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Labelprint24 - Calculate bag packaging live and delivery in record time!

After successfully marketing laminate tubes and folding carton products made of solid board and corrugated board, packaging specialist Labelprint24 is now expanding its range to include pouch packaging.

Labelprint24 continues to expand its product range and will in future also offer pouch packaging in various designs in addition to roll labels, folding cartons and tubes. To this end, Labelprint24 has invested in a new, larger HP 20000 printing press and a Karlville pouch machine in 2020.

Doypacks, K-bottom bags, and flat bags will be produced initially. The new digital printing press also makes it possible to produce these bag types from different materials in brilliant print quality. To start with, Labelprint24 offers four high-barrier materials in white, transparent and metallic. With this product, too, Labelprint24 is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and our recycling cycles and will soon expand the range of materials to include a 100% recyclable material and a 100% plastic-free material.

As usual with Labelprint24, the pouch packaging can also be calculated live in its online store. The Doypacks are offered in six fixed formats at the beginning, the K-bottom bags and flat bags can be calculated in free format from the start.

"What makes us really unique is our wide variety of materials and our super fast delivery times. To start with, we are already delivering our bags to our customers in under 15 working days. In the future, this will be possible even faster. For Labelprint24, this is the entry into flexible packaging!"

Stefan Harder, Director of Labelprint24


About Labelprint24

The online print shop Labelprint24 is a leading German system provider of packaging materials. As of 2018, Labelprint24 already employs over 90 people at its sites in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. Meanwhile, Labelprint24 produces not only labels and multilayer labels, but also folding boxes, package inserts, laminate tubes and pouch packaging. Throughout Europe, Labelprint24's packaging materials are among the TOP brands for packaging and labeling products of all kinds.

Press contact:

Roman Kasper
harder-online GmbH
An der Borntelle 4
01619 Zeithain
+49 (0) 751 56168-125

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