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Industrial labels

Industrial labels

Are you looking for a label that is suitable for product identification and control of logistical processes in the area of industrial manufacturing, machines, goods and plants? Order industrial labels from!

  • Perfect adhesion on various substrates
  • First-class visibility and legibility even in difficult environments
  • First-class print and processing quality

Discover the wide range of labels from!

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    Starting from 2 days
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    Film/ Paper
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Industrial labels from Labelprint24

Why industrial labels?

Industrial production can be a challenging environment for adhesive labels: oil, grease, solvents and other chemicals can damage or, in the worst case, obscure labels and important information such as safety instructions. Dirt and dust can also reduce adhesion. During storage and transport, printed information can be worn away and become illegible. We at Labelprint24 offer you high-quality labels that hold perfectly in any situation and are permanently legible. Once stuck on, they stay in place.

Industrial labels are not only important when it comes to safety information and warnings. They are just as necessary for product labelling of goods. Industrial labels play an important role in the control of logistical processes in particular: a consecutive number or a unique barcode helps in the clear allocation of machines, goods and systems in production. In addition, they ensure fast and smooth identification - regardless of whether this task is performed by a human or a machine.

To be able to guarantee all this, industrial labels must adhere permanently even to challenging substrates. It must make no difference whether the substrate is porous, uneven, greasy or particularly smooth. In addition, they are frequently exposed to temperature fluctuations as well as dust and UV radiation. Our industrial labels withstand these and other extreme conditions and are perfectly designed for your individual industry-specific requirements.

Which features make industrial labels so special?

Industrial labels must withstand many different external influences. They should stick to various surfaces, withstand different weather conditions and survive any processing. In order to fulfil these requirements, industrial labels need a special structure, a strong adhesive and a high-quality material.

Industrial labels always do their job reliably, even under extreme conditions: Heat, cold, strong temperature fluctuations, vibrations or shocks are not uncommon. They can also encounter strong UV radiation, salt water and other moisture, oils and greases. In industrial production, all these scenarios can occur. Therefore, industrial labels must also be able to withstand the special requirements.

Industrial labels should have the following characteristics:

  • Waterproof (also resistant to saltwater)
  • resistant to oils and greases
  • durable
  • scratch, smudge and abrasion resistant
  • hard-wearing
  • resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • dimensionally stable
  • heat and cold resistant
  • firmly adhering
  • suitable for food
  • meet the requirements of the respective industry (GHS/CLP regulations, GMP guidelines or the LMIV)

What are the areas of application for industrial labels?

At Labelprint24, we offer you labels for your individual industry-specific requirements that reliably and permanently fulfil your tasks even under the most complex framework conditions.

Our industrial labels are suitable for the following areas of application, for example:

  • industrial product identification
  • Product tracking
  • Identification of hazardous substances according to the GHS regulation
  • Labelling in compliance with GMP guidelines or the Food Information Regulation
  • Presentation of the company logo

Industrial labels can often also help to ensure an optimal flow of goods within the logistics chain. For example, by printing barcodes, consecutive numbering or RFIDs with electronic readability. In this way, the transported goods can be tracked at any time - both mechanically and manually.

Which labels are used in the industrial sector?

Roll labels

Our roll labels are supplied on continuous rolls. They can be applied quickly and easily with the help of a labelling machine. These labels are used, for example, as shipping labels or packaging labels. The width of the labels is individually configurable and can thus be easily adapted to the respective requirements.

Blank labels

The blank labels can be printed or labelled by your company itself. They are available as sheets and continuous rolls. These labels are used, for example, for discount campaigns, inventories or as address labels. The blank labels are available in rectangular, square, round, oval and other shapes. 

Type plates

Type plates are used to identify technical devices, systems and machines in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. They must be permanently legible because they contain important information about the device, such as the manufacturer, year of manufacture, CE conformity, technical data or safety instructions. Type plates are often made of stainless steel or aluminium, but plastic or high-quality foil are also used.

RFID tags

RFID labels have become indispensable in goods traffic. They are used to identify and locate objects with the help of a transponder and thus make every day work easier. The transponder can be read at any time with a suitable reader and is just as durable and resistant as the label itself.

Safety labels

Warnings, prohibitions and instructions for use are printed on safety labels. They show the responsible employees how to operate the respective device and which safety aspects must be observed. These instructions must be permanently legible and adhere reliably to all surfaces.

Warning labels

Labelprint24 offers triangular warning labels that use text or symbols to indicate specific hazards. These labels are also available die-cut. Due to the accessibility, the information can be recognised and evaluated by people with visual impairments.

Temperature labels

Temperature labels react to heat or cold and can be attached to packaging, components and machines. If the temperature exceeds or falls below a certain value, the label turns black. This makes it possible, for example, to check whether the cold chain is being maintained for a sensitive product. Once the temperature labels have changed colour, they do not change colour again, so that you can check afterwards whether all temperature limits have been observed correctly. These special labels are mainly used in the chemical, food and medical industries.

What materials are used for industrial labels?

Industrial labels show their versatility in a wide range of unusual situations. They are extremely hard-wearing and guarantee high adhesive strength and are permanently legible. Even when exposed to constant friction and vibration, grease or oil: Industrial labels are designed for use in the most adverse conditions. Thanks to the large selection of different products, which you can individually adapt to your special, industry-specific requirements, you will find the right label with us for every challenge, no matter how great. At Labelprint24, we are also able to produce an extremely durable printed image that is hard-wearing, robust and permanently legible. We also offer various finishes such as embossing, so that the industrial labels can also be used without barriers. The strong face material and the special adhesive ensure that the labels adhere particularly reliably.

Especially for hazardous goods, safety and instruction labels, high-quality processing and adhesive strength are important. Many industrial labels are made of film so that they last. The films are resistant to seawater, cold and heat and are also very easy to clean. Fats, oils, chemical substances, UV radiation and solvents do not affect them.

The following materials are used for our industrial labels:

  • PVC film(polyvinyl chloride film)
  • PP film(polypropylene film)
  • PET film(polyethylene terephthalate film)
  • PE film(polyethylene film)

To ensure that the industrial labels are durable and reliable, we at Labelprint24 use permanent UV acrylic and dispersion adhesives. If you need labels that are easy to remove or fade over time, use our paper labels. Paper labels have a short shelf life and are not UV resistant. Fading guarantees easy relabelling so that, for example, boxes, cartons and other transport packaging can be relabelled again and again.

It doesn't matter what special challenges your industry presents for your products: We at Labelprint24 have the right answer for every industry.