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Numbered labels

Numbered labels

Are you looking for a numbered label to systematically organise your stock or documents? A label with all the information for shipping your products? Order numbered labels from!

  • Barcode labels, numbered labels and labels with QR code
  • Optional barcode check for sensitive POS systems
  • Razor-sharp print image and reliable legibility

Also as coded booklet- or multi layers labels available!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 2 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Film finishing / Varnish

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Easy organisation with our numbered labels

At Labelprint24 you can easily configure many different types of numbered labels online, such as labels with barcodes, numbering, QR codes or other codes. Optionally, we also offer a barcode check for sensitive cash register systems.

Types of numbered labels:

  • Barcode/barcode labels:

A barcode consists of a short series of black bars of varying thickness. The barcodes can be read with a scanner. A laser or LED technology is used for this.

Barcode labels are most used in supermarkets or in the retail of goods. With a (hand-held) scanner, the barcodes can then be read quickly and no longer must be entered laboriously at the checkout. The barcodes contain information about the product, the price, the address and the date of manufacture. Goods can thus be quickly identified and assigned. Barcode labels are also called barcode labels. Douglas Young invented the barcode as early as 1949. In the 1940s, the code was used for the first time in supermarkets. As a result, waiting times at the checkout were rapidly reduced. The labels contribute significantly to business optimisation.

  • Industrial labels:

Industrial labels are extremely important for product identification of printed packaging and for safety information and warnings. For the control of logistical processes, a sequential number or barcode must help in the allocation of machines, goods and equipment. This ensures quick and easy identification. The labels must be resistant to oil, grease, solvents and other chemicals. They must also protect against dirt, dust and scratches.

  • QR code labels:

Labels with QR code are stickers with a QR code printed on them. The QR code, also called "Qiuck response code", is a square graphic and usually contains a link to a website. The labels can be made of paper or foil. The material only needs to be opaque to ensure the best possible readability when scanned. QR codes are particularly popular at trade fairs, for business cards, for advertising flyers and brochures. QR codes can also be photographed with the camera of a mobile phone and take the user to a predetermined website. QR codes are thus a modern way of disseminating information.

  • EAN Labels

EAN labels are "European Article Numbers" on which EAN codes are printed. EAN code is in turn a barcode type in which an article number is encoded. Since 2009, there are no more EAN codes, but today "Global Trade Item Numbers" (GTIN) are encoded in the codes.


Labels can be applied in different ways. The range of application of the numbered labels is extremely versatile. The labels are used and required in different industries. Typical areas are, for example, in logistics, in administration and organization, in signage and for events. There the labels are used as follows:

  • Logistics: for warehouse labelling and management, for tracking, shipment ID.
  • Administration and organization: customer and patient file, warehouse numbers, filing, archiving.
  • Labelling: batch numbers, serial numbers
  • Events: participant and start numbers, vouchers

There are many useful applications for labels with numbers: For example, sequentially numbered stickers are needed for product identification on packaging, storage labels mark shelf compartments in warehouses, or folder labels enable filed documents to be clearly located in the office. Without numbered labels, modern merchandise management would not exist.

Our labels can be used both indoors and outdoors. With our project configurator from Labelprint24 you can create your individual numbered label. There are many different combinations and choices of format, material, adhesive and finishing.

Here you can find out about multilayer labels with codes and numbering:

Sandwich labels(double layer labels/peel off labels) or Booklet labels. All papers and films are described in detail in the project configurator regarding their possible applications. If you still have questions, please contact our customer support.

Labels with consecutive and constant numbering

We can have our labels with a sequential code printed on different materials. Whether you choose paper labels or foil labels, you will find the right material for your numbered labels with us. The code can be printed in one or four colours with Euro scale. The labels are supplied as roll labels. In addition to the consecutive labels, there are also labels with the same code. Here, too, it is possible to have the labels printed in one colour or four colours with Euro scale. This type of label is particularly suitable to produce numbered property, inventory and inspection labels. Likewise, such numbering can be produced by Labelprint24 for equipment or signs. Thanks to our digital printing system, it is easy for us to personalise your roll labels with consecutive or constant numbers. Especially in sensitive areas, such as the marking of food, laboratory samples or pharmaceutical-chemical products, consecutive numbering is a must for reasons of traceability.

Advantages of numbered labels

Some good advantages of numbered labels have already been mentioned. We would like to show you once again what these are in a compact form:

Numbered labels are indispensable for organisation and structuring in many areas. Especially for logistics, shipping, chemical areas or simply in the food industry. It is impossible to imagine our professional and private lives without labels. Barcodes or QR codes in particular pass on information quickly and securely. Labels save an enormous amount of time in administration and organisation. At Labelprint24, you can choose between different materials, colours and adhesives to produce the label you need. The labels also withstand various environmental influences so that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • For organisation, management and structuring
  • a must in various industries
  • Fast and secure data transfer thanks to the latest technology
  • scratch and tear resistant
  • resistant to grease, oil, UV radiation, water, dirt, humidity
  • easy to use also for private persons
  • can be used indoors and outdoors