Multi layer labels

  • Multi-layer labels are one of the most popular and most frequently used types of label. Sandwiched, or multi-layer labels are ideally suited to integrate extensive product information, or as information carriers in shipping and storage.
  • The logistics sector, where return labels are commonly used in mail orders, is a popular example. Multi-layer labels are also particularly effective in promotions, for example, as a carrier of advertising messages, codes or sweepstakes, for they offer the option of responding.
If you use the Multi-layer label in a promotion, for example, the cover label can be peeled off and adhered to a reply card. Besides, with digital printing the multi-layer labels can be personalised.

You can order this type of foldable mult layer labels here with 2 or 3 pages printed.

If you want to place more expanded content on the outside of your product (for example hazard warnings in Chemical Industry, Pharma Industry; Product labels with package leaflet in several language versions) we recommend to order our Booklet labels with up to 24 pages in one single label).

Structure of multi layer labels

  • This multi paged label features a structure of different layers made of paper or film.
  • The base label is equipped with a permanent adhesive.
  • One could also say: The multi-layer label functions like a label on a label.
  • The customer subsequently attaches the ready-made multi-layer label to the product either manually or mechanically from a sheet or roll.
  • Despite their simple structure, a lot of information can be coupled to a sophisticated design.
  • With labelprint24 you can calculate the costs for your multi-layer labels within seconds and order at a best price.

Multi layer labels by labelprint24

  • Best digital printing and processing quality
  • Personalisation, numbering or barcodes possible
  • All colours and shapes feasible
  • Easily removable by the user
  • Convenient for the workflow in the warehouse and logistics
  • Ideal for direct marketing or advertising
  • Ideal for advertising and product information
  • Extensive expertise through years of experience

Multi layered labels - More details

The individual layers of the multi-layer label are made from paper or film and can be printed with different motifs in all Euroscale colours. Spot colours are also possible with Labelprint24. With multi-layer labels there are almost infinite ways of creating practical and effective advertising with exciting labels and sending the consumer on a journey of discovery with your product. 
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Why do you call multi layer labels also Sandwich labels? 

The Earl of Sandwich
The sandwiched label (Cover-Up or Multi-Layer label) does not only share a common name with John Montagu, the famous Earl of Sandwich. The principle of layering two or three sheets of paper and adhesive on a base film one on top of the other, originally comes from the zeal of this hardworking noble and most accurately describes the invention of this workaholic Earl who had his dinner brought to his desk between two slices of bread, so that he would not have to interrupt his work. It was the invention of fast food.

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