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Resealable cardboard boxes

Resealable cardboard boxes


Are you looking for a carton with a closure that reliably protects the contents and can be used several times? Discover resealable cardboard boxes from!

  • Particularly stable and robust boxes
  • Individual design with our intelligent configurator
  • With different closure systems

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Resealable cartons from Labelprint24

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Practical cartons with maximum flexibility

Resealable cartons can basically be used for many different applications. Packaging solutions of this type are particularly popular as product and transport packaging or in the context of warehousing, where durability is important. Sturdy cardboard boxes made of corrugated board are usually used here.

Resealable cartons are also widely used in the e-commerce sector. Here they are the ideal packaging solution: the cartons can be assembled within a few seconds and fitted with a special closure that allows them to be opened and reclosed easily without the need for packing tape or adhesive strips.

This is an extremely practical benefit for both the sender and the recipient. Because the generally environmentally friendly cartons with reliable closure systems simplify the respective processes for all sides to a considerable extent.

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Is it important to you that returns find their way back to the warehouse safely and undamaged? This is also possible without any problems. For this reason, cartons with a practical tear-open aid for opening and an additional adhesive seal on the lid for resealing for return shipment are recommended. Some packaging variants can also be used several times and guarantee maximum utility value right up to the end.

Universally applicable packaging

Packaging that can be resealed offers you the widest range of possible uses. When it comes to shipping or other logistical tasks, resealable packaging is already standard equipment in many companies thanks to its flexibility.

In many cases, users have their resealable cardboard box made to measure with individual dimensions, materials and designs. At Labelprint24 you benefit here from comprehensive options with regard to individual calculation and configuration.

Custom-fit cartons with their own closure mechanism and unique design also always create advertising effects and are ideal for use in the marketing sector, for example for presentations or as collective packaging for promotional gifts.

Your advantages in detail:

  • very quick assembly
  • easy handling
  • no adhesive or parcel tape necessary
  • often with additional return closure
  • secure and reliable closure options for easy opening and closing
  • single or multiwall corrugated board for good stability and strength
  • depending on the version, also available with reinforced base
  • environmentally friendly and economical due to the possibility of reuse
  • space-saving storage (lying flat)
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Competence and expertise at Labelprint24

With Labelprint24 as an internationally active and renowned specialist for packaging solutions, you are choosing a responsible partner - in all aspects. Sustainability, climate protection and environmental friendliness are topics of absolute relevance to us.

We work for you every day to put these issues into practice and bring them to life. And you can see this at any time in the design of our product range.

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You can rely on our years of experience and professionalism. We also support your selection and ordering processes with digital technologies and automated procedures. This simplifies the process enormously for our shop visitors and customers.

Or perhaps you need technical support? We will be happy to help you with our IT expertise. For example, we also realize the connection of customer-specific interfaces to ERP systems and similar applications. Use our support if you would like to have recourse to technical assistance of this kind.

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Labelprint24 - all advantages at a glance

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  • only top quality products
  • extensive range of products for every purpose
  • all packaging solutions can be individually calculated, configured and optically designed
  • cost-efficient planning thanks to free choice of format
  • sustainable use of resources
  • environmentally friendly materials thanks to 100 percent recyclability
  • high IT competence and technical know-how
  • fast handling thanks to lean and automated processes
  • short delivery times
  • useful extra services and support with high advisory competence

We will be happy to answer your questions about our products and show you the possibilities offered by our resealable cartons and other packaging solutions.

Feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.

Design your own personal cardboard box

The high-quality, secure and reliably resealable packaging products are available from us in a wide range of variants. Simply browse through our shop without any obligation and let yourself be inspired by the environmentally friendly top products in premium quality. We have the right product for every application in our portfolio:

Resealable folding boxes with crash lock base or snap lock base are particularly lightweight boxes. They are usually made of thinner cardboard and are suitable,for example, for product packaging. You will find variants with flap closure, tuck-in flaps or extra security flaps.

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E-commerce boxes in the form of reclosable cardboard are characterized by their practical handling. They are available with a tear-off tab that also serves to seal the contents. For a return, the carton can simply be resealed securely thanks to an integrated adhesive strip.


The folding boxes with hinged lid represent a simpler variant - they can still be used as shipping cartons. As secondary packaging, they also offer plenty of advertising space for individual printing. The hinged box variant with a with hook ensures a tight seal. It can also be resealed easily.

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Gable boxes stand out due to their design. They are also reclosable boxes and have a practical closing mechanism at the top. For example, they can be used to pack and store loose food. The carry-handle box variant offers another function: it is particularly easy to handle thanks to the integrated grip.

Telescope boxes are practical for storage, for keeping in the office or as product packaging. These two-part boxes consist of an open bottom part and a loose slip lid for easy opening and reclosing.

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As gift packaging or eye-catching product packaging, pillow boxes are always the right choice. The curved boxes can be easily opened at their ends. The conical shape provides the necessary hold when re-closing and keeps the flap securely closed.

Customised packaging solutions - with our product configurator

In addition to the free choice of dimensions or format, you have many other options for individual configurations. This allows you to create a resealable carton that is precisely tailored to the respective requirements.

With the help of Labelprint24's integrated configurator, you can specify the material in all its details, determine the colour scheme or commission us to print your unique design on it. Fully customisable from start to finish - we at Labelprint24 make it possible. Take advantage of this creative freedom and bring your own packaging solution to life.

Environmental friendly and quality - basic requirements for our cardboard material

Depending on the type of reclosable carton - and the desired purpose - the packaging consists of different carton materials: Which one is the most suitable depends on several criteria:

Best possible protection

Corrugated cardboard in particular has a very high stability and sturdiness to resistance. This provides optimum protection for the packaged goods. Also lighter products are already safely accommodated in smaller boxes made of solid board. This material is particularly tear-resistant.

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Different thicknesses

Corrugated board comes in single or multiple flutes. The more corrugations there are, the more robust and load-bearing your cardboard with closure system will be. We also offer solid board in different thicknesses and qualities. On the one hand, this means that each package can be sufficiently dimensioned for the individual load. At the same time, only as little material as necessary needs to be used - thus saving resources.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Our resealable cardboard boxes consist to a large extent of recycled materials. In addition, paper serves as the base material and this is produced from renewable resources. Corrugated and solid board is therefore rightly considered to be particularly environmentally friendly in the field of packaging. The material is recyclable and therefore reusable and alternatively compostable.

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The advantages of resealable cartons

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Can be closed without adhesive tape

Cartons with sealing systems are very convenient to handle. This in turn results in further advantages that make these packages a cost-reducing factor. They are not only easier to fill, but also faster. Since there is no need to seal the lid with additional adhesive or packing tape, these cartons can be closed and thus shipped much faster. This saves valuable working time - and therefore money.

Security during return shipment

Another cost factor is ensuring the integrity of the package in the event of a return. Returns are a big cost factor in e-commerce, and there are several reasons for this. The obvious one is: the customer returns his order to the retailer and thus gets back the money he has already paid. But the returned product still represents a valuable asset of the company after the successful transaction, which has to be resold. This is usually done under the label "B-goods" or "second choice goods" or "mail-order returns". These products are offered again at a lower price.

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Always reclosable

Customers can now make a conscious decision at many online retailers to buy already used items at a slightly lower price. However, the price reduction almost always depends on the condition of the goods. If, for example, only the packaging of the product has been opened and no signs of use are visible on the product itself, the trader can charge a higher price than if the product or the original packaging is damaged. However, the condition may not only deteriorate due to the temporary use of the first buyer. If the product is not properly packed, damage can also occur during return transport.

Everything under lock and key

This is where our resealable cartons come into play. Cartons without a sealing system can already be damaged during unpacking, so the customer has to find an alternative for the return. In many cases, this alternative packaging is by no means optimally designed for the product to be shipped. This means that (further) damage can occur during return transport, which can drastically reduce the resale value. By making it as easy as possible for your customers to open the box without damage, they can also use the original packaging for the return shipment. In this way, our resealable boxes ensure that your goods find their way back to you optimally protected and properly packaged.

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Economical, environmentally friendly and with various finishes options

You can order packaging solutions from us that always offer a high level of quality, are environmentally friendly and come from sustainable, cost-efficient production. With our resealable cartons, you can always rely on a symbiosis of quality, environmental friendliness, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. And the best thing about it: every product in our portfolio can be extensively customised and refined by you.

In this way, you can specifically match the packaging goods and the reclosable carton; including top-quality printing, special varnishes and coatings with protective laminate. With our online configurator, we provide you with an easy-to-use tool on every single product page that allows you to create truly unique products.

Browse our shop pages to your heart's content. It's worth it!

Our specialists will also support you with their expert knowledge to find exactly the right packaging solution.


  • Which resealable boxes are suitable for heavy products?
    Double flute cartons with a combination of two flute types are ideally suited for shipping or transporting heavier products. The load limit of an EB flute is around 21 kilograms. You can even load a BC flute with an item weight of around 30 kilograms.

  • Is a cost estimate possible?
    Yes. On the product pages, you simply have to click on the button "Offer by e-mail" after you have completed your individual configuration. You will then receive a corresponding quotation promptly.

  • Are individual special solutions also offered that are not completely covered by the portfolio?
    Simply contact us. Whether dimensions, material or special finishes - as long as your ideas can be realistically implemented, we will try to realise your wishes or intentions in the best possible way.
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