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Label accessories – Machines

Label accessories – Machines

As your system provider, we also offer you label accessories and machines for further processing and labelling. Provide your parcels, hazardous goods and much more with labels from Labelprint24's handy label accessories.

All ribbons and printers are compatible with our materials.

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    Here you can have labels printed as well as printed packaging.

    Whether desktop or industrial printer: our selection of thermal transfer ribbons delivers the right quality for every common printer model and virtually every substrate. Thermal transfer ribbons from labelprint24 are suitable for rough and smooth paper as well as various plastic surfaces, are gentle on the print head and offer many design options thanks to the large colour selection.

    Thermal ribbons

    Thermal transfer ribbons are consumables for thermal transfer printers. Their special printing units use a thermal transfer of the dyes transported on the thermal transfer ribbon onto paper, foil or other substrates. By heating the carrier material, the then liquid ink is applied to the substrate with the help of a roller.

    There are many different applications for thermal transfer ribbons and thermal printers: Whether in retail, public authorities or in the health sector. Tickets, parking tickets or textile labels are often produced using thermal transfer printing. Wax thermal transfer ribbons are often used for printing logistics labels (e.g. shipping labels, pallet labels).

    Thermal transfer ribbons consist of a 3.5 to 6 µ (thousandths of a millimetre) thick polyester film with a 2 to 4 µ thick ink layer on one side. Different proportions of waxes and synthetic resins as well as colour pigments, usually carbon particles (soot), give the thermal transfer ribbon its colour.

    Wherever variable data needs to be printed quickly on-demand on a label, the ideal application area for a thermal printer can be found. The completely uncomplicated printing options, simple operation and relatively simple technology make labelprint24 thermal transfer printers an indispensable aid in the warehouse, sales and logistics sectors.

    Thermal printer

    Our range extends from compact desktop printers for the office to barcode printers and powerful industrial printers for industrial labelling.

    • All products ISO 9001 certified
    • High resolution, robust and safe operation

    Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printing Comparison

    Thermal, i.e. temperature-dependent, printing processes always require a hot print head (the thermal comb with the dots [special semiconductor resistors] and a specially coated, temperature-sensitive material. There are essentially two widely used printing processes for thermal printers.

    In direct thermal printing, the print head heats a thermosensitive material. At the heated points, the colour of the thermal paper changes and black numbers, letters and/or grids become visible, whereby the print quality is not so important. This simple technology is inexpensive, but the printed information fades over time due to exposure to light and heat. Direct thermal printing has the advantage that it does not require any other consumables, such as ribbons.

    Thermal transfer printing is somewhat more complex and produces a better, coloured print image. This technology requires an ink ribbon. Heat causes the print head to transfer the colour from the thermal transfer ribbon to the material to be printed. Any normal label material can be printed with a thermal transfer printer. The print quality and resolution are significantly better and the materials used are more durable.

    As label specialists, we know what makes our customers' work easier and offer perfectly matched label accessories. Hand label dispensers and table label dispensers in various designs are a must. We are also happy to grant you quantity discounts on our label dispensers of all kinds within our graduated prices.

    Label dispensers from labelprint24: cost-effective and convenient

    Our sturdy metal or cardboard table label dispensers and hand labellers for roll labels in various sizes not only make daily labelling easier for you, but also protect your valuable label rolls and keep your workplace tidy. This is the perfect way to protect your labels from dirt and moisture. Applying labels individually to a surface, packaging or product is very time-consuming and impractical without manual dispensers.

    The advantages of our manual label dispensers at a glance:

    • Small footprint and effortless transport
    • Up to 5 different label rolls at the same time in one unit
    • Easy handling
    • Flexible due to quick roll change
    • Quick release of the label from the backing tape
    • Robust workmanship and durability

    By manually pulling the liner forward, our practical table label dispensers detach the label and make it available for removal. Whether at the production or home workplace, on the shop counter or the sales stand, the manual label dispensers stick your labels firmly and securely wherever you want them to. At labelprint24, label dispensers are available in various widths and designs and impress with a favourable price combined with first-class workmanship and high durability.