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Snap lock base cardboard boxes

Snap lock base cardboard boxes

Are you looking for stable, resealable and at a favourable price packaging for medium to heavy products? Discover the snap lock base cardboard boxes from!

  • Maximum safety due to special floor
  • Reclosable at any time
  • Closure without glue

Besides our corrugated cardboard boxes, we also offer many boxes with snap lock base made of finer coardboard (GC1, GC2, GD2, GZ, others).

  • Production
    From 5 days
  • Material
    E / B / EB Flute
  • Format
    100% Free
  • Load capacity
    10 / 20 / 30 kg

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Snap lock base cardboard boxes from Labelprint24

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What are the properties of cartons with snap lock base?

Packaging solutions made of corrugated board that have snap lock base, offer outstanding stability even from a single-wall version and completely without gluing. Cartons with this type of base are equipped with four tuck-in flaps. These simply have to be inserted into each other so that they interlock. This provides maximum security for your packaged goods. The lid consists of a flap with two side flaps. This means that the box can also be closed quickly and reliably on the top side.

As a stable alternative to foldable cartons with tuck-in flaps, snap lock base cartons are ideal for consumer goods from a wide range of sectors. Typical packaging goods include, for example, computer software, cosmetic products, beverage cans, glassware or bottles.

As a rule, you can also fill boxes and cartons with an integrated snap lock base with comparatively heavy products such as cast iron kitchen utensils or fitness dumbbells. However, this depends on the load-bearing capacity of the respective design. This load-bearing capacity is determined by the thickness of the material and the number of flutes in the cardboard.

Snap lock base cardboard boxes are not only ideal for product packaging, but are also ideal for shipping and storage. They can be stacked excellently and withstand even greater pressure due to their stability.

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Why snap lock base boxes are a good choice

If you opt for cartons or boxes with snap lock base, you will benefit from various advantages. We have listed the most relevant advantages for you:

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User-friendly handling

As a rule, the cartons are delivered already pre-folded. This means that you can assemble and set up the boxes in just a few steps. The special plug-in mechanism of the base is particularly helpful. In the reverse case, folding takes only a little time. Thanks to the space-saving folding, you can stack the cardboard box horizontally for storage. User-friendly handling is therefore ensured in all respects.

Maximum safety through high load capacity

Stability and robustness are essential features of very good packaging solutions. Exactly these two attributes are also characteristic of shipping cartons with push-in bottoms. The base itself stands for a correspondingly high load-bearing capacity. Depending on the thickness of the corrugated board, you can place products weighing up to 30 kg in the boxes and store or transport them securely packed.

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Strong protection for your packaged goods

In addition to this security through a high load-bearing capacity, the base, side walls and lid also offer a high protection factor against external influences. This means that your packaged product remains optimally protected even in strong sunlight, rain, snow and impacts.

Sustainably manufactured from environmentally friendly materials

As a rule, manufacturers use single or multiwall cardboard as the basic material for shipping cartons with a snap lock base. In the spirit of environmental friendliness and sustainability, the corrugated cardboard used is preferably made from recycled materials and the recyclability is 100 percent.

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Extensively customisable

Thanks to the smooth and easily printable surfaces, the packaging solutions can be designed in a visually appealing and individual way. Thanks to advanced printing technology, a wide range of motifs, shapes and colours in brilliant quality is possible. If you want to further enhance the packaging and thus also the packaged goods, you can refine the entire appearance. You can do this, for example, with coatings, engravings or embossing. Especially for marketing and sales, individual design and finishing are major success factors.

High-quality products and competent service

The name Labelprint24 stands on the one hand for high-quality and highly functional packaging solutions from a single source and on the other hand for fast, often automated handling of ordering and payment processes. We combine the individual attributes into a symbiotic unit: with us you order high-quality, particularly stable and optically customisable packaging as part of a genuine shopping experience.

We offer you the greatest possible freedom in designing and ordering a wide variety of packaging solutions. As one of the leading system providers of packaging solutions, we are at your side with our know-how and expertise to advise you on your plans. We support you comprehensively, but do not limit you. In this respect, we attach particular importance to ensuring the greatest possible freedom. This starts with the freely selectable format.

We only set the minimum and maximum limits for the dimensions here. These are 50 - 600mm in length, 50 - 400mm in width and 100 - 500mm in height. Within this range, you can specifically define the individual values exactly according to the requirements and your needs.

Labelprint24 also offers you several options in terms of material and colour, from solid board to corrugated board. Our cartons can also be printed over the entire surface in all Euroscale colours.

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Thanks to the choices we provide, you get packaging solutions with a tuck-in bottom that can be matched to the packaged goods in all respects. You don't have to spend a lot of time on the individual design of your tuck-bottom cartons.

With our high level of IT expertise, we also ensure the right connections and links. Our product configurator ensures a quick and easy ordering process. In this way, you receive cartons or other packaging solutions that fully meet your criteria in terms of quality, individuality, cost efficiency, sustainability, environmentally friendly models and short delivery times - all at top prices.

Do you sometimes have technical problems when ordering or transferring print data? That won't happen with us. Your contact persons at Labelprint24 all have a very high level of competence in IT and technology. You benefit from this to a great extent. For example, we guarantee the shortest delivery times and fast print results in digital printing by connecting customer-specific interfaces to existing ERP systems.

Let our website inspire you with our products and services.

Or simply give us a call. Our staff will inform and advise you competently in every respect.

Snap lock base versus crash lock base - these are the differences

The big and obvious difference between the two bottom systems lies in their handling. In cartons with a snap lock base, there are four tabs on the underside. These have to be inserted into each other by hand after the box has been set up. This results in an extremely stable and reliable bottom construction, which also works without the use of adhesive tape.

Our crash lock base boxes are also delivered flat, but with the bottom already glued. This means that the flaps of the bottom do not have to be inserted into each other by hand. As the name suggests, the bottom opens automatically when unfolded. This makes handling easier and also saves valuable time. Depending on how many boxes you need to fill, this time saving can turn into a clear cost advantage.

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Size as a cost factor - this is how you save on shipping

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Not only the speed at which our boxes can be filled can play a major role in a company's costs. Shipping is also a clear factor that is extremely important in the calculation of every company - regardless of its size. To find out how you can save on shipping costs thanks to our freely configurable sizes of our packaging, read our blog post “Customised shipping boxes - The answer to rising shipping costs”. In our magazine section you will also find further valuable information on the subject of packaging.

Individual design options: a wide variety of designs are possible

Cartons with a tuck-in bottom from Labelprint24 are available in a wide variety of designs. We give you the opportunity to design your very own tuck-in bottom carton version. All you have to do is use our integrated configurator. This is quick and easy. It also gives you the advantage of being able to place your order quickly and easily. If you still have questions, our support will help you immediately.

This is how you configure your own packaging:


Below the heading "Format" you will find fields in which you can enter your desired values for length, width and height. You benefit here from a 100 percent free choice of format within a wide range of values.

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Material and finishes

Choose between different corrugated board thicknesses with different properties and optional finishing options such as coatings.

Order quantity

The minimum order quantity per design is 10 boxes.

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Production time

The standard production time is a maximum of 15 days. However, if you are in a hurry, we can produce your order within 10 working days (urgent production) or even 5 working days (express production).

Additional services

Even the smallest error in the compilation of print data can lead to major discrepancies. In order to prevent this, we can carry out an extra professional check for you on request. The sending of corrugated board samples for close inspection is also part of our service repertoire.

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Our material selection

The possibilities we offer for the comprehensive customisation of your shipping and transport cartons with insertable base are also reflected in the area of materials. Corrugated cardboard is the basic material. You decide by your input or by the right click whether you want to use single or double wall cardboard. Here you can choose from three different types of corrugated cardboard.

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E flute

This type of corrugation is also called microwave. With a flute height of 1.5 mm and a flute pitch of 3 mm, it has a particularly smooth surface that is ideal for printing. However, E-flute cartons already have a load-bearing capacity of up to 10 kg - provided that the weight is evenly distributed.

B flute

With a flute height of 3 mm and a flute pitch of 4.8 mm, the B flute has a higher load capacity of up to 20 kg. Even though the surface is not quite as smooth as that of the E-flute due to the larger flutes, this material, also known as fine flute, can also be printed very well.

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EB flute

For all goods weighing up to 30 kg, double flute corrugated board is the best choice. With boxes made of EB flute, goods with a total weight of up to 30 kg can be safely shipped and stored. With a flute height of 4.5 mm and a flute pitch of 4.8 mm, one might assume that this material is not well suited for printing - but the opposite is the case. Since the more stable B flute is used as the inner wall and the finer E flute as the outer wall, our double flute corrugated board has all the advantages you need for the sophisticated packaging of your products.

Whichever flute you choose, with your choice, you always align the packaging exactly to the respective packaged goods. In accordance with our company philosophy, we focus on recycled corrugated board and 100% recyclability or compostability.

Optimise your packaging with special finishes.

Would you like to spice up the appearance or increase the protection factor against external influences? We make this possible with special finishing techniques. For example, you can choose between glossy or matt print varnishes or coatings with a protective laminate that increases scratch resistance. Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to show you all the available finishing options in detail.

The choice is yours: which configuration do you prefer?

If you have any questions, please call us directly. We will be happy to support you with our know-how and experience.

Frequently asked questions about snap lock base cardboard boxes

  • Which printing methods are used?
    Depending on the print run and format, offset or digital printing is used.

  • How long does the delivery take?
    Usually, you will receive your snap lock boxes boxes within 24 hours after production has been completed.

  • Do I have to pay in euros?
    No. We accept a wide range of currencies, such as British pounds, Swiss francs or Polish zlotys.