Corrugated cardboard sheets

Corrugated cardboard sheets

The corrugated board FEFCO 0110 is used as an intermediate layer for stacking in a carton or on a pallet. The corrugated board is also used as a cushioning material, which makes it difficult for the packaged goods to slip during transport.


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BC corrugation is a double-corrugated board constructed of a fine and a coarse corrugation with a very high stability. A twin-walled corrugated board is like a single-walled corrugated board adhered to one side of another piece of corrugated board. The coarse corrugation is used to provide better internal cushioning; the fine corrugation protects against mechanical stress on the outside. The narrow corrugation pitch makes it easier to print on the outer corrugated surface.

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Corrugated cardboard sheets Fefco 0110 Punch outline of corrugated cardboard sheets Corrugated cardboard sheets according to Fefco Standard 0110

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