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Folding box with hinged lid

Folding box with hinged lid


Are you looking for a folding box that is suitable for a wide range of products thanks to its large lid opening? Which is quickly assembled and ready for dispatch thanks to the integrated lid? Discover the folding boxes from!

  • Cardboard in white, coloured, natural, bright white & recycled
  • Finishing with foil stamping, varnish etc.
  • Grammages from 215 - 500 g/m²

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1. What are folding boxes with hinged lids?

Hinged-lid boxes are flat folding boxes with a hinged lid,. They are filled and opened via the lid opening and then closed again by tucking in the flap. Apart from the hinged lid with the tuck-in flap, a hinged box resembles a standard folding box.

Hinged-lid boxes from labelprint24 feature high-quality printing and finishes and are available in individual sizes. They are delivered flat to the customer.

2. The construction of hinged-lid boxes

A hinged-lid box consists of two parts, the box and the lid. Both parts are connected at a folding edge and are punched from a single carton sheet. If the lid is punched separately, it's no longer a hinged-lid box, but a lidded box.

The side parts of the hinged-lid box are folded up, creating small hollow walls. These hollow walls give the hinged box its stability. Hinged-lid boxes are firmly closed with the aid of closure flaps, safety flaps, and gluing of the seams. The type of closure used depends on the strength required. Being able to reseal it also plays a role.

At labelprint24, you can order hinged-lid boxes with tuck-in lids, hinged-lid boxes with security flaps, and standard lidded boxes with glued seam.

3. Possible applications of hinged-lid boxes

3.1 Functions of hinged-lid boxes

Hinged-lid are a particularly stable and high-quality folding box. When the carton is folded over to assemble the box, it creates a double layer to further protect the contents against mechanical damage. This special stability naturally helps protect what's inside. But the core function of these kinds of boxes is different.

Hinged-lid boxes are often made of high-quality carton, attractively printed and given a high-end finish. This packaging design belies their most important function: they are a very attractive form of packaging and thus popular for high-end products and for use as advertising media or promotional campaigns.

3.2 Typical applications of hinged-lid boxes

Beauty needs space and a stage: whenever a product is supposed to trigger a certain ah-hah effect when unpacked, using a hinged-lid box as secondary packaging can create this effects. It might be a beautiful watch, a precious piece of jewellery, a lighter made of metal with the logo of a well-known American motorcycle brand, or coffee capsules made of aluminium. Hinged-lid boxes speak to a certain lifestyle. They can also be used as gift packaging to underline the exclusive character of the gift item and enhance its value.

For promotions, hinged-lid boxes offer everything an advertiser could wish for: an attractive design, the surprise effect when opened, and a lot of printable space. The hinged lid is often also printed on the inside. As you open it, additional advertising space appears. Hinged-lid boxes make a reasonably-priced promotion box, since they can be shipped at a low cost.

3.3 Distinctions from and relationships with other packaging

As far as the advertising function of hinged-lid boxes is concerned, there are parallels with other types of folding boxes such as counter displays. In principle, hinged-lid boxes are also small advertising displays made of carton. Other boxes with a similar function is the pillow box, mainly used for high-end gifts.

As far as the practical use of hinged-lid boxes, this is quite comparable with the use of standard folding boxes as secondary packaging. Accessories for electronic devices such as printer cartridges, toners, batteries, or small components are often shipped in hinged-lid boxes by mail order companies.

4. Printing and finishing of hinged-lid boxes

High-quality printing that matches the box is extremely important for every folding box. But this is especially true for the hinged-lid boxes. Our hinged-lid boxes are printed using digital offset printing. The advantages of this technology compared to conventional offset printing are:

  • immediate drying which enables seamless further processing
  • affordable small and medium-sized production runs
  • personalised print jobs possible
  • high print quality similar to offset
  • no lead times, because no printing form is required
  • use of different printing substrates (paper, plastic films, self-adhesive material) without retooling or special inks

In addition to printing, a finish tailored to the purpose also plays an important role in the production of these boxes. As a professional folding box manufacturer, we can offer you a variety of finishes, some of which can ordered directly using the online calculator.

Finishes can be selected directly in the online calculator:

  • Dispersion coating (matte/glossy)
  • Protective laminate (matte/glossy)
  • Form punching
  • Warning triangles for people with visual impairments

Other optional finishes include:

  • blind embossing
  • cellophane wrapping or lamination
  • hot foil stamping (gloss and matte effects; gold/ silver)
  • punching and grooving
  • UV coating (high-gloss, full-surface, digital)

5. Range of services

As a manufacturer of hinged-lid boxes, our services range from consultation, development, and production to packaging and delivery.

Special advantages with labelprint24:

  • any format of your choosing
  • orders accepted for as few as 10 pieces
  • sample runs on request at any time
  • online calculator with instant price
  • fast delivery times and free shipping

6. Turnaround

We can deliver your individually printed hinged-lid boxes in just 7-10 business days. We can also off rush production in 5 working days and express production in just 2 working days.

7. Material

labelprint24 is one of the suppliers with the largest selection of paper types and carton types with different grammages for printing hinged-lid boxes.

Suitable materials in our portfolio:

  • white standard carton
  • high white carton
  • colour carton
  • thicker carton
  • recycled/organic carton
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