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Cardboard shipping boxes

Cardboard shipping boxes

Are you looking for a secure, stable and resilient shipping box that is manufactured and printed exactly to your specifications? Discover the corrugated cardboard shipping packaging from!

  • Laminated corrugated board for high-quality printing and top quality
  • Many design options for unique designs
  • Available in many FEFCO types

Choose your product and calculate it directly online!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 5 days
  • Material
    E / B / EB flute
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Load capacity
    22 / 44 / 66 lbs

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Cardboard shipping boxes at Labelprint24.com__

Cardboard Shipping boxes

corrugated cardboard shipping boxes

What is a cardboard shipping box?

Cardboard shipping boxes are also used for a wide variety of products, though they have a critical distinction to product packaging: as the name hints at, shipping boxes are explicitly used to bring goods directly to the consumer.

Due to this they are also called transport packages, because that’s exactly where they are usually at use. In order to meet all the requirements of this task, shipping boxes must have certain properties:

> Resistant against a variety of possibles stresses and damages on the one hand;
> light and simple for quick filling and efficient transport on the other

This is absolutely not a problem for our cardboard shipping boxes. All variations have strong stability and very light weight. On top of that corrugated cardboard is perfect for print and refinement - that way a “simple” shipping box becomes an opportunity for a 100 percent freely customisable packaging solution.

Where are cardboard shipping boxes used?

The use case of transport- or shipping boxes is very clear: if you need to ship wares they are the perfect package. This task is actually very multi-faceted, because cardboard shipping boxes are used for a lot of very diverse goods. 

There’s also a lot of requirements on the side of the recipient. When sending machine parts from a supplier to a processing industrial company, pragmatic considerations such as the protective function are paramount. In the mail order business, on the other hand, transport packaging is an important first business card that can be used to make an impression on customers.

shipping packaging for transport


The transport of goods still carries a high amount of risks with it. Damage can occur during loading and unloading, but also during transport itself - for example due to carelessness or outside influences. That’s why cardboard shipping boxes have to be able to withstand impact, pressure, humidity and a lot more. Laminated corrugated cardboard is best suited for this.


If the shipped goods are not used immediately but stored for a later date, a high degree of stability is required. It is also helpful if the packaging used for this purpose can be stacked easily - especially as this is also a great advantage during transport. By the way, our shipping boxes can fully meet both requirements.
shipping boxes for perfect storage
efficient shipping box


Efficiency is also important for shipping boxes - on various levels. For example, maximum stability with the lowest possible weight is required, because this makes transport (more) cost-efficient. But efficient packaging also means less material consumption and thus less packaging waste. And because corrugated board is fully recyclable, even after its use it can contribute to more efficiency in the circular economy.

What are the benefits of cardboard shipping boxes at Labelprint24?

A safe shipping box has to be light and robust. But the cardboard shipping boxes of Labelprint24 offer way more than that. The combination of robust materials, diverse product types and free formats which are 100% freely customizable make our cardboard boxes the optimal solution.
versatile shipping box

Versatile packaging solution

The FEFCO-Standard for packages cover a wide spectrum of different packaging types. We offer you a wide variety of packages in our catalogue, to fulfill your wishes in the best possible manner. From the folding box to the one piece folder, an extensive selection of boxes is open to you.

Space-saving packaging solutions

From an ecological and financial point of view, it makes sense to waste as little space as possible when packaging. This is achieved in several ways with our shipping boxes: tailor-made packaging makes filling materials unnecessary and reduces the amount of waste. Moreover, corrugated cardboard boxes that have been cut out and not yet erected take up hardly any space in storage.
space-saving shipping packaging
custom shipping packaging

Individual packaging solutions

Blank shipping boxes are often sufficient, but do not sufficiently utilize the full design potential of this packaging variant. Our corrugated cardboard is ideal for printing and allows for highly individual designs. For example for corporate design with high recognition value.

What designs are available for our cardboard shipping boxes?

The requirements for shipping boxes can differ depending on the packaged goods or the industry. That's why you'll find a wide range of different shipping packaging at Labelprint24, to give you the best solution for your products and goods. 

Regardless of the respective properties of our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, however, you can always rely on its high quality and reliable protective function. In addition, almost all of our shipping packaging complies with FEFCO standards.

Folding box

Folding box FEFCO 0201__

Folding box

An easy and cheap solution for many packaging- and shipping tasks. With double fluted cardboard and the correct filling the box can even carry up to 40 kilograms. Adhesive tape or strapping tape is needed to close the flaps tightly.

Hinged-lid box FEFCO 0427__

Hinged-lid box

A special shipping box with tuck-in lid, wide lid opening and locked base. The side flaps of the lid serve as a locking mechanism.  All in all, the hinged-lid box offers a high degree of stability and security for your packaged goods.

Hinged-lid box

One piece folder

One piece folder FEFCO 0215__

One piece folder

One piece folders are folding boxes that are punched out in a cross shape in one piece. When folded, the inner and outer caps then come together. Cross packaging is quick and easy to assemble. It is mainly used as outer packaging for books, etc.

Full overlap slotted container FEFCO 0203__

Full overlap slotted container

Overlapping base- and lid flaps give the cardboard box excellent stability. It is therefore also ideally suited for packages with a heavier weight. The overlapping lids also leave no gaps and thus offer secure protection against unauthorised access.
Full overlap slotted container

Folding box

Folding box__

Folding box with adhesive strips

Adhesive seals make this folding box a securely sealable shipping option. It can be easily reopened with a tear strip. A second adhesive strip offers the option of resealing the box just as securely afterwards, for example for a return shipment.

Sheets FEFCO 0110__

Corrugated cardboard sheets

Corrugated board has excellent resistance to pressure. Therefore, our corrugated cardboard blanks are an excellent and stable intermediate layer for stacked goods in a box or on a pallet. The corrugated cardboard sheets also prevent the packaged goods from slipping.

In addition to our wide range of shipping boxes in various shapes, you will also find a huge selection of folding cardboard boxes at Labelprint24. From standard folding boxes to flat cardboard sleeves and counter displays, we offer you a wide range of packaging products that ideally complement our high-quality shipping boxes.

Sustainable shipping with shipping boxes by Labelprint24

What does packaging have to be like to make a noticeable contribution to sustainability? The morro in this context must be: less is more. 

With our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes it’s even possible to realize this motto in more ways than one:

>Free formats with 100 percent customizability help with finding precisely fitting and tailor-made packaging solutions. You need fewer packaging materials and you can forego using filling materials leading to less packaging waste.
>We don’t only use corrugated cardboard for its stability and printability. It is also single-origin and fully recyclable.At the same time, the corrugated board itself consists largely of recycled waste paper - and is thus a prime example of an efficient circular economy.

Corrugated cardboard offers a lot of advantages from an ecological standpoint. They reduce the consumption of resources, can be excellently recycled and reduce the amount of waste. All this in turn brings economic benefits: lower costs for packaging materials, for example, or improved image among the growing number of environmentally conscious customers. Shipping boxes made of corrugated board are therefore always a worthwhile investment.

The labelprint24 services for individual shipping packaging

For shipping packaging that is perfectly tailored to your needs, we put out expertise and state-of-the-art technology at your disposal. At Labelprint24, you have the option of designing corrugated cardboard shipping packaging easily and completely freely according to your ideas. 

With an extensive range of services and the highest quality standards, we are the ideal partner for your packaging needs:

  • Experience the design possibilities of our free formats and design fully customised shipping boxes. They are as customisable as it gets!

  • Configure and calculate your desired packaging in a simple and straightforward manner with our online calculator - with full overwiew of the costs at all times.

  • High stability and reliable protection with minimal use of packaging materials. With our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, you get an extremely efficient packaging solution with a lot of different applications.

  • Quickly produced, quickly delivered - your customised shipping box with the usual high quality from Labelprint24 is on its way to you after just 12 to 15 working days.

If you have any questions about our shipping boxes or special requests for individual design, please contact us. The Labelprint24 team is at your service with competent expert advice and will find the best solution together with you.