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Cardboard box with hinged lid

Cardboard box with hinged lid

Are you looking for a stable box that is easy to assemble? A cheap and yet stable alternative to the hollow wall box? Order the carding box from!

  • Double-walled sides with closure flaps
  • One-piece cardboard packaging with integrated lid
  • ErfMeets ECMA B20.01.82.53 standardüllt die ECMA B20.01.82.53 Norm

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

Cardboard box with hinged lid

Cardboard boxes with hinged lids are rectangular folding boxes with a particularly large lid opening. The lid is punched out together with the frame of the hinged box from carton, pasteboard or corrugated board. Thanks to their "large flap", cardboard boxes with hinged lids can be easily filled, opened, and closed again. Cardboard boxes with hinged lids are mainly used to pack flat objects or to provide the respective packaged goods with a large, effective advertising surface on the lid, e.g. with a lively advertising slogan, a beautiful print motif or a shipping label.
Typical uses for this type of box are packaging for clothing and foodstuffs. Everyone knows a box of chocolates for example, in which some chocolates are packed in an elaborate plastic inlay. If the large lid is opened, the pralines which are often located behind a layer of paper, becomes visible. Also high-quality shorts, T-shirts, representative gift articles or cutlery are packed in such boxes, even sometimes in tissue paper.

As for the type of lid, there are two different types of packages. Either the lid is still fixed to the box or it is placed as a second separate folding box from above on to the lower part of the box. Both box parts must be individually printed in this case and then folded.

All finishing for folding boxes are also possible for cardboard boxes with hinged lids. Window-cuttings on the upper side are especially popular, behind which one can take a look at the contents of the box. Since cardboard boxes with hinged lids are usually used to package high-quality consumer goods, a high degree of finishing can be found with them. In addition to coating, this also includes cold foil finishing and hot foil stamping.

Both processes are based on films and generally have problems with too coarse or structured surfaces. A smooth surface and good surface adhesion (or even varnishing) of the folding box are therefore a prerequisite. A hot foil embossing on the folding box offers an additional dimension due to the embossing effect, which not only offers something for the eye, but also for the sense of touch.

Such boxes are mainly used to pack flat objects in industrial packaging or to provide minimal content with a large area on the lid for promotional use.

Advantages of cardboard boxes with hinged lids:

  • Large lid opening ensures easy opening
  • Noticeable advertising is possible, especially on the lid and on the base
  • easy to fill
  • window punch-outs possible
  • can be tightly closed again after opening
  • well stackable