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Booklet Labels, Expanded content labels

Booklet Labels, Expanded content labels

Are you looking for a multilayer label that informs your customers in an environmentally friendly and innovative way? Are you looking for an alternative to a brochure or outer packaging? Order booklet labels from!

  • From pharmacy and cosmetics to marketing and promotion
  • A maximum of 24 pages per label for product information
  • Flexible in form, design, language and application

Discover the many areas of application of booklet labels!

  • Production Time
    Starting from 10 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Film finishing / Laminate

Advantages of booklet labels at a glance

Booklet labels can convey a lot of information in a small space. With an effective advertising design, they can grab the customer's attention at the point of sale. Booklet labels are the ideal solution whenever more information than can fit on the packaging needs to accompany a product on its way to the end consumer.

  • Plenty of space for information on a booklet
  • Savings on outer packaging
  • Flexible form and design
  • Suitable for round packages or those with odd angles
  • Can be ordered as hanging labels
  • Ideal for marketing campaigns, individual contests, or promotions

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Booklet label applications

Due to these typical properties, multi-layer (booklet) labels are becoming even more popular for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. Booklets can now be found on cosmetic packaging, on chemicals, wine bottles, or shrink-wrapped foods in the refrigerated section...
Booklet labels are folded or bound mini-brochures that are attached to a base label and placed directly on the product. labelprint24 has these self-adhesive labels with integrated folded brochure in many different variants and formats. Up to 24 single, folded pages can be hidden behind the cover label. When you open it along a punched flap or perforation, the actual booklet is revealed.
As a combination label and leaflet, the booklet label can makes elaborate and costly secondary packaging unnecessary. Our eco-friendly digital printing technology makes it possible to customise all kinds of booklet labels with lot numbers, contest codes, EAN codes, etc.

Multi-layer labels are our favourite job

The possible applications for multi-layer booklet labels are almost unlimited. They are often used to suggest recipes, as an invitation to participate in contests, as user manuals, package inserts, or multilingual user instructions. Multi-layer labels such as booklet labels are the particular expertise of labelprint24 . As label specialists, we have filled a large number of booklet label orders for major clients in every industry.

Booklet labels are very complex products involving many types of production, manufacturing and finishing processes. labelprint24 will produce your individual booklet label according to your colour and shape specifications. We also offer our clients assistance in developing their own special booklet labels. This enables us to customise them precisely to your ideas and specifications. Our booklet experts are familiar with all of the common forms, materials, and folds.

We are your experts for booklet labels!

Labelprint24 is one of the first providers offering an online calculator for booklet labels.

How it works:

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