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Printed labels on rolls

Printed labels on rolls

Are you looking for labels on rolls that perfectly match your product? Fast and cost-effective custom production and a wide choice of materials? Order roll labels from!

  • Everything from standard labels to special labels for frozen goods
  • Perfect printing even for small and medium print runs
  • For many areas of use and applications

Discover more unprinted labels of!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 2 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Film finishing / Varnish / Laminate

Roll labels

Printed roll labels are among the most commonly used label types.
Digitally printed roll labels are the first choice, especially for small to medium runs. The key advantage of this modern printing technology is the direct transfer of data from the computer to the printing press. This saves time, set-up costs, and makes cost-effective price calculations possible.

Visit our home page if you want to have other labels printed.

Order roll labels

For your digital labels (e.g. labels on adhesive paper with removable/permanent/deep-freeze adhesives) simply select the desired material (paper, foils, special materials), shapes (rectangular, oval, round). Of course we have everything including white label papers, thermal papers, fluorescent papers (green, red, orange, yellow), and metallicised paper (silver, gold). Then you can determine the finish (glossy, matt, gold, silver), the individual winding direction, and the roll core diameter of your digitally printed adhesive labels.

Are you interested in our products? Then request our free sample folder or get a free instant online estimate - no strings attached. We only print labels in top quality, whether adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels or adhesive labels on a roll. labelprint24 is the right partner for your individual labels.

  • Digital label printing
  • Free formats with laser punch
  • Individual roll core & winding direction
  • High-quality finishes
  • 48 hour express production
  • Free shipping
  • Paper labels
  • White label paper (matte, glossy, opaque)
  • Fluorescent paper (green, red, yellow, orange)
  • Metallicised paper (silver or gold)
  • Film labels (PP, PE, PVC film)
  • Also special materials, test materials
  • Adhesive properties
  • Removable, permanent, deep-freeze

Do you want to print other types of labels, do you need multi-page industrial labels for products from the chemical industry, or for the pharmaceutical or medical sector? No problem: booklet labels printable with up to 24 pages fulfil exactly this purpose.

If you need multi-layer special labels for shipping, logistics, coupons, or promotion campaigns, check out our sandwich labels.
On our home page you will find an overview of other label types. Whatever the label type, you can enjoy the advantages of real-time online calculation.

Winding directions for roll labels

Labels can be wound either inward- or outward-facing. If outward-facing, the labels are on the outside of the backing; if inward-facing, they are on the inside.



It is also important to indicate which direction the printed image should appear on the label. Whether the label is portrait or landscape, depends on the length and width of the label.

Winding direction for roll labels (outward-facing shown)

Labels that adhere crosswise to the carrier tape can run off the roll with the "bottom" or "top" first or "side"".

Winding direction: bottom of label off first

Winding direction: top of label off first

Winding direction:left side of label off first

Winding direction: top side of label off first

The core for roll labels

You can't have a roll without core, right? When printing labels, the labels placed on the carrier tape must be wound around the core in a way that matches the labelling machine.

The roll cores mainly used in label printers are simple carton cores which differ in diameter, roll width and thickness of the outer carton layer. The diameter of the roll core is given in inches and depends on the diameter of the label printer. The most common formats are roll cores with a diameter of 26 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm or 76 mm.

Quality Rollcores

Roll cores are not only required for label printing, but also for winding paper, photo paper, or film. The dust-free winding core requires high dimensional stability and a special surface treatment. It is dried according to strict procedures so that it has a balanced moisture content. The roll cores must meet numerous quality criteria so that the labels or booklet labels are applied reliably, including:

  • sizing
  • straightness
  • compressive strength
  • moisture content
  • dimensional stability (shrinkage)
  • resistance to impressions
  • smoothness/roughness of the outer surface
  • modulus of elasticity (oscillations at high revolutions)
  • radial breaking strength (compression of the entire roller surface)
  • dynamic load: the pressure on the roll core by combination of weight and (un)winding speed

When packaging labels on rolls, we follow the technical specifications and wishes of the customer. Depending on whether the labels are dispensed by machine or a label dispenser on a table or hand-held, the roll core is crucial for problem-free application of roll labels.

Standard formats

For roll labels there are different standard sizes in different shapes; circular, oval, rectangular, square or star-shaped.
Here you will find an overview of frequently used label formats in rectangular, circular and oval form:

15 x 37 mmØ 20 mm20 x 30 mm
20 x 40 mmØ 25 mm30 x 20 mm
30 x 50 mmØ 40 mm40 x 25 mm
40 x 60 mmØ 45 mm50 x 33 mm
50 x 80 mmØ 55 mm60 x 38 mm
60 x 100 mmØ 60 mm70 x 44 mm
100 x 100 mmØ 80 mm80 x 50 mm
105 x 148 mmØ 150 mm

These listed label standards represent a selection of some standard formats. It is also possible to order labels in special shapes (e.g. heart shape). At labelprint24, you can design labels in any size or shape required. Use our label calculator for this. We are also happy to assist you with special requests and requirements for your labels.

Applications of roll labels

Digitally printed roll labels are often used where products can come into contact with moisture or fats, oils or lubricants, such as in the food industry, labelling cosmetics, packaging chemicals or labelling lubricants for automotive workshops. UV-curing inks and coatings react under the influence of UV radiation to form an interlinked, very stable, immediately dry ink film. Digital roll labels coated with a UV protective coating (usually on adhesive paper) are more resistant to external weather influences such as solar radiation. Self-adhesive roll labels are usually provided with permanent adhesive and are used on bottles, cans, tubes and jars of all kinds.
An important feature of digital printing is the possibility of printing individual labels or different roll labels with individual, variable data. This is also called label personalisation. The desire for custom printed packaging with its emotional appeal on customers is one of the current trends in the packaging industry.

We can print your roll label on paper, PVC, PP and PE film, in special colours simulated from the Euroscale CMYK, or with conventional label printing.

Labelprint24 manufactures only high quality self-adhesive roll labels and also offers express delivery. The label specialists at labelprint24 are always available to answer your questions about the creation of print data or the appropriate media form.

Advantages of digitally printed roll labels

  • Competitive prices even in case of small and medium quantities
  • Uncomplicated personalisation and sequential numbering
  • High-quality prints with accurate production runs
  • No waste or plate production
  • Perfect printing on special materials and metallic paper
  • Endless labels on the roll with individual roll core and length

Using the digital printing process to print adhesive roll labels pays for itself from the very first print. If your goal is affordable label printing, this is the place to be. With our individually estimated prices we can offer you the best rates, even for larger runs. Do you want to order digitally printed labels or stickers on rolls? We are sure to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Roll labels in conventional label printing

Need more? A larger run of printed roll labels, first-class print quality, or colours that digital printing has not yet quite mastered to perfection? To be able to offer best prices even for these special customer requirements, labelprint24 makes full use of the possibilities and advantages of conventional offset and flexo printing.

Roll labels for bottles

Bottle labels can be used as beverage labels, beer labels, product labels on spirits, champagne labels or as labels on wine bottles. Large industrial packaging plants, for example, donate wine labels on glass and PET bottles made of plastic. If bottle labels made of paper are specially glued before they are stuck on and are still removable, we are talking about wet glue labels. This production process is usually carried out by a wet glue labelling machine and requires additional label adhesive and label glue. These paper labels therefore differ in their application from conventional roll adhesive labels in that they do not contain a permanent adhesive on the back of the label. The beverage industry likes to use these non-self-adhesive labels for their multi-purpose bottles, as the removable label enables the empty bottles to be cleaned without leaving any residue. In addition to beverage labels, oils are also bottled and labelled. Not to forget all substances that are filled into glasses or bottles by the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

Apart from industrial labels and bottling, private individuals and hobby wine growers are also occasionally interested in labels on bottles and small private beekeepers in honey labels on glasses. A personalised bottle designed with pleasure develops into a welcome gift for a guest. Fun motifs and photos decorate these glass and bottle stickers. As a professional B2B label manufacturer for small runs, medium and large runs of high-quality individual labels for business customers, we do not offer these small runs of adhesive labels for jam jars and the like specifically aimed at the end consumer.