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Checklist for a stress-free move

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"Moving stress-free" may sound nearly impossible, but it is entirely doable. With a good mix of planning, structure and the right materials, any move can be managed. What you should definitely pay attention to, what needs to be done when and what the perfect moving box looks like, we would like to tell you in the following.

1. find the right moving box

The thought of simply using old boxes from bulk packing that you still have in the basement instead of moving boxes may seem tempting. But you will soon realize that this idea is not the best. After all, not all cardboard is the same. Moving boxes are made of high-quality, multiwall cardboard that is made to withstand large loads, repeatedly. Cardboard boxes made exclusively as sales packaging are less strong and durable. It is not advisable to use them repeatedly or for other purposes.

Particularly sturdy moving boxes can be used several times and can be stored folded up to save space until the next move. It is only important to make sure that they are not damaged in the meantime by moisture, dirt or the like. High-quality and stable moving boxes can often be resold very well. The question of the amount of moving boxes needed cannot be answered universally. For a household move, a rule of thumb is 20 - 25 boxes per person. Of course, this depends on the size of the apartment, the amount of household goods, and the size of the boxes. For a corporate move, there is no rule of thumb, as the amount of items varies enormously from company to company. With the help of our labels you will immediately find what you are looking for in the boxes.

Moving boxes are usually rectangular and quite wide and high built. On the other hand, cartons for shipping or transport cartons can also have different shapes and dimensions depending on the packaged goods. For example, there are shipping cartons for goods shipments, book cartons, glass cartons, textile cartons or cartons specifically for folders and files.

2. packing moving box correctly

Kartons auf Wagen

After you have procured the right moving boxes, it is a matter of packing them as sensibly and efficiently as possible. Even though most moving boxes can withstand up to 40 kilograms, it is not advisable to pack boxes with more than 20 kilograms. In order to transport moving boxes well, it is advisable to pack boxes at the bottom with heavy items such as books until a certain weight is reached. Then, to prevent the box from becoming too heavy, simply fill up the rest with lighter items such as textiles.

To transport your household goods safely, you should adequately cushion boxes if necessary. For this purpose, cushioning materials such as bubble wrap can be purchased, or you can use textiles such as towels or paper. Especially to pack and transport dishes or glasses safely, blanks made of corrugated cardboard are suitable. You can use them to separate items or further strengthen the moving box. We offer corrugated cardboard blanks made to measure, which you can easily order online for your individual needs.

In addition to filling boxes correctly, it is equally important to make sure boxes are closed properly. Many moving boxes have flaps that can be folded into each other. If you do this instead of just folding the flaps down, the carton is not only more securely closed, but also more stable.

Not all cartons can be folded so that they are securely closed. Particularly in the case of heavy cartons, which later stand further down, it is necessary to make the carton more stable by closing it. In such cases, sealing with packing tape is a good solution. There are different types of packing tape. One is the PVC packing tape, it is tear-resistant, resistant to moisture and heat and has a high adhesive strength, moreover, it is suitable for any type of carton. So a universal helper for sealing moving boxes. Besides PVC packing tape, there are other packing tapes, not all of which are equally suitable for moving boxes. Paper packing tape, for example, is well suited for lighter boxes, but may not always be able to withstand heavy boxes. However, it has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly than PVC tape.

No matter which closure type you choose, make sure you always have the tools you need, such as cutter knives or dispensers, quickly to hand.

Blanko BogenetikettenIn order not to get mixed up, it is useful to label the moving boxes accordingly. High-quality boxes can be used several times, which is why you can often sell them used. If you plan to do so, refrain from labeling the box itself. Instead, use labels. They're easy to apply and remove. We offer labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can either order blank labels or already printed ones. Colored labels can also be purchased from us. This way you can develop a color system where you assign a color to each room and mark the moving boxes accordingly.

Last is to transport the moving boxes. Furniture and other household goods also need to be moved. The convenient option is often a moving company; everything is carried for you and transported safely. This is often associated with high costs. Often it is better to rent a van yourself and transport the household goods yourself. However, it is important not to fill the van haphazardly, but to proceed systematically. First, you should load the furniture and secure it accordingly. Then load the heavy cartons. If these are suitably stable and filled, you can now stack lighter boxes on top of them.

3. moving checklist

So that everything is ready for your move, we have created a practical checklist for the move. For an overview, the individual points are arranged chronologically.

3.1 Preparations for the move


3.2 Two weeks before


3.3 One week before


3.4 The moving day


3.5 The days after the move


4. checklist at a glance

To sum up: In order to successfully complete a move, you have to think about a lot of things. But if you pay attention to a few important things, everything should go smoothly. So here again everything important at a glance:


We hope your move will go smoothly with these tips. Good luck!

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