Multi layer labels

Sandwich labels (also called peel-off labels / duplex labels / double-layer labels).
  • as a 2-sided and 3-sided printed label
  • Individually calculable in different materials.
If you have need multi-layer labels on which you want to put a lot of information, many danger symbols or product instructions in multiple languages on the outside of the product, we recommend that you
choose booklet labels with up to 24 printed pages.

Sandwich labels - construction

  • The classic sandwich label is a multi-layer label construction made of paper or foil.
  • The carrier label consists of adhesive carrier paper / carrier foil with an additional adhesive surface.
  • So it can easily be detached and glued back on another place.
  • You could also say that the multi-sided sandwich labels work like a label on a label.
The customer can apply the ready-made sandwich label either manually or mechanically from the roll or sheet.
  • Digital printing + flexo printing
  • PE film
  • PP film
  • Glossy, matte, silver and ultra-transparent
  • permanently attached
  • removable
  • Best prices + High quality
  • Free instant price calculation
  • Pay safely (SSL), Paypal, EC, VISA, on account
  • Fast delivery times, also express production
  • Label professionals with print experience since 1950
  • Special materials can also be printed on customer request

Digital printed sandwich labels

Sandwich labelsfor promotions

Multi-label labels such as sandwich labels and booklet labels are currently very much in vogue and are among the most sought-after labeling solutions as they offer much more room for product information than single-layer adhesive labels.

Labelprint24's new digitally printed sandwich labels made of PE or PP film can be printed on two or three pages, depending on customer requirements. In this way, a lot of information in text and picture form is printed on the sandwich label.

Our sandwich labels are produced using the latest digital printing technologies with quality so good that one can no longer visually tell the difference from offset prints. The special advantages of digital printing are the easy customisation and unbeatable cost savings for small and medium-sized print runs.

Sandwich labels - areas of application

Sandwich labels are most commonly used to label products in the pharmaceuticals and chemical sectors, as well as in warehousing and logistics. These special labels with multiple printed pages are ideal for sticking or re-gluing labels for goods and product labeling. In addition, retailers and the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry serving major food manufacturers like to use this type of speciality label to grab consumer attention or run promotional contests. Coupons are used to acquire customers, strengthen branding and / or point out new products. In this case, the sandwich labels are usually printed on film that can be removed from the package without any adhesive residue.

Sandwich Labels - The ideal, cost-effective solution for many industries

Digitally printed sandwich labels are an ideal, cost-effective solution for almost all industries. Digitally printed sandwich labels for chemical products can come in various roll sizes and are dispensable using a labeling machine or by hand. In practice, the format and colour of the digitally printed sandwich label is designed individually to customer requirements. The individual layers of film can be printed with a wide variety of designs in all colours of the euro scale and then finished with a protective UV lacquer.

Sandwich labels can be calculated online for the first time

One-of-a-kind: we are the first European label printer to offer our customers the possibility of calculating new, digitally printed sandwich labels conveniently in our online shop. Customers can change the individual parameters in real time and then place an order immediately afterwards.

Sweepstakes label gives promotions the final kick

Sandwichlabels Labelprint24

As a special highlight, we have recently added a special digitally printed sandwich label for promotions and contests to our range. A digitally personalised contest code is printed on each behind a flap. While a conventional sandwich label consists of two layers, both of which are provided with an adhesive layer, the upper label of these promo labels is not coated with an adhesive but instead serves as a return label for the contest. A glued surface would make it impossible to post the sticker in an envelope.

Sandwich labels: the label on a label

The sandwich label is a multi-layer label made of paper or film. The lower layer, the so-called carrier label, is supplied with a permanent adhesive. The upper label layer, the cover label, is die-cut and can therefore be easily detached from the carrier label and reapplied separately. You could also say: a label on a label.

Digitally printed sandwich labels can replace classic offset printed sandwich labels not only for promotional purposes, but also for many other applications. Multi-layer labels such as sandwich labels or booklet labels are used in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industry, to label cans of paint or oil, and to provide precise labeling of cosmetic products and organic foods.

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