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Food labels

Food labels

Are you looking for a safe and attractive label for your food products? Labels that are certified and low migration? Order food labels from!

  • HACCP audited supplier of food labels
  • Low-migration paints, varnishes, films and papers
  • First-class print and processing quality

Discover the labels of!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 2 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
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    Film finishing / Varnish

Food labels from Labelprint24

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Competition within the food industry is fierce. An appealing design is an important factor when it comes to drawing customers' attention to your product. Therefore, you should opt for food labels that not only offer sufficient space for information, but also convey your advertising message in an appropriately high-quality manner.

We offer you first-class quality food labels. Design your food labels in compliance with applicable standards. For this, we offer you labels that are perfectly adapted to your respective industry-specific requirements.

The food labels from Labelprint24 are smudge, abrasion and water-resistant. In addition, they are not fat-soluble, so they can be used not only for sweets, jam or yoghurt but also for oils, dried fruit or meat. The low-migration inks, films and varnishes do not transfer to your food and thus comply with the prescribed standard. Label your bottles, cans, cups or jars with our high-quality labels.

You can choose from roll labels, freezer labels, adhesive labels or wrap-around labels. We have the right solution for every area of application, no matter what challenges your industry places on our labels. Do you still have questions? Then we at Labelprint24 are here to help you in word and deed.

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What properties should food labels have?

Food labels should not only be attractively designed so that customers reach for your product. It is also important that the labels are durable and remain permanently legible. They must also comply with the strict legal standards and requirements for goods labelling.

Therefore, only low-migration inks, varnishes, adhesives, laminates, films and papers may be used for the packaging and labelling. We at Labelprint24 produce your food labels according to the specified standard. All you have to do is decide on a finish and a design.

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Food labels should have the following characteristics:

  • durable
  • waterproof
  • abrasion and smudge resistant
  • resistant to grease and oil
  • robust and resistant
  • permanently readable
  • form stable
  • UV-resistant
  • partly self-adhesive
  • partially removable
  • heat- and cold resistant
  • comply with the requirements of the food regulation

Which labels are used for food?

Adhesive labels

Sticky labels are also called adhesive labels. They are used for various purposes and have an adhesive layer on the back. For application, the adhesive labels can be easily detached from the backing paper and applied to the corresponding food.

The adhesive layer varies in strength so that the labels can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on the type of application, they are easier or more difficult to remove. This gives you the opportunity to draw attention to discounts and promotions or to mark fruit or vegetables with them.

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Safety labels

In the case of already packaged food, their good condition should be ensured. By attaching a safety label, for example on the closure of a carton, consumers can see directly whether this packaging has already been opened. Safety labels cannot be completely detached because they consist of several components.

Roll labels

Labels on rolls are very popular in the food industry. They are not only suitable for an attractive design, but also for barcodes or for consecutive numbering. Labels on rollscan be printed on paper or film, making them short or long lasting.

This way you offer the right solution for every purpose. Label your jars, bottles, pump bottles or cans with our roll labels and use the space to place important notes and information.

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Labels with back printing

For transparent glass and plastic packaging, such as for jelly bears or drinks, labels with back printing are suitable. They not only offer more space for information but also just as much room for design options.

For example, the company logo and the most important product information can be placed on the front and additional information on the back. There is also the option of highlighting promotions or hiding prize codes on the back of the label.

Labelprint24 is an HACCP-certified supplier for food labels

We only use certified materials that meet the highest standards of food legislation. In addition, we use special inks, varnishes and adhesives so that there is no migration onto your sensitive food. Our food labels are thus suitable for all types of food, from bakery products to frozen goods and baby food.

The materials from which our food labels are made are PP or PE film. PP film is used for rigid packaging. PE film is always a good choice when a food label needs to adapt to the shape of a package because they are flexible and stretchable. Paper is another, higher-quality variant that is available for selection in our configurator.

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In addition, the prescribed information must be printed on the label in a way that can be read in detail. Since 2014, this has been stipulated for all EU member states according to the Food Information Regulation. The same applies to allergy information, best-before date, designation of origin, nutrition labelling and more.

Tip: If you want to find out more about production conditions of food labels, we at Labelprint24 have created an overview page with all the important information about food labels. There you can find out what migrations are and which guidelines should be followed.

Labels for food: it's all about the design

To make your goods stand out from the competition, come up with the most interesting design possible. Focus your design on your target group and adapt the packaging and labels. Pick up on ingredients and implement them in pictures and writing.

Create a design with recognition value so that your customers know immediately that the product is yours. For appealing designs, Labelprint24 offers you a choice of all Euro scale colours as well as special colours. In addition, our labels are available in transparent and highly transparent.

In addition to the design options mentioned, various finishes are available. In order to draw attention to particularly high-quality food, both the packaging and the label should have an equally high-quality design. In addition to the design you have chosen, you can add glossy or matt highlights with finishes. Use embossing and create an appealing overall package that is guaranteed to catch your customer's eye.

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Varnishes and laminates protect your food from moisture, UV radiation and dust and can also be cleverly used as a design element. At Labelprint24 we offer the following design options:

  • Hot foil stamping or embossing labels
  • Metal effect
  • Protective laminate
  • Blind embossing

No matter which variant you choose: we produce high-quality labels according to the European guidelines of the food industry and implement your individual design with excellent print images. Soon you will be presenting irresistible food products to your customers.

Attention: If you need labels without food contact and migration regulations, we are happy to offer you even more cost-effective digital printing processes(-> to our labels on rolls).