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Folding box with snap lock base

Folding box with snap lock base

Are you looking for a folding box with a particularly strong base? A box that is easy to assemble and securely closed? Order the folding box with push-in bottom from!

  • Lid with insertion flap and insertion flaps on the base
  • Fixed closure with tuck-in tabs
  • Meets ECMA A5520 B/ A55.20.01.01 standard

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  • Production Time
    Starting from 3 days
  • Material
    GC2 / GC1 / GD2
  • Size
    100% customizable
  • Option
    Finishing / Window

Folding box with snap lock base

In industrial packaging, folding boxes with snap lock bottoms or 1-2-3 bottoms are mainly used to surround heavy objects with secondary packaging. All six sides offer space for information and advertising.

Typical applications include cases for glass bottles, printer paper, beverage cans, or heavy computer accessories. Whenever a "normal" tuck-in flap does not close the base firmly enough and the product could slip through it, folding cartons with snap lock bottoms are the better and cheaper alternative.

The folding box with snap lock bottoms also fulfils several functions simultaneously for the product inside it. It protects the contents from external influences such as dust, moisture, light, or scratches. It serves as transport packaging and ensures that the products can be easily stacked and presented on the shelves. The surface can contain information and advertising or hold secondary packaging, such as labels. Folding cartons and their contents almost always form a product unit and consumers perceive them as such.

Advantages of folding cartons with snap lock bottoms:

  • lid opening ensures easy opening
  • large area for information
  • striking advertising possible on all sides
  • easy to fill
  • window punch-outs possible
  • can be tightly closed again after opening
  • very stackable
  • low-cost production
  • very strong thanks to tuck-in bottom