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3D labels - doming stickers

Are you looking for a label that generates a lot of attention? A 3D label that gives your product a whole new dimension? Order 3D stickers with doming effect from!

  • Dome labels with dome-shaped, transparent layer made of synthetic resin
  • Particularly resistant surface and attractive appearance
  • 3D effect due to dome-like curvature of the dome labels

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Construction of 3-D labels

What do key fobs, lots of trash cans, and some cars have in common? You will often find attractive 3-D gel stickers on them. These 3-D labels, dome labels, or 3-D stickers have been coated with a domed epoxy resin.
3-D labels consist of an adhesive layer, the carrier label, and the dome. In the doming process, crystal-clear, liquid resin is applied to previously printed film labels and cured with UV light in a subsequent work step. The carrier label is usually produced digitally for small runs and screen-printed for larger runs of up to 100,000 copies. The adhesive used for the 3-D labels has a strong adhesive component, as the labels are often subjected to heavy wear and tear and are often used outdoors for long periods of time.

Properties of 3-D Labels

With the doming, a striking three-dimensional effect of the dome stickers is achieved. This effect is based on an optical illusion, the magnifying glass effect. In addition, the doming gives the 3-D labels functional properties.
3-D labels refined with the doming process have a longer service life than "normal", untreated film labels. The synthetic resin ensures that the surface of the gel labels is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and insensitive to all types of non-corrosive liquids. Depending on the height of the plastic layer and the degree of curing, 3-D labels are more or less flexible without breaking. This predestines them as stickers for curved surfaces.
3-D labels are a particularly attractive, optical and haptically pleasant type of label. Compared to a 2D sticker, the doming makes the resin labels crystal clear and the print motifs appear with brilliant colours. The 3-D effect creates a spatial effect that is used specifically for advertising purposes and product marketing.

Application of 3-D labels

3-D labels with their elegant appearance are often used to identify high-quality consumer goods and branded articles, for example as advertising and decorative labels, in the automotive industry as vehicle logos, for expensive outdoor clothing or special sporting goods. Collectors of key rings also know 3-D labels with motifs of all kinds.
Another important field of application is the marking of technical equipment and machines for indoor and outdoor use. The durability of the 3-D sticker is extended with the doming, it is weatherproof, does not fade and is well legible after years. The labels adhere securely and firmly to all smooth surfaces.

Advantages of 3-D labels

  • Crystal clear synthetic resin for brilliant optics
  • longer shelf life
  • strong adhesive for difficult substrates
  • UV and weather resistant
  • scratch-, impact- and abrasion-proof.