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Customised shipping boxes - The answer to rising shipping costs

Already in a press release of the Verband der Wellpappen-Industrie e.V.. (VDW) in October 2017, the association's managing director, Dr. Oliver Wolfrum, warned of an impending catastrophe for the paper processing sector. From the VDW's point of view, the permanently rising prices for corrugated base papers since 2017, as well as the shortage of raw materials on the world market, are leading to a very tense situation in the corrugated board industry.  

As the association reported, prices for recycled papers have risen by around 100 euros per ton since the beginning of last year 2017, and the cost of kraftliner by as much as 150 euros per ton. For corrugated base papers, as the most important raw material for shipping cartons, this means an inflation rate of about 27 percent within a few months. At the same time, the average price per square meter of corrugated board sold fell by 0.8 percent in the first three months of 2017 compared to the same quarter last year. "The cost-revenue gap is widening at an alarming rate. This means that it is hardly possible for our members to operate adequately," was the conclusion of the corrugated board lobbyists.

To ensure that packaging manufacturers do not have to face insolvency in a row in the future, it is imperative to absorb these cost guzzlers. In principle, there are two ways of doing this: Firstly, the prices for packaging materials made of paper, cardboard and corrugated board can be increased, thus passing us on to the customers, or secondly, the efficiency of one's own production can be improved. However, a lot of time can pass before these optimizations take effect, time that many manufacturers no longer have.

Custom shipping boxes are the solution

Versandkartons individuelle MaßeThe packaging material and system manufacturer labelprint24 has decided to go a third way as an alternative: Shipping cartons with individual dimensions. While many packaging material manufacturers offer shipping cartons mainly in standard sizes, in the online store it is possible to calculate and order online unprinted cartons made to measure for shipping and printed folding boxes with completely individual dimensions. Without price surcharge, without large minimum order quantities and in short production and delivery time.


As much as necessary, as little as possible

At labelprint24, the savings effect is achieved by minimizing the material required for the shipping carton without neglecting the protective function of the packaging. Every centimeter of cardboard saved counts in more ways than one. For example, only a minimum of filler material, or none at all, is required for goods or product packaging. In addition to the basic materials cardboard, paper and paperboard, the filling material is a high cost factor. After opening and unpacking, it often ends up in the trash or has to be disposed of at high cost.

Customized shipping cartons are one of the latest trends in product packaging. In addition to the price, it is the variability in size, printing and finishing that in most cases determines which folding carton manufacturer the customer chooses. He checks these requirements before placing an order for printed folding cartons.

A customized folding carton tailored to the product not only gives the carton contents a perfect fit and an appealing design, but also helps to reduce material usage to a minimum.


Order custom shipping boxes online

Many box manufacturers are aware of their customers' desire for custom-fit shipping packaging. With most producers, it is possible to start a request for customized cartons by e-mailing a print shop clerk or packaging technologist. With far fewer manufacturers, the individual dimensions of the folding cartons can already be calculated online and a production order started immediately.

At labelprint24, even completely free dimensions for printed folding boxes and unprinted shipping boxes are possible. As a system manufacturer for packaging materials, we enable our customers to make the individual packaging dimensions of the printed or unprinted folding boxes directly in the browser. Two factors in particular, time savings and the simplicity of the ordering process, are of primary importance to us. Both factors ensure ever shorter order and delivery times.

Typical applications for shipping cartons

There are almost innumerable fields of application for cardboard packaging. Whether in online retail, in shipping logistics or in the internal movement of goods, many things have to be securely packed, stored or transported from A to B. But in some typical applications, packaging with cardboard boxes is used disproportionately often and is gladly ordered.
Do you regularly send a large number of packages to your customers? Do you sell products with special dimensions? The packaging of your products must be efficient and safe? Then you need shipping cartons that can withstand high mechanical loads during transport and do not contain too much air. You'll find shipping cartons like these at labelprint24: perfect solutions for your individual shipping packaging made of sturdy corrugated cardboard or thick cardboard.
The main task of shipping cartons is to protect purchased goods, products and other filling goods from damage during transport to the consumer, an industrial plant or to the retailer. Especially in times of the strongly booming online trade, shipping cartons are indispensable: They make the mail order business possible in the first place!
Whereas in the past people were content to have a purchased item safely on its way, today shipping cartons play an important role as design objects and brand ambassadors. Many shippers are developing their own distinctive designs that make them instantly recognizable to a brand and thus support the sale of goods. A "Zalando" package is instantly recognizable; it is meant to convey fun when unpacked. Also the yellow packages of the post office subsidiary DHL, as one can buy them folded in thousands of branches immediately with postage, are unmistakable with their signal yellow. Hermes is blue and DPD always red. But for a long time, not only the shipping carton has been included in the marketing, also the tape or the shipping label is included in the design, a good example are the classic shipping cartons from Amazon, the largest shipper in the world.
Labelprint24 will print your shipping boxes with any individual motif in a high quality. Our online store offers you the possibility to calculate the desired corrugated cardboard boxes not only in standard sizes, but also in completely free formats immediately online and to order in any quantity.


The moving box

The moving box is the No. 1 transport packaging for many good reasons. Moving boxes are also transport packaging that you can either get directly from a shipping company or buy in a hardware store, e.g. as a moving box at OBI.
Moving boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. Thanks to the material properties of corrugated cardboard, moving boxes are ideal for transporting one's belongings intact from an apartment or office to the property. For this purpose, moving boxes always have a solid bottom and cut-out handle tabs. A special design are moving boxes for textiles, such as dresses, shirts or coats, which are built like a small closet and include a bar for crease-free going up.
As the saying goes, "Moving twice is like burning down once." With sturdy moving boxes made of corrugated cardboard, you don't have to set up again right away. Such a moving box can also fall down sometimes without everything immediately lying in shards. Moving boxes made of corrugated cardboard are lightweight yet sturdy, versatile, environmentally friendly and blessed with an optimal price-performance ratio. If the moving boxes are no longer needed, you simply fold them up again to save space, store them or give them away to a fellow human being.  


The shoe box   

Women love shoes, men too and shoes love shoe boxes! Because in shoe boxes they are kept safe, lovingly wrapped in fine tissue paper and are presented in a shoe bag perfectly shaped. Shoe boxes are a science in themselves, because they fulfill many functions at the same time. They must be easily stackable, are often printed and finished to a high standard and form an inseparable sales unit with their contents.
Most shoe boxes or shoe boxes are made of a solid cardboard, which is coated on the outside to be print-friendly. Cardboard boxes for shoes have a lid and a bottom part with a large opening; shoe boxes are thus mainly slip lid boxes. The large opening makes it easier for manufacturers to pack the finished pair of shoes after production and for customers to remove the shoes. In the shoe store, shoe boxes replace the shelf, as they are often stacked on the floor and marked with size information.
Shoe boxes are simply practical, because they also serve as an ideal storage space at home. And not only for shoes and boots. The shoe box is also suitable for storing bills, slips of paper, photos and much more. Of course, shoe boxes with viewing windows are excellent for this purpose and became famous with their design by IKEA. Our tip: Shoe boxes best not throw away, you never know what you can still use them well!

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