint24 also offers folding box with snap lock base made of cardboard. The gable box with snap lock base are ideal for packaging and sending gifts, tea or coffee, for example. Similar in design, but also expandable with a euro perforation is the hanging box with snap lock base.

The counter display with snap lock base is not only a classic for presenting goods at the POS, but is also a very good packaging solution for online retail. You want to give your product packaging that special something? Then use our slipcase with snap lock base. It not only protects your product and the packaging, but can also be printed over the entire surface in all Euroscale colours.
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Unboxing - the power of unpacking

E-commerce buying behaviour is very different from shopping in a brick-and-mortar shop. If we shop at a local retailer on site, in most cases we can see the desired product, touch it, try it on or even test its functionality. This is not possible - at least in 2022 - in online retail. Instead, one relies here exclusively on visual stimuli or audiovisual presentation in the form of videos.

This has a very clear psychological impact on buying behaviour. From the moment we send the order and complete the payment process, expectations and a kind of anticipation grow within us. This emotional tension increases as the delivery date approaches. Many consumers follow the delivery of their goods online with the tracking offers of the shipping service providers and eagerly await the delivery date.

This process makes it easy to understand the emotions and the intensity with which they build up, especially when buying from e-commerce platforms - until they are discharged at the moment of unboxing. The so-called "unboxing" has not become one of the top trends in social media for nothing. YouTube is home to countless videos with millions of clicks in which a product is simply taken out of its packaging. In many cases, the actual functionality is not even tested or demonstrated in this video - it is simply about removing the product from its packaging.

Here it becomes clear what suggestive power a package can have. Unboxing is a process that is experienced multisensually. The visuals are usually the first sensory impression we get when the box is handed to us. Through clever design, this moment can not only be supported, but also specifically reinforced. The printed brand logo alone can link the consumer's anticipation with the learned brand associations and set very strong emotions.

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The haptic impression comes into play when the package is actually handed over. Here, too, different materials can evoke different associations and convey attributes such as valuable, wild or gentle. All these impressions add up to each other and ultimately lead to the anticipation being heightened even more. With a strategically designed box, an intense positive emotion can be generated before the customer unpacks the actual product.

Take advantage of this potential with Labelprint24's e-commerce boxes. Our packaging professionals will be happy to advise you on how to get the most out of your customers' unboxing experience.

The flute for every application

We use corrugated board for our e-commerce boxes. It is very resistant due to its structure, but has a low own weight. Depending on the requirements in terms of weight, the different corrugated cardboards can be combined with each other. Basically, the greater the height and the pitch of the corrugated board, the more stable the box made from it.

Pitch refers to the distance between two flutes. The smaller the pitch, the closer the respective flutes are to each other. The lower the height and the pitch of the corrugated board, the smoother the surface of the board.

The different flute types have an effect on the stability and the feel. Which flute is the right one must be decided on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you want a cardboard box with a high load-bearing capacity that is also easy to print on, a combination of two flutes is a good choice.

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E flute

This type of flute is also known as the finest flute. With a height of approx. 1.0 to 1.8 mm, it is particularly suitable for packaging and less sensitive goods. Because the flutes are only a little high, the surface of this type of corrugated board is very smooth. This makes it ideal for printing. Because of these properties, E flute is very often used in the production of counter displays, for example.

B flute

The B-flute or fine flute has a height of approximately 2.2 to 3 mm and has a higher pitch than the E-flute. The flutes are therefore higher and further apart. This makes for a surface that is not quite as flat as E flute, but increases the load-bearing capacity of the cartons made from it. Cartons made from B flute are also suitable for printing.

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EB flute

This combination combines the best of both worlds. On the inside, the B flute with its higher flute pitch provides stability. The outer layer with E flute is perfect for printing and ensures a high-quality print image. Combining the two flutes also creates a buffer zone that makes the material even more stable. The EB flute has a height of approx. 3.2 to 4.8 mm.

Finishes for your packaging

At Labelprint24 you have the option of finishing your e-commerce boxes with protective varnish or foil. The protective varnish is sprayed onto the material and gives the printed image a higher quality look. Colours shine and details are better reproduced. It also protects the printed image from scratches.

The protective film or laminate has the same properties, but protects the board even better. Here the material is covered with a film that adheres permanently to it. This protects the printed image and the material even more efficiently than treatment with a varnish. Laminate is the best solution if your e-commerce cartons are exposed to strong external influences.


How to make your goods fit for transport

In our blog you can learn how to pack and ship your e-commerce goods safely for transport Our guide not only explains how to choose the right box for your products, but also includes a checklist, a material guide and lots of other helpful information on this topic.

Do you have any questions about our configurator, our products or our services?

Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!


  • What is the advantage of hinged boxes?
    Boxes with a hinged lid can be opened in a similar way to a trunk. This makes them the perfect solution to offer the customer an exceptional unboxing experience. The inside of the hinged lid can also be printed: with the company logo, a greeting message, information about a competition or application information.

  • How can e-commerce cartons affect costs from returns?
    The more stable a carton is, the better the product is protected. If the product arrives safely and in perfect condition, returns due to damage are almost impossible. The goods can still be returned - for example, if the customer subsequently decides on a different product or the ordered goods do not fit.
    In this case, too, sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes ensure that the goods are transported safely and that their condition does not deteriorate during the return journey. It can therefore be refurbished more quickly and with less effort and resold as B-goods. If the carton cannot transport the product undamaged, in the worst case it must be disposed of after receipt of the goods, which causes additional costs.

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