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Bottle labels

Bottle labels


Are you looking for the right label for your bottle that is suitable for many industries and applications? That sticks just as well on wine bottles as on cosmetic or medicine bottles? Order bottle labels at!

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Whether wine, beer, eggnog, piccolo, apple juice or homemade ketchup - every bottle, can or glass jar deserves to be presented in the best possible light. Printed bottle labels are one of the oldest and most frequently used types of labels.

Salad dressing bottle label 

No beverage can be imagined without bottle labels. Clear labelling of the ingredients is required everywhere. In addition to recognition, labelling also serves as an incentive to buy, an advertising effect. A distinction is made, based on the subsequent intended use, as to which material, paper or film, the labels are ultimately made of. Bottle labels are printed for drinks with and without alcohol, such as wine bottles, beer bottles, bottles with home-made egg liqueur, spirits, water bottles, fruit juices or lemonades. Of course, there are also bottle labels for liquids that cannot be assigned to beverages, such as edible oils, in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or other industries. There are different materials for these different bottle labels, each of which meets different requirements or conditions, e.g. paper or foil labels.


1. What are bottle labels?

Bottle label

No matter whether it is a wine bottle, a champagne bottle, a bottle of water or juice - bottle labels stick to every bottle and at first glance they convey the contents and the manufacturer. Labelling can convey warnings such as deposit seals and designations of origin or, in the industrial sector, hazardous or flammable ingredients. Legally obligatory information such as alcohol content for alcoholic beverages and filling quantity or whether the bottle is disposable or reusable can also be indicated.

The personalisation of the bottles is indispensable, because they are information and advertising space at the same time. The adhesive labels do not only stick to beverages, but also to cosmetic bottles, perfume bottles, detergent bottles and all bottles containing liquid products.

Bottle label for face creamBottle label for body lotionSpray bottle with transparent label

Bottle labels are used:

  • to decorate presents such as liqueur bottles or schnapps,
  • for beverage bottles such as fruit drinks,
  • for disposable jars with jams or marmalades,
  • Cosmetic bottles and other
  • Labelling product bottles (e.g. cleaning liquids) and much more.

Labelling as a gift for any occasion

Personalised cans

For those who have no more gift ideas: A bottle with a homemade label is individual, personal and always appropriate. The label design can easily be matched to the intended use. For a wedding celebration, it is possible to give a champagne bottle with a bottle label that contains personal congratulations or a picture of the bride and groom. For an evening invitation, the bottle label of the wine souvenir can be personalised with a name or the host's favourite beer can be given for his birthday with a funny saying. Why not surprise your employees with a sparkling drink from a can that also presents your company logo?


Design your own bottle labels

Vino Secco can

Turn your champagne, wine or beer bottle into a real eye-catcher, because there are hardly any limits to the design of bottle stickers. Whether with a congratulatory text, a name, an impressive saying or a photo, the bottle looks special. Surprise your business partners, employees or customers with personalised bottle labels as a promotional drink. Or impress your guests at a wedding or birthday with our Vino Secco, which you can easily design online. So there are no limits!

Remove labels

If you want to remove old labels but do not want to use chemicals, you can use the following tips:

  • Many labels can be removed by heat. Simply place them in the sun or heat them up with a hairdryer. The heat softens the adhesive and makes it easier to remove.
  • For beverage labels on glass or plastic that are not so easy to peel off, simply leave some lemon juice on them and then peel off.
  • Labels soak particularly well on glass or porcelain. Simply soak with warm water and washing-up liquid and the adhesive will come off. This method also works well on wallpaper.
  • Adhesive residues from labels can be removed using cooking oil. Simply smear residues with cooking oil and simply peel off after a short time.
  • Adhesive residues can also be easily removed with adhesive tape. Simply stick on the adhesive tape several times and pull it off.
  • Residue from the sticker can also be easily erased with an eraser.

2. What are the differences between roll and wet glue labels?

As the name of the adhesive roll labels suggests, the labels are supplied on a roll with backing paper. The labels are removed from the backing paper manually or automatically by pulling the backing paper away to the rear. The products are then affixed with the adhesive back of the stickers. No curing or drying is required, as the stickers' adhesives take effect immediately. Our roll adhesive labels are supplied on a roll with the backing paper and have a self-adhesive back.

An inexpensive and frequently used type of bottle label is the so-called wet glue label. These adhere excellently to glass bottles and cans. They are mostly made of paper, inexpensive, durable and can be removed from the bottle without much effort. In contrast to adhesive roll labels, however, wet glue labels must be glued - this process takes place directly before the bottles and cans are labelled. When the empty bottles are cleaned later, wet glue labels can be removed without leaving any residue. Most beer or wine bottles are labelled with wet glue labels on the body and/or back.

But not only roll and wet glue labels fit on bottles or other round glass containers. wrap-around labels, booklet labels and sandwich labels are also suitable for industry and the pharmaceutical sector. Wrap-around labels can be wrapped several times around the round container and thus offer more information space than a conventional single-layer label. Booklet labels also convey a lot of additional information, e.g. about the product, its correct application or legally prescribed mandatory information. Sandwich labels, also called peel-off labels or double-layer labels, are available as 2-sided and 3-sided printed labels and are also used when a large information surface is required.

Wrap-around label with practical opening flap Wrap-around label for larger round containers Sandwich label

3. Bottle labels with finishing and material selection

Especially for high-quality spirits and fine wine bottles, bottle labels in a refined form are needed to give the customer a special shopping and enjoyment experience, in addition to the bottle's appearance. The refinement already starts with the choice of paper types. In addition to high-gloss papers, coated, steamed or papers with a special structure are also printed. In addition to varnishing and embossing, bottle labels are often decorated with decorative elements made of silver or gold hot foil.

You can find our material selection in our roll label calculator. he range extends from various foils and papers to special materials. We will be happy to advise you. If you have any questions, simply contact us by phone or via. e-mail.

You don't know yet what kind of inscriptions your labels should carry or you would like to leave some space for handwriting like a date or a greeting? No problem! Choose our unprinted labels on roll or simply include a coloured or white free space in your design.

Hangtag For even more personalisation, you can also use our hang tags. They are a type of booklet label and are usually requested with fewer printed pages due to their smaller format. The label is laminated and gives the bottle label a non-slip feel. The back of the label can also be printed. This gives you plenty of space. Choose the shape, colour and size of your label yourself. This type of hang tag with transparent adhesive flap is ideal for announcing new products, coupon promotions, special offers and the efficient transmission of consumer information (e.g.: ingredients) via QR code.

4. Label printing in individual sizes and shapes

Standard sizes are a thing of the past! Thanks to state-of-the-art production techniques, we are able to realise labels for bottles to your desired dimensions. Even your desired shapes are no problem for us. Thanks to the latest cutting plotters and digital laser technology, it is possible to cut all labels to the desired shape. Whether round, oval, rectangular, with sharp or round corners, certain shapes such as hearts, stars, etc., everything is possible.

Calculate your required bottle labels for your business purpose and commercial use in your desired formats in our online shop.


5. Label printing with a demand for quality

As an experienced label manufacturer and because the quality of the bottle labels is just as important to us as it is to our customers, we only offer the highest quality so that you can sell your products dazzlingly at the point of sale. At Labelprint24, you have a choice of different paper and film types. These papers and foils are as versatile as the printing on them: you can be sure that label and product will fit together perfectly. Our label printing specialists will be happy to advise you on the different material and adhesive properties. In our sample folder you will find bottle labels made of different papers, foils and examples of finishing techniques. We will be happy to send you this on request.

Whether lemonade, beer, wine or spirits - we produce labels for bottles of every type and size. Our expertise also includes adhesive roll labels and product labels. We produce your labels professionally and quickly.

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