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Black cardboard: noble material for special purposes

At first glance, folding boxes serve only one purpose: to package various products. But they do much more than that, they tell stories about the product, the manufacturer or the seller. They inform, advertise and protect. To meet these multiple purposes, not always just a standard rectangular folding box is suitable. That's why we offer you many different folding box shapes: from hanging boxes to cardboard blanks, almost every folding box shape is included. But almost more important than the shape of the folding box is the folding box material: it influences the look and feel of the packaging and can greatly affect the message that the packaging conveys.

Our range of materials for folding cartons includes different cartons in various thicknesses and basis weights. The colors of the folding box materials also differ: white and bright white cardboard, brown kraft cardboard, cardboard with a silver coating or black kraft cardboard are among our material choices.

Black cardboard is a special material. It is often used for product packaging that needs to stand out while still looking classy and modern. Black folding boxes stand out strongly due to their appearance without being too flashy or distracting. For each of our folding boxes, you can select the black cardboard in the calculator.

Black bag boxBlack dispenser box for labelsBlack pillow boxBlack folding boxBlack cardboard sleeveBlack pocket folderBlack slipcase boxBlack counter displayBlack carrying handle box


Multiple uses for black cardboard

Black cardboard packaging can be used anywhere you want to stand out with your product packaging. Actually, any product can be packed in our black cardboard folding boxes; even for food, the cardboard is suitable. However, black cardboard is especially popular as packaging for luxury products or high quality gift packaging.

Some products that benefit from the special presentation provided by black product packaging include fine clothing and accessories, luxurious cosmetic products, high-quality jewelry, or handcrafted items. If you want gift boxes or giveaways to stand out, black boxes are particularly well suited. An example of black cardboard product packaging is this box for a high-quality body lotion. The simple design, which can also be found on the bottle thanks to individual labels, makes the product look luxurious. The packaging for perfume is also made of black cardboard. Der farbige Druck auf dem schwarzen Karton macht die Packung auffällig und lässt sie am POS hervorstechen, ohne zu aufdringlich zu wirken.

Folding boxBlack box for body lotionBlack box with colorful print for perfume

Shipping packaging made of black cardboard also creates a particularly eye-catching presentation of the goods. The black shipping cartons stand out among the usual brown shipping packaging and draw attention to the contained product from the very beginning. Other uses for black cardboard boxes include use as shoe boxes, storage boxes or craft boxes.

Properties of black cardboard

The black cardboard that you can choose from any folding carton product calculator at Labelprint24 is natural or kraft cardboard. Kraft cardboard is characterized by high resistance, tear strength, bending stiffness and toughness. The black kraft cardboard is unbleached and completely dyed black. The board is uncoated, but this does not detract from the feel. The matte surface of the cardboard feels pleasant and smooth. The surface properties of the cardboard ensure that it always remains clean and free of fingerprints. Thus, the luxurious look of the carton is preserved and the effect of high-quality product presentation by the black carton is not lost.

Finishes for black cardboard folding boxes

Black folding boxes with gold hot foil stampingConvincingly conveying a brand message obviously requires more than just a box. An important component of product presentation through folding boxes is the printing as well as the finishing of the material.The two types of finishing you can choose in the folding box calculators on our site when you buy folding boxes made of black cardboard are hot foil stamping as well as blind embossing.

Hot foil stamping uses heat and pressure to apply a foil to the cardstock. In the calculator you can choose between the shiny foil colors silver, gold and copper. The metallic foils create a special effect on any folding box. However, the effect is especially striking on folding boxes made of black cardboard, because the shiny foils stand out perfectly against the black material color, creating a special effect. When printing folding boxes, we use the process of digital printing. This allows us to produce even small quantities cost-efficiently, as well as to realize individually personalized print motifs. In order to be able to implement this individuality for every folding box design, we also use a digital process for hot foil stamping. In this way, individual and variable motifs can be made possible without additional costs, as no tools are required for digital hot foil stamping. Even large areas can be finished cost-effectively.  

With blind embossing, the desired motif is embossed on the cardboard with the help of pressure by an embossing die. The motif is thus not only visible, but also stands out haptically from the black box and can be felt.

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