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Corrugated cardboard boxes

Our unprinted and printed made-to-measure boxes are manufactured according to the FEFCO standard. This will save you on filling material, packaging time, and your customers will also enjoy less waste. Thanks to their construction, corrugated board shipping boxes, despite their low weight, are extremely stable and protect against transport and storage damage.

  Sturdy product packaging made of laminated puppet cardboard

  • production time starting from 12–15 days
  • wide range of materials
  • 100% free formats for all products

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Made-to-measure shipping boxes make filler superfluous and shipping more efficient
  • More efficient shipping means no unnecessary double packing
  • No need for consumers to recycle or dispose of vast amounts of packaging
  • Less harm to the environment

Made-to-measure carton boxes for all industries

Do you regularly send a lot of parcels to your customers? Do you have products with special dimensions? Does packaging your products have to be efficient and safe? Then you need shipping boxes, folding boxes, and die-cut packaging that offer attractive value for the money that can also withstand high mechanical loads.

This is exactly what you will find at labelprint24: perfect solutions for your custom-made boxes made of sturdy corrugated board.

Our custom-made boxes make it easy to send products in any size. Our online shop lets you calculate prices for corrugated board boxes in any shape or size imaginable and order them directly in any quantity. You can choose between brown or white B or B/C corrugated paper.

boxes made to measure for your products

Most boxes used in today's packaging technology are standardised, with uniform specifications for their structure and dimensions. These standardised carton types include FEFCO boxes and Euro Norm boxes. Instead of using carton packaging made to measure, there are many standard sizes that are manufactured in large quantities and kept in stock, which results in lower prices.

But if the required dimensions deviate from the standard, one needs an individual carton box made to measure. The special advantage of these custom-made carton boxes lies in the accuracy of their fit, i.e. height, width, and length. If the packaging is effectively aligned to the size of the packaged goods, less filler such as bubble wrap, corrugated board blanks, or paper will be needed and less corrugated board or carton would be used for the box. From ecological and economic perspectives, these are important aspects that should be considered when buying boxes.Â

We help you reduce your procurement costs.

You only need one central contact point and benefit from improved logistics and easier processing due to fewer suppliers. With our just-in-time and express deliveries, you can achieve additional cost savings. All labelprint24 custom-made boxes are available in a variety of standard sizes and individual formats. All shipping boxes, including individual formats, can be calculated and ordered online immediately.

  • All your packaging materials from a single source
  • Less effort to procure the packaging you need
  • Calculate custom sizes online
  • Just-in-time and express deliveries
  • Packaging materials delivered together

corrugated board boxes made to measure

The main taself-adhesive of packaging is to protect goods, products, and filler from damage during transport to the consumer, factory, or retailer and during storage. Corrugated board shipping boxes are particularly suitable for fulfilling these taself-adhesives. Corrugated board shipping boxes have been the most frequently used packaging for the transport of goods for many years.Â
As standard industrial packaging, single-layer and double-layer corrugated shipping boxes offer excellent protection and stackability due to their effective construction. They are cheap to produce and easy to print, but another advantage of corrugated board boxes should not be underestimated: they are 100% recyclable by the end user.

Configure custom FEFCO carton boxes online

The internationally applicable FEFCO-ESBO code (also known as the international fibreboard case code) is a code that describes corrugated and solid board packaging materials. The code which is in use worldwide was established in the 1960s by European industry associations and later adopted by the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA).

FEFCO (Féderation Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule) was founded in 1952 with its headquarters in Brussels. Today the organisation's name has been changed to the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, although the original French acronym has been retained.

ESBO (the European Solid Board Organization) was founded in 2004 with headquarters in The Hague. It is the successor to ASSCO (Association Européenne des Fabricants de Caisses en Carton Compact), which was founded in 1952.

The obsolete term FEFCO code is still used today in the industry because the code system was originally developed by FEFCO and was only intended for corrugated board packaging.

Slotted carton - FEFCO 0201

Slotted carton - FEFCO 0201 The majority of folding box boxes are slotted-type boxes consisting of basically one piece with a glued, stitched or taped manufacturer's joint and top and bottom flaps. Slotted boxes are delivered flat-folded and ready for use. They are closed with the help of flaps.

The FEFCO 0201 slotted carton is the most common of all carton designs. Due to their effective construction and high strength, slotted boxes are suitable for shipping light to heavy loads. They are ideal for shipping with DHL, UPS, and other parcel service companies. Slotted boxes are the ideal packaging solution for storing, shipping, exporting, or protecting products. They are used when shipping goods or when transporting items, such as when moving house.

The slotted carton is closed by joining the factory edges by means of flap gluing, wire stitching, or adhesive tape. The shipping packaging can also be additionally secured at the lid and base with adhesive strips or with a strapping band.Â

Full overlap box (FEFCO 0203)

Full overlap box - FEFCO 0203

This full overlap box is used to package all kinds of goods for transport. This packaging is particularly suitable for shipping heavy goods such as electronic equipment, since it offers more protection against punctures due to the fully overlapping lid and base flaps.

This full overlap box is also made of a single piece.

The width of the outer and inner flaps corresponds to the width of the folding box. The overlap provides more stability due to the double material thickness. The factory edges are joined together by gluing the tabs, wire stitching, or adhesive tape. This securely seals the full overlap box. The carton is folded flat and delivered to the customer ready for use.


Cardboard packing wallet - FEFCO 0401

Cardboard packing wallet - FEFCO 0401 Packing wallets generally consists of only one blank of solid or corrugated board. The lid and at least two side walls are fixed to the bottom and have a groove. The FEFCO 0401 is a one-piece packing wallet with inner and outer sealing caps cross to "hug" the product.

This shipping package is particularly suitable for shipping small to medium-sized products. This type of packaging is ideal for flat goods such as promotional gifts, clothing, and chocolates. It is also suitable for books, folders, documents, CDs, DVDs, or calendars. For particularly sensitive or high-quality goods, we recommend considering hinged-lid boxes - FEFCO 0427 instead

. As a rule, packing wallets are prepared without stapling or gluing. The package is closed at the centre with adhesive strips or wire stitching.


Hinged lid box – FEFCO 0427

Die-cut packaging - FEFCO 0427This hinged lid carton is die-cut from a blank. At least two side walls and the lid of the box are hinged to the bottom. This shipping carton consists of a large insert lid and thus a wide lid opening and a locked base.

This carton construction is particularly stable and suitable for the safe shipping, transport, and storage of large and flat products. Due to the stable construction and the particularly secure closure, it is also highly recommended for shock-sensitive, more expensive goods such as electronic products.

No adhesive tape is required to assemble the carton. The lateral overlapping ends of the folding lid are inserted into the carton, thus creating a double hollow wall which guarantees high stability. This securely closes the carton. For shipping, you can additionally secure it with adhesive tape or straps.

corrugated board sheet - FEFCO 0110

corrugated board sheet - FEFCO 0110
In terms of weight, corrugated board is relatively light and is one of the most commonly used packaging materials for transport packaging. The carton consists of 100% renewable raw materials, is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and can be completely recycled after use.

corrugated board sheets are particularly suitable for separating and stacking goods within a carton and thus saving filling material and outer packaging. They are also used to protect products from damage such as shocks or friction.

Further information can be found in the FEFCO CODE.

Standard formats: determining the right carton size

The dimensions of a carton box are always specified in length, width, height order, e.g. length 450 mm x width 350 mm x height 150 mm.
The dimensions are determined as follows:
  • the length (l) describes the long side of the opened carton;
  • the width (w) describes the short side of the opened carton; and
  • the height (h) describes the inner edge from the opening to the base of the box.

Unless otherwise stated, the dimensions of corrugated board boxes are always given as internal dimensions (from crease to crease) and in mm units.
Box dimension

DIN format boxes

The most common DIN format boxes are available in A3, A4, A5, A6, and A7 sizes.

Overview of DIN packaging

DIN A format. Printed matter, miscellaneous
DIN C format Envelopes mainly suitable for DIN A format paper
DIN B format Larger and suitable for shipping in DIN C format paper
DIN Size (mm) DIN Size (mm) DIN Size (mm)
A0 841 × 1189 B0 1000 × 1414 C0 917 × 1297
A1 594 x 841 B1 707 × 1000 C1 648 × 917
A2 420 x 594 B2 500 × 707 C2 458 × 648
A3 297 x 420 B3 353 × 500 C3 324 × 458
A4 210 x 297 B4 250 × 353 C4 229 × 324
A5 148 x 210 B5 176 × 250 C5 162 × 229
A6 105 x 148 B6 125 × 176 C6 114 × 162
A7 74 x 105 B7 88 × 125 C7 81 × 114
A8 52 x 74 B8 62 × 88 C8 57 × 81
A9 37 x 52 B9 44 × 62 C9 40 × 57
A10 26 x 37 B10 31 × 44 C10 28 × 40

DIN Formats

At labelprint24, you can design folding boxes in any size required. Just use our calculator. If you have any special wishes or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Explore our made-to-measure printed folding cartons.

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