Folding carton with adhesive strips

Folding carton with adhesive strips

The folding carton with adhesive strips is a sturdy cardboard box made of corrugated cardboard, which can be safely closed again after opening and is therefore ideally suited for returns. On the basis of its adhesive closure, the shipping carton can be closed quickly and securely and then opened again with the tear strips. With the second adhesive seal, the package for the return shipment may be perfectly closed again.

  • Individual customisation
  • Printed or unprinted corrugated board
  • Discover the whole range of shipping cartons (according to FEFCO standards) High-quality
  • printed product packaging can be found on our printed folding cartons


Number of versions:
Please enter the desired total quantity. Minimal quantity: 1 for sort
Please enter the desired number of version for this given format.

Please note: when finalizing your order you can choose for each version the desired quantity and individually name each version in the text box provided.

Number of labels: 5000
Number of versions: 3
- Version 1: 3000
- Version 2: 1500
- Version 3: 500

This option is offered free of charge when you upload your print data.
Please select the following features:
- Length
- Width
- Height
- Closing Flap
Length: 100 - 440 mm
Width: 100 - 400 mm
Height: 10 - 190 mm
Closing Flap: 50 - 220 mm
Maximal values cannot be combined.
Predefined formats: ( Only predefined formats can be used )
Send contours by mail
Closing Flap: 96 mm  /  Change
The given dimensions refer to the inner dimensions of the packaging! Please note this when entering your values.

Please select the following features:
- Die cuts
Optional shape:
Die cuts:
Please select the following features:
- Material
- Material properties
Material properties:
B-shaft, outer colour white/ inner colour brown, single shaft
E-shaft, outer colour white/ inner colour brown, single shaft

Thickness: Flute Height 3.0mm
Features: The average of 150 flutes per meter creates a flat surface with good printability, white kraft paperboard (fresh fibre) outside and brown test liner (recycled fibre) inside
Load capacity: up to 14 Kg

Please select the following features:
- Colour - Outside
- Colour - Inside
Colour - Outside:
Colour - Inside:


Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

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Base net price 165,34 £

Total net
165,34 £

VAT 19% UK
Information for companies that are entitled to deduct input tax outside Germany:

If you enter your EU VAT number during the ordering process, the VAT rate is 0%.

Otherwise the German sales tax of 19% will apply.
31,41 £
Total incl. VAT
196,75 £
Transport included!
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