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Security labels

Security labels

Are you looking for a security sticker to seal your products? You want to prevent manipulation, misuse and fraud? Security labels from mark your products individually and professionally.

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Safety labels are tough guys. They do a job that requires broad shoulders and many positive qualities, and when it comes down to it, they even consciously accept self-destruction. Safety labels are little bodyguards made of paper, foil, paint and permanently adhesive glue that protect their clients' property and guarantee the integrity of their packaging. It is simply impossible to shake them off, because with their hot-melt adhesive, so-called security stickers and seal labels stick rock-solid to all, even difficult, substrates such as glass, steel, building materials or damp plastic.
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Sicherheitsetikett mit Hologramm

Safety labels are used for three main reasons:

  • Firstly, to immediately detect attempts to manipulate products.
  • Secondly, they are ideal for sealing high-quality products.
  • Thirdly, to mark the ownership of a particular thing.

It always depends on the respective application purpose which specific properties the individual safety labels have to distinguish. As a professional label manufacturer, it is important to us to optimise our products specifically to meet the requirements of our customers.

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Safety labels for product security

Security stickers, seal labels and warranty labels are an inexpensive, efficient and indispensable part of product security. Safety labels attached to a product, with a first-opening protection, an originality or warranty notice, ensure that the buyer of a product can be sure that he is holding an unopened brand product in his hands, whose warranty claim has not yet expired and for which "Made in Germany" really means Germany.

Sicherheitsetiketten Void Effekt

Sicherheitsetiketten Void Effekt

Void effect and hologram transmission protection
When it comes to the warranty seal of high-quality products, such as tablets, consumer electronics or laptops, a high-quality appearance is also important. The packaging and thus also the warranty seal have long become an important part of the shopping experience for these products. Here, for example, a seal sticker with hologram supports the high-quality impression of the purchased goods. PET safety labels offer this effective transmission protection.

In addition to the void effect, the seal sticker variant with hologram foil can also be selected for particularly high-quality goods. Our PET material is very stretchable and weather-resistant at temperatures from -60 °C to +150 °C. In the event of any damage or attempted removal, the void effect comes into play and the "Genuine" lettering on the aluminium coating also changes on the hologram safety label.

Seal stickers with hologram transfer protection are made of transparent PET security film (polyethylene film). This film has a high tensile strength and tensile elongation. On the reverse side of the anti-theft film (tamper-evident film), a fine, self-adhesive hologram layer made of aluminium is applied, which reflects in all rainbow colours when exposed to light. When the seal stickers with hologram transfer protection are applied, a firm surface bond is created with very good adhesive forces and a high initial adhesion. According to the manufacturer, the PET security film with hologram is particularly resistant to water, petrol, grease, oil, alcohol, acids and alkalis. Advantageous is its good temperature resistance in a temperature range from -60°C to +150°C. The barrier properties of PET against gases (permeation) are excellent.

Protective function
When attempting to remove this safety label, the hologram layer breaks and the "original lettering" becomes visible through the word VOID, which is repeated in a regular grid. One part of the aluminium film remains on the transparent backing of the seal sticker and the second part adheres firmly to the marked object. 
Typical application
When it comes to the warranty seal of high-quality products, such as tablets, consumer electronics or laptops, a high-quality appearance is also important. The packaging and thus also the warranty seal have long become an important part of the shopping experience for these products. Here, for example, a seal sticker with a hologram supports the high-quality impression of the purchased goods.

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Safety labels for property protection

As visually striking property stickers or inventory labels, safety labels protect many items, such as electronic equipment or expensive tools in companies from the almost irresistible temptation of a "change of ownership" or unwanted "change of location". These labels are among the least expensive safety labels. Paper seal labels are peel-resistant and self-destructing stickers for property protection. An opaque, opaque coating on these inexpensive paper safety labels provides very good opacity. This means that any electronics or other inventory can be covered with black surfaces, for example, without any problems - the label with the security notice is always optimally visible.

Sicherheitsetiketten aus Papier

Sicherheitsetiketten aus Papier, opake Rückseite

These labels for property identification cannot be removed without leaving residues and thus obviously document that the goods were stolen from the original owner, even in the event of theft. All this is possible due to a super-strong adhesive and the paper material (white, coated, silk gloss).

The adhesive offers high initial adhesion, excellent tack on a wide range of surfaces, even at low temperatures. The face material of the seal labels consists of a white, coated and semi-gloss label paper, which can be printed in excellent quality in multiple colours and finished with hot foil. The reverse side is blue coated and thus opaque/offers excellent opacity. Without additional impregnation, the label paper is only suitable for indoor use, as it only has a low resistance to water, oils and greases. To improve the seal label's resistance to ageing and weathering, an additional lamination can be applied to the inexpensive paper label after individual printing.
Protective function
Due to its adhesive properties, the paper seal label cannot be removed from the surface without leaving residue. During the attempt, the label destroys itself and many small torn label parts remain, which indicate the attempted manipulation.
Typical application
Due to the high-quality but inexpensive paper material, the labels are particularly suitable for marking and sealing company property (for example laptops, computers, CDs ...).

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Safety labels - white film with void transfer protection (WITHOUT hologram effect))

Sicherheitsetiketten, weiße Folie mit Void Übertragungsschutz

Safety stickers, white, with "Void" transfer protection are made of a white, glossy PET film. This film material is very tensile and  stretchable.  Due to the high initial adhesion, the adhesive of the film immediately forms a firm bond with the respective substrate. A bond that strengthens even further with increasing duration. According to the manufacturer, the PET safety film with "void" transfer protection is particularly resistant to water, petrol, grease, oil, alcohol, acids and alkalis. Its temperature stability in a temperature range from -60°C to +150°C is advantageous. The barrier properties of PET against gases are excellent.  
Protective function
The security sticker serves as a seal for unopened packaging. When an attempt is made to remove the security sticker from the substrate, a clearly visible, multiple white VOID lettering remains on the surface of the item or packaging. This "void effect" in the form of a chequerboard pattern indicates that the security sticker has been removed and thus provides absolute tamper evidence.
Typical application
This type of safety label is a cheaper alternative to the hologram seal stickers and also serves as a tamper-evident control seal for unopened products.

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Advantages of our safety labels

Instant tamper protection
Safety labels with immediate tamper protection prevent tampering with your safety seals, guarantee seals or adhesive seals during the period from application until the maximum adhesive force is reached. Once affixed, labelprint24's PET film safety labels adhere immediately and can only be removed by force. To ensure these safety properties, labelprint24 uses a special UV-crosslinked acrylic-based hot-melt adhesive for PET safety labels. This adhesive has an excellent initial adhesion of 13 Newton and reaches an adhesive strength of 27 Newton after 24 hours. In other words: it sticks bombproof! Any form of manipulation destroys the label. The paper labels are coated with a permanent, all-purpose acrylate-based adhesive. It has a high initial tack of 15 Newtons, excellent adhesion and good performance at low temperatures on a variety of polar and non-polar surfaces, but should be applied for about 24 hours to achieve full adhesion and 100% tamper evidence.

Personalisation with variable data
There are no limits to the individual personalisation of safety labels at labelprint24. Especially in sensitive areas, such as the labelling of food, laboratory samples or pharmaceutical-chemical products, consecutive numbering is a must for reasons of traceability. With our modern digital printing systems, we are also able to print consecutive numbering, barcodes or QR codes or to change the motifs of the labels during ongoing production. Individual texts, company logos, different types of numbering with EAN codes and barcode applications or other special features of your safety label - our digital printing process allows us to realise multi-coloured motifs of all kinds with full protection against manipulation.
Free format, special sizes
Our customers can calculate security labels online at a favourable price and benefit from free formats for individual applications. No long search for suitable formats and shapes - you are free to choose whether round, oval or square safety labels meet your requirements. Our online safety label calculation covers all areas of application and guarantees you full price transparency. 
Note: More information on the types of labels and the materials used can be sent to you on request. In case of doubt, we recommend testing the safety labels on the respective container and with the individual ingredients. It is also generally possible to use materials that are not listed on the website. You are also welcome to talk to our technical advisors about this.

Safety labels in digital printing

Digital printing of safety labels is essential for many industries. Especially in sensitive areas such as the labelling of food, laboratory samples or pharmaceutical-chemical products, changing motifs such as consecutive numbering are a must for reasons of traceability:

  • Labelprint24 produces safety labels purely digitally
  • Consecutive numbering, barcodes or QR codes
  • Safety labels in completely free formats, whether oval, round or square.

Click here if you would like to print other labels and discover the full range of single and multi-layer label products. Safety labels belong to the category of speciality labels, if you would like to learn more about sepcial labels and their properties and uses, you can find out more here