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Double wall cartons

Double wall cartons


Are you looking for double wall boxes that optimally protect your goods during transport and shipping? Double wall packaging that can be printed all over? Discover double wall cartons from!

  • High tear and puncture resistance and strong resistance to edge crushing
  • All products are fully printable
  • Load capacity up to 30 kg with very low own weight

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  • Production
    From 5 days
  • Material
    EB Welle
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  • Load capacity
    10 / 20 / 30

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Double wall cartons from Labelprint24

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What are the characteristics of double flute cartons?

In contrast to single-flute cardboard, double-flute solutions consist of a total of two corrugated cardboard layers, whereby these in turn are made up of combined flute types. Typically, a coarser flute is combined with a finer one to ensure maximum protection against dirt, mechanical stress and weather-related influences.

As a rule, we use a mix of E-flute (ultra-fine or micro-flute) and B-flute (fine-flute). This combination is called EB flute. This type of corrugated board not only has an increased load-bearing capacity: fine flute and, above all, micro flute provide the optimum substrate for first-class print images thanks to the narrow flute pitch.

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Double flute boxes offer you very good stability and a high load-bearing capacity due to the construction with outer cover layers, the two corrugated cardboard layers and the separating layer in between. This design creates stable and robust packaging solutions that can withstand medium to heavy packaged goods weighing up to 30 kg.

Do you want to safely transport or ship products that are easily fragile and therefore react sensitively to external influences? In this case cardboard packaging made of double flute corrugated board is the perfect solution. The hollow space between the individual flutes acts here as explicit protection with a cushioning character.

Damage due to impacts or the dropping of a box is thus prevented. Small tip: You can additionally integrate reinforcement-inlays or cardboard sheets made of corrugated cardboard into the cartons. Especially for fragile goods, the protection is significantly increased in this way.

Double wall cartons - more protection for your products

Cartons based on an EB flute combination offer various advantages. You benefit in particular from the stability, robustness and resistance of the material. Added to this are the extensive design options and various optimisation options in the form of special finishes. Ultimately, these combinations together provide numerous advantages from which you can fully benefit depending on the intended use:

Safety and reliability

Thanks to the robust construction with two differently structured corrugated cardboard webs, double wall boxes have both very good stability and an exceptionally high load-bearing capacity. Products weighing up to 30 kg or even particularly sensitive or fragile goods are thus optimally secured by the corrugated board and protected from external influences. Use this packaging solution when reliable protection and comprehensive security are required for the goods to be packaged.

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Marketing effects and advertising effectiveness

In addition to their protective character, double wall cartons can also be used as an advertising medium. Attention-grabbing print images and noble coatings act as sales-promoting boosters. The individual design also allows you to spread targeted statements and attention-grabbing advertising messages with a wide reach. Your own corporate values can also be conveyed to the outside world in a way that is effective for advertising.

The right solution for every purpose

Cartons with double flute are considered all-rounders in the packaging industry. For almost every application, you can get a carton solution that fits exactly. For example, you can choose between different formats, sizes, special base constructions, different closure mechanisms and colours. Whether as product packaging, for shipping or for the storage and safekeeping of products - you always have the right design as a top solution.

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Labelprint24 offers you these advantages

As one of the leading packaging and printing specialists, we stand for high-quality packaging solutions, individual design options, sustainable manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly materials. But lean ordering processes, technical support and useful services are also an integral part of our company philosophy.

At Labelprint24, you get double-wall boxes made of sustainable materials of the best quality. Our printing machines deliver high-quality printed images that can be applied to the entire surface of your double wall carton if desired. With our online configurator, you always keep a full overview of the costs - no matter how many details you customise.


Would you also like to benefit fully from the numerous advantages?

You can contact us at any time. We will help you competently at any time with questions and problems.

Labelprint24: The perfect solution for every application

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Our double wall cardboard box are ideal for shipping and transport. But also for storage and logistical solutions where stability, robustness and break resistance are important basic requirements. They are also among the bestsellers in the area of product packaging made of corrugated cardboard.

Double wall packaging solutions of this type are also very often used for e-commerce boxes. Our folding carton with adhesive strips, for example, is used by many suppliers for the cost-efficient handling of returns processes. All products in this category can also be individually configured by you, so that you end up with a customised packaging solution for your project.

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While hinged-lid boxes guarantee an exceptional unboxing experience thanks to their versatile printing options, our one piece folder is very easy to handle. Folding boxes with crash lock base or with snap lock base, on the other hand, are particularly well suited for heavy goods due to their very stable base construction.

Our corrugated cardboard boxes are also available in various designs, namely as folding carton with tuck-in flap, offset flaps or as folding carton with tuck-in flap, opposite flaps. You have a free hand when it comes to design, as we offer all our shipping boxes as printable variants or unprinted shipping packaging.

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When the use of double wall corrugated cardboard is worthwhile

Since the material has a very high load-bearing capacity of up to 30 kg, it is particularly suitable for packaging heavy goods. However, there are other factors with which double wall corrugated board scores points. Due to the thickness of the material, double wall corrugated board is also suitable for particularly fragile goods - even if these should not be very heavy. This is because the two flutes form an excellent buffer against pressure, impacts or falls due to the double amount of air cushioning.

For example, our EB corrugated is also suitable for shipping CDs. Since there are small cavities inside the CD sleeves, the sleeves as well as the blank CD can be damaged if the pressure is too much. With the double air cushion, these fragile goods are particularly well protected. The same applies to products made of ceramics or glass.

Ideally, you should also use filling material such as our corrugated cardboard sheets for the additional protection of such goods. To fix your fragile goods inside the box, our inlays made of solid board are a very good choice. Both products can be printed all over and can also be used to enhance the unboxing experience.

Your wave of success during unboxing

In our online configurator, you can select the EB-flute in its standard configuration. Here, the finer and smoother E-flute is bonded as the outer layer to the B-flute through a smooth paper, which acts as the inner wall. There is a good reason for this: as the B-flute has greater flute heights and pitches, it also has larger air cushions. These in turn protect better against pressure, but also create a more uneven surface compared to the E-flute.

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The E-flute or fine flute has another advantage due to the smaller flutes: the surface is very smooth and can therefore be printed on excellently. But what if you want to print on the inside wall instead of the outside?

What sounds contradictory at first, many companies already use to give their customers an extraordinary unboxing experience. Most boxes shipped via e-commerce are brown and plain. This is the look customers around the world are used to. Their expectations are correspondingly high - also for the inside of the box. You can cleverly exploit this fact.

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Surprise your customers with effective designs inside the box. The effect that a gleaming white interior can have on consumers when they unpack their order should not be underestimated. Positive surprises can emotionally enhance the unboxing experience even before the customer holds the actual product in their hands.

This is why Labelprint24 allows you to determine the composition of the double flute cardboard yourself. If you would like to use the E-flute with its excellent printing properties as an inner instead of an outer wall, please contact us. We will configure your material exactly according to your wishes and needs.

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You can also achieve a similar effect by using our cardboard sheets made of solid board as partitions. The sheets are very thin and can be inserted into the box to save space. In addition, they can be printed over the entire surface, so that you can achieve similar effects with this product from our portfolio - regardless of the material actually chosen.

Best quality through stable and recyclable corrugated board

As a responsible company, we use basic materials that have already been recycled or that can be 100% recycled again in the production of double wall cardboard. This means that our products always make a statement for environmental friendliness, climate protection and sustainability.

We only use a high-quality combination of micro and fine corrugation (EB corrugation). This gives our double-flute cardboard products their always convincing stability, robustness and resilience. In addition, the surfaces of the material can be printed easily and with high quality.

Look and functionality - your boxes with double flute

To further enhance the look, feel, functionality and overall impression of your product and shipping packaging, we offer various finishing techniques. For example, gloss effects using our professional print varnishing are very popular. The application of a protective laminate offers not only glossy surfaces but also better protection against external influences such as scratches. The printed image is not only visually enhanced, but also protected in the long term. Brand values can thus be protected and communicated in the long term - without any loss of quality.

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Do you need professional advice?

Contact our experienced service team. We will support you competently in all matters.

Frequently asked questions about double wall cartons

  • Can production be accelerated when deadlines are tight?
    Yes, this is possible. To do this, you need to click on the buttons "Express production" or Urgent production" in the configurator. Production will then take place within ten or five days. This is significantly faster than the 15 days production time within the Standard production.

  • Is it possible to view samples before placing an order?
    Yes. On request, we will send you appropriate corrugated board samples for a small fee. Then you can get an exact picture of the look and feel.

  • What are the flute heights of the double flute boxes?
    The maximum height of EB flutes is 4.5 millimetres with a narrow flute pitch of 4.8 millimetres.
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