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FEFCO 0401

FEFCO 0401

Are you looking for a stable and simple solution to pack and ship your products safely? Order the corrugated cardboard cross packaging (FEFCO 0401) from!

  • One-piece die-cut packaging in typical cross shape
  • Outer flaps and inner flaps butt-jointed
  • Available printed and unprinted

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    E / B / EB flute
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Load capacity
    10 / 20 / 30 kg

Customised cross wrapping - FEFCO 0401

FEFCO 0401 - Template

Cross packaging or cross sleeves are one-piece folding boxes with butting inner and outer flaps. They are used as outer packaging for books, calendars, CDs and similar products. When unfolded, the printed packaging has the shape of a cross. The cross packaging is punched out of a workpiece (a corrugated cardboard sheet) with the help of a punching tool. Die-cutting means that a workpiece is cut out of a flat sheet and creased under high pressure with shaped die-cutting knives and creasing lines. With die-cutting, in comparison to the normal cutting process, any desired cutting and creasing shape can be technically carried out. The pre-punched flaps of the cross wrapping ensure an easy to understand and quick assembly. Cross wrapping is easy to handle and handling costs are also saved. Cross packs are closed by folding in the two halves of the lid and the dust flaps on both sides.

FEFCO code 0401:

Our cardboard boxes are marked with the FEFCO code and are thus classified into different basic types of cardboard boxes. FEFCO is the abbreviation for "Fédération Europeenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule" (European Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers). The code is internationally valid for the description of packaging materials. The front numbers (04) stand for the basic type of carton. These are erecting boxes. In this case, folding sleeves are meant. Folded sleeves consist of a blank. The side walls and the lid are attached to the bottom.

Our cross packaging is produced individually according to your needs, and you can choose between different cardboard variants depending on your requirements. 

Our cross packaging is made of sturdy single or double wall corrugated cardboard and is available in white or brown. Suitable for this:

  • Single wall corrugated board (E-flute): for light goods up to 10 kilograms.
  • Single wall corrugated board (B flute): for light and medium-weight goods up to 20 kilograms.
  • double wall corrugated board (EB flute): for heavy goods up to 30 kilograms.
Types of flute: E-, B-, EB-flute

At Labelprint24 you can choose between an E-, B- or EB-flute. The E-flute is the finest flute with a thickness of 1.5 millimetres. At 3 millimetres, the B flute is twice as strong as the E flute and is therefore well suited for product and shipping packaging. The strongest material for cardboard packaging is EB flute (also called double flute) with a thickness of 4.5 millimetres and is suitable for particularly heavy products.

Due to their effective construction and high strength, cross packaging guarantees safe shipping of light and heavy products as well as excellent stability. Since the outer packaging is easy and quick to assemble, it is ideal as a shipping package. In addition, the outer packaging is often used at the point of sale. Cross packaging offers optimal protection for your products with space-saving dimensions. Although little material is used for this packaging solution, it still offers a high load-bearing capacity.

Your advantages at Labelprint24

At Labelprint24, you can not only choose cardboard packaging in standard sizes, but also put it together individually according to your measurements. With our project configurator you have the possibility to calculate your cross packaging and labels in completely free formats and to order them in any quantity. Furthermore, we offer you the additional option of printing your die-cut packaging according to your ideas and wishes. For example, product or company logos are suitable for printing. Meaningful inscriptions, images or graphic elements achieve a visual effect and sharpen the communication with your target group. In addition, various coatings are available at Labelprint24. With the product configurator you can choose between a protective lacquer or a protective laminate. If you would like to use a protective varnish for your cardboard boxes, then you can choose between a glossy or a matt print varnish. If, on the other hand, you decide to use a protective laminate, you have the option of laminating your cardboard boxes with a transparent gloss or transparent matt finish.

Our cardboard boxes are easy to assemble and space-saving in storage, as they are delivered lying flat. The cross packaging is not only inexpensive to produce, but also 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. Two birds with one stone: a valuable contribution to environmental protection and at the same time packaging of the highest quality.

Advantages of cross wrapping:

FEFCO 0401 unprinted
  • Exact fit for the common DIN formats
  • variable filling height
  • secure protection for heavy and fragile products
  • with all-round corner and edge protection
  • ideal for highly variable and bulky goods
  • ideal for shipping large products
  • safe protection for heavy and fragile products
  • extremely resilient due to very strong kraft liner design
  • quick, easy folding or erecting
  • no gluing
  • space-saving storage and easy handling
  • economical, as reusable
  • individual sizes can be calculated online
  • reliable closure with all types of adhesive tape and packing tape
  • resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations due to high cardboard quality
  • inexpensive to produce
  • 100% recyclable