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Krabičky s automatickým dnem

Krabičky s automatickým dnem

Hledáte krabičku se zastrkávacími cípy a automatickým dnem? Se slepenými cípy dna, které se při sestavování krabičky automaticky pevně uzavřou? Objevte krabičky s automatickým dnem od Labelprint24.com!

  • Karton bílý, barevný, přírodní, vysoce bílý & recyklovaný
  • Zušlechtění ražbou fólií, lakem, atd.
  • Gramáže od 215 - 500 g/m²

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  • Produkce
    Od 3 dní
  • Materiál
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Formát
    100% volný
  • Možnost
    Zušlechtění / Okno

Výběr produktu

Robust boxes for heavy products

The folding carton with automatic base is a special type of folding carton with a tuck-in flap, the base of which is particularly strong and closes automatically when erected. It is therefore used primarily for products that require a robust base solution due to their weight, as well as for mass-produced goods that are packaged particularly quickly and in large quantities.

Stability for many industries

The glued bottom flaps make the boxes with automatic bottom suitable for a wide range of applications - especially for large and heavy printed packaging. 

  • Food

    z. e.g. wine and spirits bottles

  • Cosmetics

    z. e.g. cream jars and perfume bottles

  • Electronics

    z. e.g. computer accessories and small appliances

  • Industrial products

    z. e.g. tools and other metal goods

  • Pharmaceuticals

    z. e.g. larger containers for clinics and medical practices

Another packaging option suitable for medium-weight and heavy products is the folding carton with tuck-away base. In terms of price, tuck-in bottoms are cheaper than automatic bottoms, but due to the lack of gluing they also have a lower load-bearing capacity. For light and small goods, on the other hand, the classic folding box with tuck-in flaps offers sufficient protection at the lowest price.

The advantages of folding boxes with automatic bottom

  • Printing without limits

    fully printable on the flaps and all inner and outer surfaces

  • easy to handle

    very easy to fill, set up (also by machine) and close

  • stackable packaging

    practical cuboid format for maximum efficiency in storage, transport and presentation of goods

  • particularly load bearing

    perfectly suitable for medium & heavy goods thanks to glued bottom surface

  • precise made-to-measure production

    resource-saving and space-saving thanks to made-to-measure production

  • individually designable

    many design possibilities with our refinements and variable print data

We at Labelprint24 deliver folding boxes with automatic bottom flat - in the flat state. This means they take up very little space during transport and storage. The set-up is very efficient, both manually and mechanically, and can therefore be done quickly on your premises whenever you need it.

Structure and operation of automatic bottoms

The automatic base closes automatically when the boxes are erected. This works because the flaps are already folded and spot-glued together after printing. It is therefore sufficient to apply slight pressure to the sides of the folding box in order to erect it. The bottom flaps hook together all by themselves and thus also directly hold the folding box in shape.

Features of automatic bottoms

  • can be erected very quickly by hand ("lightning floor")
  • best suited for mechanical erection
  • more robust and load bearing than tuck-in flaps and tuck-in shelves


In our assortment you can find two versions of folding boxes with automatic bottom. The distinguishing feature is the different positioning of their flaps:

Our folding boxes with automatic base and safety flap have a safety flap on the lid opening in addition to the robust, glued base closure. This is inserted through a small slot in the insertion flap and in this way prevents the lid from opening by itself.

The most important functions of folding boxes

Packaging and labels fulfil a range of functions. While the primary function relates to the safety of the goods, the others are more aimed at optimizing processes, creating transparency and providing buying impulses. The most important functions at a glance:

Goods protection

With its six cardboard walls, folding packaging provides a reliable barrier against scratch damage and impact, as well as against external influences such as dust, dirt and UV rays. 

Storage, transport and presentation

Folding boxes simplify many things. Thanks to their stackable format, for example, they ensure order during transport and storage. Likewise, sales shelves with folding cartons are particularly quick and easy to stock.

Information dissemination

As packaging that can be printed over its entire surface, folding cartons hold plenty of space for important and useful product information. In addition to the mandatory labels, there is also enough space for useful application tips. 

Marketing function

Whether with catchy slogans, the logo, eye-catching designs or high-quality finishes, packaging is a valuable ambassador for the brand and, in the best case, encourages people to buy. Our folding cartons have everything you need in terms of design.

Folding boxes with automatic bottom made to measure and request

Hardly any other type of packaging offers as much creative potential as folding cartons. With our online configurator, you can exploit this potential to the full: specify the format for your folding boxes with automatic base down to the millimetre and choose from a wide range of cardboard types and finishes. All that's left is the print data and production can start.

Carton types

Regardless of whether sustainability, the printed image or product protection is your priority, you will find the right type of board in our range: 

  • Recycled, natural and grass-based cardboard
  • white standard carton
  • bright white cardboard (coated on both sides)
  • thick cardboard (high grammage & thickness)
  • colourful cardboard (brown, light brown, black)

The grammage and material thickness vary depending on the choice of material. Cardboard with thicknesses from 0.315 to 0.6 millimetres and grammages from 215 to 500 grams per square meter are available.

Free Format choice

Tailor-made simply fits best - this also applies to folding cartons. That's why we give you free rein in choosing the box format. The minimum and maximum dimensions at a glance: 

  • Length: 30 to 300 mm
  • Length: 30 to 300 mm
  • Height: 45 to 400
  • Glue flap: 8 to 25 mm
  • Insertion flap: 8 to 25 mm

Note: All dimensions refer to the inside dimension of the boxes and should be about two millimetres more than the corresponding product dimensions.


Packaging ideally attracts attention and arouses interest. Visual and haptic stimuli play a central role in this. That's why you'll find a variety of finishes that impress with style in our online configurator: 

  • Protective coating: glossy, matte, and optionally with recess for subsequent printing
  • protective laminate: glossy, matt or soft touch
  • transparent viewing window & form punching
  • tactile warning triangles & braille

Other finishes are available upon request:

  • Hot foil stamping: copper, silver or gold
  • creasing and die cutting
  • Blind embossing
  • Cellophaning/lamination
  • UV coating: full surface, in high gloss

Always the right printing process

Each printing technology has special advantages - and we want to pass these on to our customers - with the choice between different printing processes. 

Offset, flexographic or gravure printing, for example, impress with their particularly high-resolution print image and relatively low costs for large print runs.

For smaller order volumes, on the other hand, digital printing saves costs. Another advantage is the digital transfer of print data: Changing motifs, codes, texts and numbering can be printed on the packaging within a series.

Folding boxes from Labelprint24: Try it now!

For us at Labelprint24, the highest quality requirements are the groundbreaking standard. That's why we rely exclusively on high-quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques and processes in our production. The result is folding boxes with automatic bases that deliver what they promise: reliable product protection and perfectly implemented design.

Tip: We will be happy to send you our free sample box on request. If you have any special requests or questions about our products and online configuration, it's best to contact our team of consultants directly. You can be sure of competent advice!