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Rollover Hinged Lid with hook

Rollover Hinged Lid with hook

Are you looking for a box in which your high-quality goods are securely packed? A hinged lid box that offers your customers a special unpacking experience? Order the flap box with security flap from!

  • Inside with click closure
  • With extra closure flaps
  • Stable protection during shipping

Discover more folding boxes from!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

Labelprint24 produces hinged boxes with safety tab

Hinged boxes are mostly flat, rectangular boxes with very large lid openings. Due to the large lid opening, hinged boxes with safety flap can be filled very easily and the packed goods can be removed easily. Both the lid and the bottom of the box are made of one piece and are die-cut from different solid cardboard materials. Since hinged boxes are made of one piece, they are always double-walled due to their structure. The lid of the box has two tabs on the sides which are pushed into the side walls to close the box. The hinged box with safety tab has another tab in the middle of the lid, which is attached to the front at the bottom. This creates a tighter closure than conventional hinged boxes, which protects the contents from environmental impact, transport stresses and third-party intervention.

Hinged boxes with safety tab are going to be delivered in a flat position. The assembly is simple and possible without gluing. The box has cut-outs at the bottom in which the side parts can be fastened with the help of tabs. The side flaps and the safety flap on the lid are used for closing.

Hinged boxes with safety flap are mainly used as product packaging. These can be additionally marked with labels. Due to the large lid opening, they offer a large presentation area. The products can be vividly presented and arranged in the box. Fancy product presentations can be achieved with optical separations of several packaged goods by using inlays or cardboard blanks. It is equally possible to fill the hinged box with safety flap with several small folding boxes, creating an interesting packaging experience for small items. Of course, folding boxes with safety flap are also suitable for single large flat items. Thanks to the safety flap, the packaged goods are additionally protected, as the box is very unlikely to open accidentally. Also, the contents of the package are better protected from tampering by third parties.

Compared to other folding box shapes, hinged boxes have the advantage of a very large lid. This offers a large printable area for information or appealing designs. If the folding boxes with safety flap are used at the point of sale, they are particularly eye-catching compared to other product packaging. Folding boxes with security flap often serve as brand, information and advertising ambassadors, not only at the point of sale, but also as printed packaging for mail order products, gifts or giveaways. To stand out, the boxes should be made of high-quality material and printed with high quality.

Order folding boxes with security flap at Labelprint24. You can choose from a variety of material groups in the calculator:

  • Standard white carton
  • High white carton
  • Coloured carton
  • Thicker carton
  • Recycled carton / natural carton

Printing and finishing of hinged boxes with safety flap

In addition to the format of the folding boxes, you can also determine the motif of the boxes completely freely. We can produce even small quantities for you cost-efficiently, because we rely on the method of digital printing for printing. Although digital printing is cheaper than conventional printing methods, it is not inferior to them in terms of quality. The color result is brilliant, the print quality is high. We can also realize various finishes and die-cuts digitally.

The available finishes include:

  • Dispersion coating (matt/glossy)
  • protective laminate (matt/glossy)
  • Form punching
  • tactile warning triangles suitable for the blind
  • Blind embossing
  • Cellophaning or lamination/lamination
  • Hot foil stamping (gloss and matt effect - gold/silver)
  • Die cutting and creasing
  • UV varnishing (high-gloss, full-surface, digital