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3D labels - doming stickers

3D labels - doming stickers

Are you looking for a label that generates a lot of attention? A 3D label that gives your product a whole new dimension? Order 3D stickers with doming effect from!

  • Dome labels with dome-shaped, transparent layer made of synthetic resin
  • Particularly resistant surface and attractive appearance
  • 3D effect due to dome-like curvature of the dome labels

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    Finishing / Window
  • Production Time
    Starting from 2 days
  • Material
    Film / Paper
  • Size
    100% customizable

Structure of 3D labels

3D labels have a spatial design in three-dimensional extension. Stickers and labels are usually "flat" or two-dimensional. To create a 3D effect on the stickers, a coating of gel (or epoxy, doming resin) is applied. The gel takes the form of a dome or bulge. This is why 3D labels are also called dome labels. The dome effect is derived from the curved shape of the Cologne Cathedral inside - doming.

3D labels consist of an adhesive layer, the carrier label and the dome. To produce the 3D labels, the carrier label material is first printed. The carrier label is usually printed digitally for small print runs and screen-printed for larger print runs of up to 100,000 copies. The printed label is then coated with crystal clear liquid resin. The resin is then cured with the help of UV light. This creates visually appealing 3D stickers. The adhesive used for the 3D stickers has a strong adhesive component, as the stickers are often subject to heavy use and are often used outdoors for a long period of time.

Functions of 3D stickers

Doming is used to create an eye-catching three-dimensional effect of the dome labels. This effect is based on an optical illusion, the magnifying glass effect. In addition, the doming effect also gives the 3D stickers functional properties.

Stickers that have been finished with the doming process have a longer life than "normal", non-finished foil labels. The synthetic resin ensures that the surface of the dome labels is both scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. 3D stickers are therefore very durable and can also withstand outdoor use, as they are resistant to liquids in addition to these properties. Depending on the height of the plastic layer and the degree of curing, doming stickers are more or less flexible without breaking. This makes them very suitable as stickers for curved surfaces.

Doming stickers are a particularly attractive, visually and haptically pleasant type of label. Compared to a 2D sticker, doming makes the resin labels appear crystal clear and the print motifs in brilliant colours. The 3D effect creates a spatial effect that is used specifically for advertising purposes and product marketing. In addition, 3D stickers are mostly longer lasting than conventional 2D stickers, as the dome layer offers protection and the print does not fade even after a lot of UV radiation.

Create 3D Labels at Labelprint24

At Labelprint24 you can design your 3D labels with our project configurator. After you have decided on a quantity and number of types, you can then select the material and the material properties. We offer plastic film made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). You can order the PVC film in white, glossy and with permanent adhesive. PE film is available in silver or gold, also with permanent adhesive.

When selecting the format, you can choose between a rectangular or oval/round shape. You can also specify the width and height of your sticker. The finishing function is already geared towards the 3D effect.

Plastic film made of PVC and PE

Our 3D label material can be made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). We would like to introduce you to the plastics PVC and PE in more detail:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Labels made of PVC are particularly tear-resistant, very supple on various surfaces and can therefore also be placed on uneven surfaces. The film is resistant to water, oil, temperatures and alkalis. In the meantime, PVC is also free of heavy metals. PVC is an important polymer and is obtained by chemical reactions from the compound of vinyl chloride. It can also be divided into two categories. In hard and soft PVC. The two categories are used in different areas. The soft PVC is used for labels, cable sheathing and for flooring.

Polyethylene (PE)

The plastic PE is an organic and thermoplastic synthetic material. The material is similar in structure to wood and plant fibres. Incidentally, the plastic is free of silicone, heavy metals and plasticisers. Our labels are also free of chlorine, halogen and sulphur. This means that the labels from Labelprint24 do not cause any toxic fumes and are therefore also recyclable. Nowadays, PE is the cheapest and most common type of film in the label industry. PE is very easy to print on and also easy to use for further processing (die-cutting).

The labels made of PE are mostly used as shipping labels and are used in the food and hygiene industry due to their food compatibility.

Application of 3D labels

With their noble look, 3D labels are often used for labelling high-quality consumer goods and branded articles, for example as advertising and decorative labels, in the automotive industry as vehicle logos, for high-quality outdoor clothing or special sports articles. Collectors of key rings are also familiar with 3D stickers with motifs of all kinds. Due to their eye-catching appearance, 3D stickers are often used for handicrafts, which is why they are also called "scrapbooking stickers" or 3D decals.

Another important field of application is the labelling of technical devices and machines indoors and outdoors. The life of the 3D label is extended with doming, it is weatherproof, does not fade and is easily legible for years. The labels adhere securely and firmly to all smooth surfaces. This ensures that important information on machines will remain permanently.

More examples of where 3D labels can be used:

  • 3D lettering
  • Car dealerships
  • Computer industry
  • Company advertising
  • Product labelling
  • Promotional items

Some examples are described in more detail below:

Car dealerships

3D car stickers have to be produced in a particularly high-quality and durable way with extreme adhesive strength. The aforementioned doming process also leads to the curved surface. The 3D stickers also stick to difficult surfaces such as cars. Since the stickers are made of plastic film, they can withstand weather conditions such as rain, snow and sunlight and still stick to the car. Car dealers can also have their own stickers printed with their logo so that their brand spreads.

Product labelling

Labels are constantly used in product and goods labelling. Product labels provide information about a product property and guarantee the legal regulations in the form of warnings, hazardous substance symbols, processing instructions etc. This also guarantees a certain level of product safety.

Company logo

With company stickers, you can align your text or logo on the sticker itself so that it completely covers the sticker. The stickers do not have date or year rings. You can then give your stickers away to regular customers or use them to recruit new customers. Or you can use the stickers yourself to spread your market presence, for example on machines or tools. Simply send us your logo and we will print it on the stickers using the latest techniques.

Advantages of 3D stickers

Why are 3D stickers so popular? We would like to give you a brief overview of the advantages:

3D stickers are coated with a crystal-clear synthetic resin and thus convince with a brilliant look and "magnifying glass effect". This also gives them the 3D layer. The magnifying glass effect makes the print motif and colours stand out more. The stickers are very tear-resistant, inexpensive and have a long life thanks to the synthetic resin. Furthermore, they adhere very well to a wide variety of surfaces and are weather-resistant against rain, snow and sunlight. Therefore, the stickers are ideally suited for outdoor use. They also serve as a top marketing tool to convince regular customers of the quality of your products, services or your company in general. The use of 3D stickers is also ideal for attracting new customers.

Advantages of 3D labels in a nutshell:

  1. Durable material
  2. Use of synthetic resin for a brilliant appearance
  3. Adhesive film even for difficult substrates
  4. Scratch and abrasion resistant
  5. Various synthetic materials can be selected
  6. Creates a good marketing effect
  7. Suitable for attracting new customers
  8. UV and weather resistant
  9. 3D effect with brilliant colours

Digital printing process

Labelprint24 prints your 3D labels on sheets using the digital printing process. After the labels are printed, they are punched out with a laser printer. This gives them their shape and determines how many labels will fit on the label sheet.

No metal plates are used in a digital printing process, but toner for the laser printer. Digital images are used to print on the surface of plastic, for example. The process incorporates traditional CMYK printing as well as metallics and all other colours.

Digital printing is advantageous for labels and stickers. For small or medium runs, it offers a good price-performance ratio. Printing is quite easy, uncomplicated and fast. In addition, the excellent print image is convincing. You can have your labels personalised by us, just send us your data. The usual die-cutting costs are eliminated because no die is used in laser die-cutting. With our new laser die-cutting technology, we can also die-cut round, square and free-form shapes. In addition, last minute changes can also be made. If you need a larger quantity of labels, we recommend conventional printing. You are welcome to find out more about our printing at Labelprint24.