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Shipping boxes

Shipping boxes

Are you looking for double wall boxes that optimally protect your goods during transport and shipping? Double wall packaging that can be printed all over? Discover double wall cartons from!

  • High tear and puncture resistance and strong resistance to edge crushing
  • All products are fully printable
  • Load capacity up to 30 kg with very low own weight

Choose your product and calculate it directly online!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    E / B / EB flute
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Load capacity
    10 / 20 / 30 kg

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Shipping cartons from Labelprint24

Handing over of shipping package

Shipping boxes from LP24 - they can handle it!

The main task of a shipping box is to optimally protect your products during transport and storage. It prevents damage to goods, products and contents so that they arrive intact at consumers, retailers and businesses.

The durable shipping cartons are made of corrugated board and have excellent properties such as bursting strength, puncture resistance and edge crush resistance. That's why they are used for a range of tasks.

Our shipping cartons deliver what they promise

Shipping boxes are one of the cornerstones of e-commerce. They are shipped by the thousands every day and transport a wide variety of goods around the globe. They perform several functions at once:

Protective function

The most important function of the shipping carton is to protect your goods. Our packaging protects your goods from external influences such as pressure, dirt or moisture. This means that the packaged products always reach their destination undamaged.

Our shipping boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, that is a particularly stable paper material. This is mainly due to the corrugation inside the cardboard. When paper is corrugated, it gains a special durability. When a corrugated paper and a smooth paper are glued together, the "simplest" corrugated board shape is created (the single wall cartons). The more smooth and corrugated paper boards are glued together, the more stable and robust the cardboard becomes. Accordingly, corrugated board is the optimal material for a shipping box. Your products are comprehensively protected.

White shipping box
Shipping box

Transport and storage function

Protection against external influences is the main factor for the transport of your goods, because they should arrive at the customer without any loss of quality. If you have to transport dangerous goods, the packaging should also be stable and impermeable. In this way, you also protect the environment and the people who are responsible for the transport.

Our shipping cartons are quick and easy to assemble and can be stored and stacked flat to save space. Safe storage and transport is therefore guaranteed for your goods. You can check out our shipping boxes in various designs at Labelprint24.

Marketing function

Our shipping boxes can be printed all over - outside and inside. Do you want to address a target group directly? Then generate the right print for your boxes at Labelprint24. This creates both a good advertising effect and a high recognition value for your packaged products. An individual appearance sets your goods apart from those of the competition.

The outer surfaces of the cartons can be designed with different colour elements and contribute to an appealing look. Finally, you can have your boxes coated with a protective varnish or laminate at Labelprint24.

Open shipping box
Sustainable shipping boxes


Sustainability has become an important competitive factor. The number of consumers who pay attention to environmental compatibility is steadily increasing. We also rely on high-quality and first-class corrugated board. Our corrugated board is made from renewable raw materials. In addition, our cardboard boxes can be recycled and thus almost completely reused.

For us, sustainability is an important focus in our company philosophy. About 80 per cent of the annual production volume consists of recycled material. The remaining 20 per cent consists of virgin fibres, which in turn are obtained from wood. It shows that corrugated board is a very sustainable product and we at Labelprint24 want to act in an environmentally conscious way.

Labelprint24 - the perfect partner for your company

We develop packaging solutions for many companies. You can rely on us because our expertise and clever solutions make us at Labelprint24 the perfect partner.

Uncomplicated cooperation

Working with external service providers requires a lot of logistical effort and recurring arrangements, which puts a lot of strain on a company's workforce. We have developed an ERP interface system to solve this problem.

With this system, we can be integrated into your company's ERP system. This creates a close interface that allows orders to be mapped automatically - without additional logistical effort or additional arrangements.

Inventory of shipping boxes
Personalized shipping box

Personalised orders

With us, you can personalise packaging and labels on a daily basis. With the online calculator, you can easily configure your shipping cartons - and are immediately informed of the price. Even large order quantities and complex orders are no problem for us.

What's more, you can try out various design options at Labelprint24. Whether it's the format, the die-cutting form, the material or the coating - we are happy to implement your wishes. With your individual ideas and wishes, the cardboard boxes are produced to fit your product to be sent, given away or presented. The packaging from Labelprint24 can thus convince in many areas of application.

Years of experience

With Labelprint24 you have a reliable partner who has been implementing its competencies and solutions for companies from a wide range of industries for many years. Labelprint24 offers you detailed and competent advice in all matters. With our end-to-end service, we will find the right solution for you. In addition, we guarantee a reliable and fast dispatch of your orders.

Through Labelprint24, you benefit from short production and delivery times, so that you can always proceed flexibly and efficiently. Labelprint24 guarantees you detailed and competent advice in all matters. You are welcome to contact us directly with your questions and concerns.

Woman holding stacked shipping boxes

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You too can trust the competent service of Labelprint24! Our employees look forward to hearing from you - by phone or by e-mail.

No goods too heavy, no way too far - shipping boxes with consignment awareness!

Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are robust and lightweight and therefore suitable for a wide range of applications. As product packaging ( primary packaging), for example, they offer ideal protection for your goods - from drinks bottles to goods for everyday use. But they are also the perfect choice as shipping packaging ( secondary packaging). The advantage for you: our shipping cartons are available in a wide variety of formats and can therefore be optimally adapted to the respective requirements of your packaged goods.

Man scanning label on shipping box

Our unprinted cardboard shipping boxes are a cost-effective solution for shipping your products. The dimensions of the boxes can be individually adapted to the size of your product thanks to our free formats. This saves on material costs and filling material. Your goods are also fixed inside the box for extra protection. Unprinted shipping boxes are available in many different designs at Labelprint24.

You are welcome to get your own overview and customise the format of your boxes with our project configurator. To do this, simply enter the desired length, width and height in the configurator under the "Format" tab. Please note, however, that the maximum values cannot always be combined.

Folding carton with crash lock base are particularly suitable for heavier goods thanks to their bottom construction. With the crash lock base (also called automatic bottom or lightning bottom), the bottom flaps are already glued together. This means that the carton can be closed automatically when it is erected. A carton with an automatic bottom can be closed about twice as fast as a conventional folding carton with flaps. Tape or other adhesives are also not needed.

With mailer box, the main focus is on the unboxing experience and ease of handling. Our folding boxes are also available in two different versions, with tuck-in flap or with opposing flaps. So you always get exactly the solution that fits your product perfectly.

Filled shipping box
Inlay shipping box

If you value design, our printed shipping boxes are the best choice. Here, too, we offer you a large selection of variants, from simple folding cartons to one piece folder and full overlap slotted container, you will find the right packaging for every product at Labelprint24. Our inlays for packaging are suitable for fixing your goods inside. These consist of corrugated cardboard glued on one side (one smooth and one corrugated paper web).

We also offer you the option of printing your corrugated cardboard blanks according to your wishes. The corrugated cardboard blanks from Labelprint24 are not only cheap to produce, they are also environmentally friendly as they are 100 percent recyclable. Many of our corrugated cardboard boxes are also excellent for product packaging.

The best corrugated for every use

Our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes can be made up of different materials. Single flute cardboard is a cost-effective solution, double flute cardboard offers more protection. The different flutes can also be combined with each other, so that at Labelprint24 you get the perfect solution for every use.

Single flute cardboard

Single wall cartons board is ideal for light to medium weight goods. They offer optimal protection for shipping goods weighing up to 20 kg. We stock two different types of single flute corrugated board. The E-flute, also called microflute, has a maximum load capacity of up to 10 kg with an even weight load.

The B-flute, which belongs to the fine flute material group, even has a maximum load-bearing capacity of up to 20 kg thanks to its greater flute height and pitch. Before selecting the material, it is always worth checking exactly how much load-bearing capacity is required for the respective products, because single-flute corrugated board is cheaper than double-flute cardboard boxes.

Woman unpacking packages
Man holding shipping box

Double wall cardboard boxes

For the higher price, however, double wall cardboard boxes have a significantly higher load capacity - up to 30 kg and are therefore suitable for particularly heavy packaged goods. The carton offers optimum protection against puncturing of the packaging as well as against mechanical stress. This also considerably reduces the risk of damage during transport and storage.

If you opt for a double flute box, we can offer you the EB flute. The EB flute, as the name suggests, consists of an E and a B flute. It is also called double wall and is the strongest flute at Labelprint24 with 4.5 millimetres.

Far from the standard - our free formats

Some time ago, the FEFCO standards were established in the packaging industry, according to which the sizes of shipping packages are determined. No wonder, because shipping boxes in standard sizes are extremely practical due to their uniform dimensions.

But these dimensions do not always fit the product to be shipped. At Labelprint24, you can therefore configure the formats of the shipping boxes completely freely. This has several advantages:

Since the product is already fixed in the shipping box due to the exact fit, there are no unnecessary costs for filling material. Additional outer packaging is also not necessary with custom-fit shipping packaging. The customised cartons also minimise the costs of transport and storage.

With free formats, only as much packaging as necessary is used. This saves resources and the products are packaged, shipped and stored sustainably.

You have questions - we are here for you!

For more information about our products and free formats, please contact us. Our consultants will help you!

Shipping carton FAQ

  • From what quantity can I order shipping cartons from Labelprint24?
    You can order as little as one piece from us. This is particularly cost-effective and simple for samples or as a one-off shipping solution (for prototypes, for example).

  • How long does the production time of the shipping cartons take?
    We offer three different services for the production of your shipping boxes. Our standard production time is 15 working days. If you need it faster, we offer our urgent production - here we complete your shipping boxes within 10 working days. Our express service is ideal for anyone who needs their shipping boxes as quickly as possible. The production time is then only 5 working days.

  • How quickly can the boxes be delivered?
    Whichever production service you choose, the delivery time is the same for all three options. The delivery time for your shipping cartons is always 2 working days.

  • What is the load capacity of the shipping cartons?
    That depends on the material. Cartons made of E flute can bear a total weight of up to 10 kg. The B-flute can withstand a weight of up to 20 kg. For very heavy goods weighing up to 30 kg, our EB flute is the best choice. However, the prerequisite here is always the even distribution of the weight.

  • Are there different opening mechanisms for shipping boxes?
    We have various models that can be opened in different ways. From hinged-lid cartons to cartons with snap lock base to folding cartons with adhesive tape, we have the best solution for every requirement. If you are not sure which variant is the best solution for you, please contact us. Together we will find the perfect packaging for your business.

Shipping boxes: Cornerstone of online trade

Already at the beginning of the 2000s, a significant growth in e-commerce became visible. Since then, online trade has been growing steadily and is one of the strongest sales markets internationally. Every day, a multitude of different products are sent around the world. Our shipping boxes for e-commerce are therefore just as diverse as the goods they transport.

Hinged-lid box

The hinged-lid box opens like a chest. In addition to the excellent protective and transport functions, it offers an additional marketing function, because the flap lid can also be fully printed on the inside. Use the surface to place CI elements or effective advertising messages that immediately catch the eye when unpacked.

This is the ideal way to send or present your products. In addition, the box does not have to be cut opening the hinged-lid box, as is the case with other shipping boxes. The lid can be opened completely.

Short descriptive text
Short descriptive text

Hinged lid box with adhesive strip

Our hinged-lid boxes with adhesive strips are the best choice. They make unboxing even more convenient and the unboxing experience even better. All you have to do to open the box is tear open the taped area. This can be done without tools such as scissors or knives and is therefore particularly simple.

If you also want to use the box for return shipping, the adhesive strips are extremely useful. Simply remove the protective film from the strips and attach the front flap to the box. In addition, the double sidewalls give the box even more stability. Here it is possible that you can receive our cardboard boxes in maxi letter or large letter format in printed or unprinted condition.

Return box with crash lock base and adhesive tape

Return box with crash lock base and adhesive tape are ideal for heavier goods such as filled bottles. The bottom can be raised automatically because the bottom flaps have already been glued together. They are particularly stable and, depending on the material, can safely transport products weighing up to 30 kilograms. The adhesive strip also ensures an uncomplicated unboxing experience for the consumer. In addition, the two adhesive strips are ideal for return shipping.

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Whatever industry you work in: our shipping boxes are prepared for everything!

Every industry has its own special requirements and legal regulations. Labelprint24's shipping cartons are suitable for every industry and every product and can always be configured to meet the respective challenges.

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Pharmaceutical industry

Medical products are particularly sensitive in production, but also in shipping. They are manufactured under strict specifications - and the packaging must also comply with the legal guidelines ( GMP). This includes, for example, reliable protection against external influences.

At Labelprint24, you have many options at your disposal for packaging pharmaceuticals safely and labelling them with pharmaceutical labels. Our requirements in this area are very high. For example, it is important and in Germany also obligatory to print Braille on pharmaceutical packaging.

Pharmacological products are optimally protected in our shipping cartons. This is proven by our long-standing partnerships with various companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Food industry

Foodstuffs are also very sensitive goods that require special protection. If shipping packaging for foodstuffs is not sufficiently stable, external influences can, in the worst case, contaminate or destroy an entire batch and thus render it unusable. Therefore, always trust in the highest quality f you want to provide optimum protection for food and positively influence the buying experience of your customers. In addition to protecting food, this food must also be labelled accordingly.

Important information such as ingredients, contents and nutritional values must also be clearly legible. Furthermore, information such as storage, origin, alcohol content are mandatory and should be marked on the packaging. Likewise, certain warnings and instructions for use are obligatory and should therefore be clearly legible. Among other things, we offer different cardboard boxes with these quality requirements.

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Short descriptive text

Chemical industry

In contrast to pharmacological products, where the main focus is on protecting the contents from external influences, it is equally important for chemical products that the contents of a shipping carton cannot leak out. Depending on the chemical, this may pose a risk to people and the environment.

To ship their products, chemical companies need a partner who can guarantee that all products can be transported and stored safely. This is exactly what we do. Packaging for chemical products must meet certain requirements with regard to hazardous substance labelling. Symbols and warnings must be clearly displayed on the packaging to ensure safety. In addition, cardboard boxes must be stable, robust and impermeable to water in order to avoid possible risks during transport. Our corrugated cardboard boxes offer exactly this protection. It is important to us to meet the requirements of our customers, no matter which industry commissions us.

Cosmetics industry

Whether it is hand cream in jars, unpackaged soaps, hair conditioners in tubes or perfumes in fragile flacons: Labelprint24's packaging solutions also offer these goods excellent protection in transit and during storage. Here, too, the demands on the packaging are very high. Among other things, it can happen that the ingredients of cosmetics react sensitively to external influences. In the case of cosmetics, it is not only the content that is important, but the appearance of the packaging also plays an important role in sales. Beauty products in particular should look aesthetic and encourage customers to buy.

All our boxes can therefore be printed individually, so there are no limits to your creativity. At Labelprint24, you are presented with a high-quality print image using modern printing processes. To further enhance cosmetic packaging, we also offer various coating options for packaging. You can choose between a protective laminate or a protective lacquer.

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Labelprint24's shipping cartons are the perfect packaging solution for your online shop. No matter how many parcels you send every day - thanks to the high level of IT expertise and the ERP connection to our production, you can always be sure that exactly the right amount of shipping packaging is available. This guarantees that your e-commerce never comes to a standstill!

Online trade is an important sales market worldwide. Shipping cartons are particularly important for e-commerce to ensure that the goods and products reach the consumers safely. It is particularly important for online trade that the goods are also protected from scratches, pressure or impacts. Our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are ideal for protecting your products from these external influences. High-quality corrugated cardboard has a high protective property and can have a load-bearing capacity of up to 30 kg. At the same time, design and a good finish leave an additional positive impression. We would be happy to advise you.

Benefit from our experience!

We have been working with companies from a wide range of industries for several decades. Whatever question you have - we have the answer.

Cartons made of corrugated board: sustainable packaging solution

When it comes to sustainability, corrugated board for packaging needs is way ahead. It is made largely from recovered paper: on average, 80 per cent of corrugated board is made from recycled material, the remaining 20 per cent from virgin fibres. This makes ecological sense for several reasons:

Recycling reduces resource consumption

In all areas of life, the topics of sustainability, environmental protection and nature conservation are becoming increasingly in demand. Sustainable packaging is also more in demand than ever. The higher the proportion of recycled paper or cardboard, the fewer new raw materials are needed in production. Above all, this reduces the amount of fresh wood fibres and felled trees. At the same time, the use of energy and water is also reduced, because the processing of waste paper consumes significantly less of it than the production of corrugated board from fresh wood fibres.

At the same time, the use of energy and water is also reduced, because the processing of waste paper consumes significantly less of it than the production of corrugated board from fresh wood fibres. Labelprint24 already pays attention to innovative and resource-saving materials during production. Our shipping cartons are very stable, therefore durable and can be reused many times. Since the packaging industry is booming and will continue to grow in the coming years, it is all the more important to focus on the issue of waste and disposal. It is equally important to meet consumers' demands for more sustainability.

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Recycling without loss of quality

Packaging made of corrugated board that is no longer needed and goes to waste paper can be recycled very well. Cardboard boxes can even go through the recycling process up to seven times - without losing quality. The Packaging Act in particular aims to reduce waste and the resulting impact on the environment. The better the quality of a carton, the longer its shelf life and the less waste it produces.

However, waste cannot be completely avoided, so work must continue to optimise recycling. Recycling codes, for example, help retailers and consumers with disposal. The codes consist of two to a maximum of three elements. In most cases, a triangle, a recycling number and a material abbreviation are indicated. This makes it easier to find out about the application, disposal and recycling of the material in question.

Less waste thanks to customised dimensions

The possibility of having corrugated cardboard shipping boxes made to individual dimensions is also an important ecological factor. Do you need an exact format for your shipping boxes? We will be happy to provide you with freely selectable dimensions within certain limits. Simply use our project configurator under the "Format" tab. Enter the desired length, width and height for your box. Please note, however, that the maximum values cannot always be combined. For example, the dimension must always refer to the inside dimension of your packaging.

We therefore recommend that the packaging is at least 2 millimetres larger than the dimensions of the product to be packaged. For our folding boxes, you can choose a length between 50 and 600 millimetres, a width between 50 and 400 millimetres and a height between 100 and 500 millimetres. In this way, only as much packaging material is used as is really necessary. This means: less resource consumption, less packaging waste - and lower costs.

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Shipping boxes and their advantages

With our shipping cartons you get a versatile and extremely robust packaging product. Thanks to the outstanding properties of corrugated board, you therefore benefit from a wide range of advantages.

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Multifunctional packaging

Our shipping cartons are multifunctional packaging solutions that you can design according to your ideas in every respect. The cardboard boxes are light, stable, safe to grip and stackable.

With these advantages, they score in many areas and thus fulfil various functions. The transport, loading and storage functions count, but our shipping cartons can do even more. The rectangular format of the cardboard boxes is particularly useful on pallets or in shelves, so the boxes can also be stacked on top of each other. When folded, they also save space and optimise storage. Furthermore, it is possible to reuse the cardboard boxes more often. We use sturdy corrugated cardboard as the material. The structure of corrugated cardboard is simple but very effective. A corrugated paper web is glued between two smooth outer webs. An air cushion is created, which contributes to high stability and has a low own weight.

Efficiency miracle

The use of corrugated board makes our shipping cartons an incredibly efficient means of packaging: hardly any weight and freely selectable formats mean lightweight packaging that optimally encloses packaged goods - without additional filling material.

This also increases efficiency in transport and storage: there is no wasted space, no double packing and only low transport costs. Our Labelprint24 team will be happy to advise you. You can also use our project configurator to put together your own optimum packaging. In the configurator you can, for example, choose the format, the material, the material property, the colouring and also a coating. Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Then simply send us your desired print data to design an exclusive box.

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Short descriptive text

Better marketing

Excellent printing results can be produced on corrugated board. Ideal conditions for turning the available space into an attractive and informative marketing tool. We can print on both the outside and the inside. You can also choose special colours from the Euroscale. On top of that, it is possible to have your shipping boxes coated. Labelprint24 provides various coatings. With our project configurator you can choose either a protective coating or a protective laminate. It is important to know that the varnish or laminate is used on the outside as standard.

In addition, the material itself is a real selling point for environmentally conscious customers, because corrugated board is fully recyclable and helps to save packaging waste.


Packaging from Labelprint24 makes it easy to open and reseal. This makes unboxing uncomplicated and is important for returns management: delivery cartons that can be securely resealed ensure safe return of the products.

User-friendliness is also crucial in terms of customer loyalty: the simpler the user experience, the higher the acceptance. In other words: the more frustration you spare the customer when unpacking the goods, the more pleasure will be transferred to the actual product. There are a variety of different shipping boxes in our range. Among others, the hinged lid box with adhesive strip is optimally suited for user-friendly customer shipping and at the same time a visually attractive packaging option. The tear strip makes it easy to open the packaging, while the adhesive strips on the front flap allow it to be resealed for return shipment.

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Discover the product variety of Labelprint24!

Our range includes various options for robust, customised and individually designed packaging made of corrugated board.

  • Product packaging
    Excellent protection and high-quality printing characterise our product packaging made of laminated corrugated board. With this primary packaging, your products are securely and attractively packaged.

  • Shipping packaging
    Customised shipping packaging offers excellent protection as secondary packaging and is space-saving at the same time. This means you can dispense with additional filling material and receive a highly cost-effective packaging solution - printed in the best quality, of course.

  • Folding box
    Discover our wide range of printed folding boxes. With a huge choice of materials and finishing options, our folding boxes are the ideal packaging solution and unique brand ambassadors for your products.

We help you!

For all questions about packaging in all its facets, you will always find a competent contact person at Labelprint24!