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Single wall cartons

Single wall cartons

Are you looking for a box for packing light goods weighing up to 20 kg? A reliable packaging made of robust corrugated cardboard? Discover single wall cardboard boxes from!

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  • Can be customised in three flute types

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    From 5 days
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  • Load capacity
    10 / 20 / 30 kg
  • Material
    E / B Flute

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Single wall cartons from Labelprint24

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One flute for many applications

Folding cartons made of single flute corrugated board are considered ideal packaging solutions for light to medium weight goods. Depending on the model, the load capacity of the cartons is up to 20 kilograms. You can use the cardboard box as a secure packaging and shipping alternative as well as a reliable transport and storage box. Single wall boxes are available in many different designs, formats and sizes. Thanks to this wide range of models, you can optimally cover almost every shipping case and storage scenario with boxes of this type.

In most cases, manufacturers use single wall corrugated board as the base material. As part of the manufacturing process, they glue the flute to a smooth paper web on both sides. This means that the corrugated web is always exactly between two cover webs, which provides strength and stability. As a rule, these are always particularly environmentally friendly products. For example, the packaging material consists almost entirely of recycled paper. In Germany, starch glue based on wheat, maize or potato starch is used as the adhesive.

This is how you make optimum use of single-wall cartons:

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Packaging with many advantages - single wall cartons from Labelprint24

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Protective function

Due to the corrugated structure, our single flute cartons are very robust and stable with a very low tare weight. This means you can ship and transport products weighing up to 20 kg safely and reliably in single flute cartons. Such packaging is also extremely resistant to external influences such as wind, rain, snow, dirt or even unintentional impacts.

Marketing function

Depending on the size and format, large areas are available which can be optimally used for marketing purposes with your logo, sales arguments and advertising messages.

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Individual design options

Whether design or finishing techniques - there are numerous possibilities to configure your own packaging solutions. In this way, a standard folding carton made of single wall corrugated board becomes a truly unique item. Packaging solutions with an unusual or unique touch generate increased attention among your potential customers and have a purchase-animating effect.

Environmental friendliness and sustainability

Single wall corrugated boxes are in many cases made from already recycled material. They are also fully recyclable or alternatively compostable. Since the adhesive used to glue the individual sheets is also based on environmentally friendly wheat or potato starch, packaging solutions of this type stand for environmental friendliness and sustainability.

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Variety of models

At Labelprint24 you can configure the perfect single-wall packaging solution from a wide and varied range. The range of options here extends from product packaging with special bases and different closure systems to shipping packaging such as hinged-lid boxes, one piece folder or return boxes. This means you always have the ideal solution for every packaging scenario.

Trust in the quality of Labelprint24

Do you attach great importance to particularly high quality, creative design options and fast order and delivery processes? Then Labelprint24 is the right partner for you when it comes to purchasing single-wall packaging solutions. This is because we have in-depth know-how and expertise in the production of secure and reliable packaging solutions.

At Labelprint24 you enjoy special service and helpful support. We offer a wide range of single flute cardboard variants, all of which can be configured in free formats. Our service is characterised not only by sustainable production processes and environmentally friendly materials, but also by low minimum order quantities and fast delivery.

If you have any questions or would like advice, do not hesitate to call us.

We solve problems and find individual solutions.

Single flute cartons - product diversity for a wide range of applications

Our products can be used almost universally and represent excellent solutions for a wide range of applications with the most diverse orientation. Depending on the intended use, you can obtain comprehensively customisable carton solutions from us, each of which is characterised by specific advantages and properties. You will therefore find single flute cardboard boxes in our product portfolio in a wide variety of formats and shapes.

Our corrugated cardboard product packaging is available in many different designs. Our bestsellers include the folding box with tuck-in flap, which is characterised by its easy handling, the hinged-lid box with its great unboxing potential, the with its great unboxing potential, the folding box with snap lock base - FEFCO 0215 and folding carton with crash lock base - FEFCO 0713 0713.

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Furthermore, we offer you useful extensions for your product or shipping packaging. corrugated cardboard sheets or slipcases provide more support and thus more security. These elements can also be printed individually and over the entire surface.

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The difference between single wall and double wall corrugated board

The main difference between the two types of material is already in the name. But when is which type of corrugated board suitable? The decision whether to use single wall or double wall corrugated board for a product depends largely on the weight of the goods to be shipped. While single wall corrugated board has a load capacity of up to 10 kg, double wall corrugated board can be used for products weighing up to 30 kg.

However, this is of course also a cost factor, because double wall corrugated board is somewhat more expensive to produce and therefore also to sell. Therefore, it is always worth calculating in advance exactly how much load-bearing capacity is needed to ship your goods. This way you can ensure that you always make cost-efficient decisions when selecting materials and never pay too much for your packaging solutions.

Environmentally friendly materials in top quality

Our packaging materials are among the top brands throughout Europe. We develop and produce packaging solutions from single and double wall cardboard for companies, product manufacturers and retailers. Customers from all over the world appreciate the top quality of our packaging solutions. The basis for the high quality of our packaging is carefully selected materials that meet all standards and in some cases even exceed them.

For our single flute cardboard packaging, we rely exclusively on ultra- fine or micro-flute (E-flute) and fine flute (B-flute).

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You also benefit from this in the segment of single flute packaging solutions in carton form. We only use materials that have been extensively checked and tested for stability and robustness. This ensures maximum protection for your packaged goods. In addition, the premium-quality corrugated board we carefully select ensures particularly smooth surfaces. This makes outstanding printing results possible.

The materials we use are not only particularly stable, but also sustainable. For example, corrugated cardboard can be almost completely recycled. The cardboard fibres can be recycled several times. Since the fibres can shorten during recycling, we mix the waste paper with a proportion of virgin fibres during production. However, these are not obtained from felled trees, but from collected pieces of wood that are disposed of in the course of forest management. This makes corrugated board a very sustainable material that not only protects your products but also the environment.

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Things to know about corrugated board

You can read more background information about the material itself and its production in our blog post packaging materials in focus: Corrugated cardboard. Here you can also learn about the historical background to the material that has decisively shaped the mail order business.

Optimise the look and function of your single-wall cartons

Do you want a particularly elegant-looking package or do you want to accentuate the noble character of the product? Perhaps you also need a particularly unusual design that makes the carton a real eye-catcher ? We offer you the necessary tools and options with which you can further enhance and refine your single-wall cartons.

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Print varnishing in glossy or matt form is just as possible as coatings with protective laminate, which additionally increase the protection factor against external and mechanical influences. In these cases, too, you can easily select the various finishing techniques online via our smart configurator. In addition to lacquers and coatings, many other finishes are available on request. Signatures and special die-cuts are particularly in demand as optimising finishes.

Not found the right packaging solution yet?

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Frequently asked questions about cartons by load capacity

  • How are single wall cartons stored correctly?
    When folded, the boxes are very space-saving and can be stored anywhere without any problems. However, always store the boxes only in rooms or areas with a humidity of about 50 to 55 percent. This is the optimal environment for corrugated board. Too little humidity, on the other hand, can damage the cardboard.

  • What data is needed for printing?
    You can see all the specifications regarding the printing data by clicking on the coloured term "printing data instructions". You will find this term on every product page under the heading "Miscellaneous". If you want to be absolutely sure, you can also take advantage of our Extra Profi data check for a small fee.

  • How quickly are the ordered single flute boxes delivered?
    The production of our single flute boxes takes between five (express production) and 15 working days (standard production). You will then receive your boxes within 2 days after completion.