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Mailer box

Mailer box


Are you looking for a hinged-lid box that can offer your customers a special unboxing experience? A packaging solution that can be freely configured? Then order mailer box with locking tab from Labelprint24!

  • The perfect solution for e-commerce
  • Lid printable on both sides
  • Suitable as shipping or product packaging

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    From 5 days
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    E / B / EB
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Mailer box from Labelprint24

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Folding cartons: the flexible packaging solution

Mailer box, known aldo as hinged-lid box, are ideal for time-saving and environmentally friendly shipping of your products. Made of corrugated cardboard, they are one of the most popular packaging solutions in e-commerce. And not without reason: the special opening mechanism of these folding cartons creates an excellent unboxing experience. The option of having the lid printed on both sides and the entire surface can support this experience even better.

In addition to emotional factors, our hinged lid boxes are characterised by excellent functionality, durability, flexible application possibilities and aesthetic design. Various types of corrugated board are available, with different stability characteristics and load capacities. This means that you will always find the right solution for your products.

This means that mailer corrugated boxes can be used flexibly. The range of possibilities extends from storage and transport to shipping and use as heavy product packaging, as outer packaging and even as moving boxes.

Folding cartons are also a very environmentally friendly solution: on one hand, corrugated cardboard for boxes is produced from renewable raw materials, on the other hand, it is 100% recyclable.

These are the advantages of mailer boxes from Labelprint24

Safety and reliability

Folding boxes with hinged lid have a high protection factor due to the cardboard structure and the materials used. Corrugated board has a high load-bearing capacity - and that with a very low dead weight. This means that your goods are not only protected safely, but also cost-efficiently and ideally packaged for transport. In addition, they can be stored easily and in a space-saving manner.

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The hinged lid boxes are very easy to close and open. Not even adhesive tape is necessary. This makes packing as well as unpacking goods a frustration-free experience. The closure not only guarantees maximum pleasure when unpacking, but also highly efficient filling.


Corrugated cardboard mailer boxes are the undisputed kings when it comes to the unboxing experience. Print the inside of the flap lid with a greeting message, the brand logo and claim or other creative print images. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised even before they hold the actual product in their hands.

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Labelprint24 - Your partner for professional packaging solutions

As a leading system supplier of packaging materials, we stand for a high level of consulting competence and a comprehensive service character. You will also benefit from this when ordering cartons from Labelprint24 because in our shop, you not only receive folding cartons with classic standard formats and dimensions, but also have the option of configuring the dimensions of your corrugated cardboard mailer cartons individually.

Thanks to our online configurator, even the combination of many different parameters is extremely simple and above all always transparent. By making the appropriate entries and clicks, you simply select the cardboard shape you want, specify the size, determine the material as well as the corrugated structure and then finally decide on one of the specified production and delivery time options.

The costs change with each customised option. In this way you always have the final price of your order in view. Depending on the selected production and delivery time option, Labelprint24 will then produce your ordered goods within 5 to 15 working days.

We will be happy to provide you with competent advice on our products and services at any time.
Contact us if you need support in implementing your packaging vision.

We offer you mailer boxes in various designs

One thing is clear: if you want to store, transport or ship products, the packaging plays a decisive role. It acts as a protective cover and barrier against dirt or moisture, but it also protects your products from mechanical hazards, such as accidental knocks and impacts.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, customisable, robust, stable and safe at all times: with our folding carton made of high-quality and fully recyclable corrugated cardboard, you are making exactly the right decision. We have the perfect cardboard solution in our portfolio for almost every project and for a wide variety of packaging goods.

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Hinged-lid boxes are quick, easy and secure to close and are among our most popular packaging solutions. In addition, the closure system simplifies opening or closing and thus also the entire handling.

Hinged-lid box with adhesive strip have an even better handling. The closure with built-in adhesive strip provides optimum protection for your products inside the box. The additional application of adhesive tape is not necessary. This saves time and resources.

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At Labelprint24 you will not only find mailer boxes made of corrugated board, but also made of solid cardboard such as recycled or natural board - those are our folding box with hinged lid. Our bestsellers made of solid board in this area include the rollover hinged lid with hook. The additional flap protects the contents even better against unintentional opening. Neither the appearance nor the handling is affected.

Top quality materials at Labelprint24

Our mailer boxes are made of completely recyclable corrugated cardboard. This type of cardboard has various advantages over classic solid cardboard. The most important distinguishing feature is the additional intermediate layer integrated into the corrugated board. This is the corrugated board that gives it its name.

It is located between the outer and inner liners and is firmly bonded to the outer liner by an adhesive. The flute gives the cardboard a very high stability, strength and resistance to external influences such as impact forces - and all this with a low unladen weight. Corrugated board is thus far more robust than conventional solid board.

In accordance with our company philosophy, we rely exclusively on premium quality corrugated board for our products in the folding carton category. We offer you several material options for each cardboard variant. This means that you can always select exactly the material that perfectly suits the respective requirements. At Labelprint24, you can choose between single- and double-wall cardboard as well as various corrugated shapes.

Our building blocks for your individual material composition:

Single flute corrugated board: E-flute

Our E-flute corrugated cardboard folding boxes are predestined for storing and shipping lighter products up to 10 kg. This is an ultra-fine or micro-flute with a flute height of 1.5 mm and a flute pitch of 3 mm, which ensures a particularly smooth cardboard surface for good printability.

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Single flute corrugated board: B flute

The so-called fine flute serves as the basis here. The flute pitch, which is important for printing, is still quite closely structured at 4.8 mm, which is reflected in excellent print images. The height of the corrugations is 3 mm. Due to the slightly different structure, the B flute is far more stable and loadable than the E flute. The maximum load capacity, for example, is around 20 kg.

Double flute corrugated board: EB flute

This material constellation ensures greater stability and strength compared to the single-flute variants. The flute height within the double flute is 4.5 mm, while the flute pitch is a narrow 4.8 mm. Your folding box with EB flute reliably carries products up to a maximum weight of around 30 kg.

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How to give your folding boxes a special style

Labelprint24 offers you a variety of finishing techniques. For example, glossy or matt print varnishes are possible, if desired also with corresponding cut-outs for date and code. Alternatively, you can choose for a coating with transparent protective laminate (matt or glossy). This not only enhances the appearance of your packaging, but also provides optimised protection against moisture, contamination or even mechanical impact forces.

These options inspire you and you would like to customise your folding carton?

Your contacts at Labelprint24 are real specialists and will be happy to support you in implementing your ideas.

Frequently asked questions about corrugated cardboard boxes

  • How important is the cardboard thickness for mailer boxes?
    The thickness of the cardboard is a decisive factor. Basically, the more corrugations in the cardboard, the more stable and robust the material. Double flute cardboard boxes therefore have more cardboard thickness than single flute versions. This then also manifests itself in a higher load capacity and load limit.
  • Is adhesive tape needed to seal a mailer carton?
    Not necessarily. The mailer box can also be closed without adhesive tape. If you want to ensure that the packaging is not opened illegally, you can use our labels as a security seal or resort to our folding box with integrated adhesive tape.
  • Is there a minimum number of items that must be ordered?
    Yes, but the minimum quantity for our mailer boxes is only 10 boxes per variant or variety.
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